YoYumm Review: One of the Best Food Ordering and Delivery Solution

As the entire world experiences a transition from hanging out at their favorite joints rewinding from a hard day’s work to staying safe at home and spending more time online, market trends and demands shifted. Instead of driving to our favorite restaurant for a snack or a drink, we now pick up our mobiles or tablets and order our favorites right at our doorstep.

Businessmen and entrepreneurs aligned with this changing rhythm and hence the number and statistics of online food businesses lately boomed. More and more online orders prompted even small local restaurants to add to their profile an online channel. Online channels spruced up their connectivity to consumers and the slump is finally lifting.

Even those who were skeptical of jumping into the food business due to crowding had a clear vision as to what path to walk. Online food ordering and delivery marketplaces such as Delivery hero , not only gave small restaurant owners a lucrative opportunity to add to their business channels but enhanced service quality and promptness.

The success of the likes of UberEats in both pre and post-pandemic times is evidence enough of the direction of this drift. This is probably the best time to refine your thoughts and take a step towards building your own online food ordering and delivery marketplace. With many solutions available on the shelf that could pump potential to your business idea, I would like to draw your attention to an exceptional one.

YoYumm is an online food ordering and delivery software solution developed by FATbit Technologies. This solution is up to create waves among the food industry, helping foodpreneurs and businessmen launch their marketplace ideas with well-managed features and functionalities.

YoYumm Intro

When out looking for a comprehensive and end-to-end solution to set up your own platform where restaurateurs can present their profiles with their menu, YoYumm fits the criteria perfectly.

It is basically a cross-platform compatible software that helps launch an online food ordering and delivery, multi-restaurant portal. The efficient solution plays a vital role in connecting buyers or foodies to their favorite nearby restaurants for ordering different cuisines and dishes while sitting at home. Descriptive admin and seller dashboards aid in smooth management and efficient services.

What makes this solution a must pick for a business of the sorts of Deliveroo and Just eats are the striking features. These not only add convenience to the business owner but the mobile apps that come along with the solution enhance the user experience and journey.

I am sure this review of mine will be able to give you enough reason to opt for YoYumm as your solution partner as you embark on your journey to becoming an online food business owner. A presentation of its features shall come in handy when you reach out to the product sales team at FATbit Technologies.

Features of YoYumm

Every product becomes great only by the satisfaction it offers to its users and from those who ultimately draw value out of it. YoYumm is developed on a customer-centric approach with specific features that add to the value proposition provided by the ultimate product built on it.

Key Benefits of YoYumm:

1. Customizable : As any standard quality software solution, YoYumm is a solution that you can tailor as per your vision and desire. Business enthusiasts today like to add an innovation quotient to their ventures. With YoYumm you can realize your dreams for your online food ordering and delivery platform, customizing your business to your taste.

2. Scalable : YoYumm realizes that when you begin, there are alot of questions that are answered as you grow your business. You can scale your online food marketplace as per the response and the traction on your platform. YoYumm facilitates your growth when the time to step ahead is right.

3. Free Technical Support : You can now launch your online food ordering marketplace without any technical hiccups as you go live. YoYumm offers a full year of free tech support, resolving the nitty gritties one faces while debugging the software during launch. Very few products come with this assurance relieving you of your worries while you embark on a new journey with a technology partner.

4. Lifetime Ownership and Self-Hosted Solution : YoYumm is a pay-one-time-and-own for-a-lifetime solution, where you have the complete ownership of the marketplace solution. On top of this, you can host it on the server of your choice, where you manage all your hostings.

5. Quick and Easy Data Migration: A YoYumm powered platform can be an attraction for the offline sellers who are looking to join the online league as the process of data migration is easy here. The menus and the restaurant information related to its customers, accounts, inventory and delivery staff can all be easily migrated and stored on the solution server.

6. 15+ pre-integrated APIs (apart from it- others can be integrated at an extra cost) : With a number of already pre-integrated APIs supporting the operations of your online food ordering and delivery platform, YoYumm comes handy with the feasibility to add more in order to suit the needs of your business. You can include multi-payment options with multiple language choices, currency choices and a lot more at your convenience.

Third Party Integrations

7. Multi-Lingual & Multi-Currency : The vision with YoYumm was to facilitate foodpreneurs and businessmen around the globe with their dreams of launching a dynamic online food ordering and delivery marketplace. The inclusion of multiple language functionality and multiple currencies has made this vision a realization. Everyday YoYumm is empowering the business community to bring to the market such marketplaces that help reach people with their favorite food in different nationalities at their homes.

Here I will discuss briefly the features for each of the stakeholders involved. This will give you an insight as to what all perks you, your clients, and their customers will enjoy.

1. MarketPlace Owner Features (Admin): When you launch an online food ordering and delivery business, you need to be ready with exceptional management strategies and systems. To take care of the restaurateurs or vendors on your marketplace, their onboarding, marketing, order, delivery staff, revenue, and various management related activities are a cake-walk with YoYumm. Precisely planned features help the admin control and run the business smoothly.

The admin features broadly are:

  • Reports & Statistics
  • Currency Management
  • Delivery Staff Management
  • Multilingual
  • Geofencing
  • Merchant Approval & Management

2. Seller Features: An online marketplace offers distinct advantages if you consider adding an online channel to your offline business. A wisely developed marketplace keeps in mind both the comfort and the efficiency of the sellers. YoYumm brings into creation a marketplace that is client-centric, so the features and functionalities for the sellers offer immense control. They can manage all components of their profile, data, orders, location, plans and offers independently as per their agreement with the marketplace owner.

Some explicit features that make a restaurant owner’s or seller’s life easy while going online:

  • Order Cancellation/Refund Requests Management
  • Subscription Plans
  • Wallet Management
  • Menu Management
  • Order Management
  • Comprehensive Daily Sales Update
  • Discount and Coupons

3. Buyer Features: Anyone coming onto an online platform to order their favorite food look for propinquity to get as much of a near-real experience. When they get to visualise what they order, are clear of the quantity they will be delivered, have a space to express what they exactly look for in their order, and are able to follow the progress of their order, they are contented and happy customers. Along with this, they get to set up a profile of their own, adding to it their favorite restaurants, orders and do much more at their account.

With any online or e-commerce business the ultimate goal is to have happy customers and YoYumm powered food marketplaces are bound to leave its visitors in a cheerful mood with these features:

  • Order Tracking
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Curbside Pick up
  • Location-Based Restaurant listing

4. Delivery Staff Features: With YoYumm, the delivery staff brought on-board after proper consideration and fulfillment of all criteria are facilitated with features that make their jobs easy and add to their efficiency. Quick reference to route navigation, order details with merchant and customer’s location for managing deliveries, and more that improve services as well as the experience of the one playing their part in these services.

Some of these that help the delivery staff registered on the marketplace are:

  • Location-based Delivery Broadcasting
  • Route Navigation to Merchant ’ & Customer’s’ Location
  • Delivery Order Management
  • Multilingual
  • Manage Multiple Deliveries

5. Mobile Apps for Buyer,Merchant & Delivery Boy
Any scalable solution must be ready with all facets of development so as to deliver the intent for which it was created. A food delivery solution should be available to its consumers as a handy hop on-and-off application working without any delays of complete website loading. YoYumm offers 3 ready-made mobile applications for its buyers,merchant and delivery staff that enhances the solution’s efficiency and the management of processes on the food delivery platform.

The applications add to the value and proposition this solution offers for its owners and users. With geo-tracking for locating nearby restaurants, quick and easy menu browsing, favorite orders and restaurants, order tracking while delivery, managing all orders for drivers, route navigation, and chat support on the application are vital features enhancing experience.

Mobile apps for buyer, merchant & delivery boy

6. Marketing & SEO Features: When a business owner or food business enthusiast launches an online platform where local and nearby restaurateurs register themselves, they want their platform to gain popularity and visibility. A solution that provides the feasibility to carry on basic marketing activities with features allowing various approaches is always a better choice rather than looking for third party support for such practices.
YoYumm comes with the following functionalities for the admin or marketplace owner to conduct their marketing activities as per their planning and vision. The following are some of the marketing and SEO opportunities available with YoYumm:

  • Search Engine Optimization: Admin can add meta tags, heading tags, and manage URL structure to achieve higher search engine rankings.
  • Social Media Promotion: YoYumm is integrated with several features to help you build an online presence for your brand. Admin can promote their marketplace on various social media platforms to get more users.
  • Affiliate Module: YoYumm’s affiliate marketing module helps users to construct & manage campaigns efficiently.
  • Rewards & Discounts: Lure your customers with exciting deals & offers, encouraging them to order more from your marketplace.
Final Verdict

When you are on the journey to contribute to society with a solution that meets the consumers exactly where they are, the pressure to choose the right solution partner is also high. YoYumm gives you leverage to launch such a platform where food lovers can pick out the restaurant of their choice to order the food or dish of their choice, while at the comfort of their home.

If you are one such foodpreneur looking to launch a marketplace of your own, you know which door to knock. It’s YoYumm from FATbit Technologies.

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