Yo!Kart Review – The Best Multivendor eCommerce Platform

If you want a multi-vendor eCommerce platform with an impeccable set of features at an economical price, then Yo!Kart is what you are looking for. This platform enables the marketplace owner to successfully manage a store without any technical knowledge.

The remarkable success of eCommerce stores like Amazon and eBay is enough to prove that starting an online marketplace is a profitable business idea. There are various eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Volusion, which enable entrepreneurs to start a single vendor store, but building a multi-vendor marketplace is entirely a different ball game.

Yo!Kart is an eCommerce platform that is widely popular for its multi-vendor capabilities. Its startup-friendly prices, lifetime license, intuitive web & apps design makes it a viable solution for entrepreneurs. Taking into consideration the advanced features of Yo!Kart, I have decided to review this unique platform in detail.
Let’s gain insights into Yo!Kart in a precise manner:

About Yo!Kart

Yo!Kart is developed by FATbit Technologies, a company that has been delivering a wide spectrum of innovative digital solutions and services since its inception in 2004. FATbit has successfully fulfilled the requirements of diverse industries with its custom solutions. From their wide range of web-based products, Yo!Kart is a perfect example of an eCommerce solution that delivers value to its customers at an economical price. It is suitable for the startups and enterprises that wish to make a name for themselves in the competitive market.

Now that you have a brief idea about this multi-vendor eCommerce platform, let’s discuss more about its user-friendly features.

Features of Yo!Kart

The one thing that makes Yo!Kart stand out from its competitors is its robust features. Even its basic package comes loaded with a lot of features. All features that are required to make an ecommerce marketplace successful are included in Yo!Kart. It offers multi-layer security, multiple payment gateways, supports advanced customization, SEO friendly system, eWallet, shopping cart integration, order processing, customer groups, hassle-free setup, and much more. The most crucial aspect of Yo!Kart is that you do not need any advanced technical knowledge for managing the platform.

Here are some exceptional features and benefits of Yo!Kart:

#1. User-Centered Design:

The UI/UX feature plays a vital role in eCommerce as the quality of design on different electronic devices influences the sales and growth of the business. Responsive design, seamless checkout system, attractive product display are the principal factors in an ecommerce platform to make user experience of the buyer trouble free. Yo!Kart offers features that simplify the shopping journey and comes with a responsive layout that runs flawlessly on all the screens. Also, its color theme manager successfully gives a new look to the store and saves the effort of customizing different themes.

Yo!Kart ensures that your customers find everything they are looking for. It offers:

  • Quick search bar that highlight recommendations and suggestions.
  • Product filters that allow the customer to filter the product list by category, price, size, etc.
  • Shortcuts that enable the customers to quickly view the details and save their valuable time.
  • Efficient product image/video gallery and image zoom options.
  • Better and easy navigation for the buyer, seller, and admin.
  • Easy to use checkout page that allow buyers to buy products from different vendors in one go.
#2. Ready to Go Mobile Apps:

Keeping the convenience of the buyers on top priority, eCommerce has transformed the way people shop. For eCommerce businesses, mobile apps are not a secondary feature anymore, rather it has become a ‘must-have’ feature.

To let your customers order on the go, Yo!Kart comes with powerful and feature-rich mobile apps for Android and iOS operating systems. I found that mobile apps are loaded with features like:

  • Push Notifications to keep users informed about their latest orders.
  • Firebase analytics for real-time data storage, synchronize, app crash reporting & bug isolation.
  • Multi-lingual & Multi currency support (LTR & RTL)
  • Homepage collection banners
  • Easy order & account management

It comes with a separate seller app for vendors to streamline their processes by helping them to list the products and manage orders easily. It enables the vendors to coordinate with the buyers through buyer-seller messaging and check the order details as well.

#3. Product Catalog Management

Catalog management is an important aspect of eCommerce business. In any multi-vendor eCommerce portal, the product list can easily go over 100000 products, which is why it becomes important to manage products effectively. Well managed eCommerce catalog system results in quality data. Consistent product information helps in improving the omnichannel experience. An organized product catalog system enhances the customer experience which helps the eCommerce business to grow exponentially. Yo!Kart seamlessly manages the new and existing product information and allows the owner/seller to update or add the product titles, selling price, etc. By leveraging Yo!Kart’s unique features, managing product data becomes less challenging.

The admin section offers many options for successfully managing the catalogs. Additionally, Yo!Kart offers the following features to handle catalogs:

  • The marketplace owner can manage catalog for sellers.
  • Sellers can create custom products with admin supervision.
  • The seller can edit only those products which are added by the seller himself.
  • Sellers can add inventory to their shops with few clicks.
Catalog Management - YoKart Review

Catalog Management in Yo!Kart as Admin

In its recent version, Yo!Kart claims that the platform can handle up to 500k products in the base package.

#4. Marketing features:

Yo!Kart comes with in-built marketing features that assist in increasing the user base and improving sales. While reviewing the Yo!Kart platform, I found that Yo!Kart offers an array of marketing features to marketplace owners and sellers. Some of the highlighted marketing features are:

  • In-built affiliate module
  • Discount Coupons management
  • Rewards Points
  • Share & Earn
  • Promotional banner space on the home page for vendors

Also, Yo!Kart has rich SEO features such as Meta tags management, URL rewriting & in-built Xml site map, robots.txt, Google Tag Manager, blog integration, etc.

#5. Reporting and Analytics

It is essential to gain insights into the performance of your marketplace. It allows the admin to keep a track of the products in the catalog. With this feature, the admin can analyze the reports of different shop owners, their sales, sold quantity and site commission. It helps to keep an eye on the details of sales, transactions and returns along with the user signups. Advanced features such as visitor statistics, top searched products, latest order reports give admin the freedom to manage the reports and other details. The reports feature of Yo!Kart allows you to review the statistical data, such as:

  • Earnings behind each sale
  • User data including highest-spending customers
  • Detailed tax information
  • Affiliate and commission report
  • Traffic analytics
  • Social media analytics
  • Conversion statistics

Reports & Analytics - YoKart


Yo!Kart comes with lifetime ownership means unlike Saas based solutions, you won’t have to pay monthly or yearly prices. You can book a Free Personalized demo with Yo!Kart team before you decide to buy it.

You can launch your multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace with the following packages:

  • Go Quick
  • Go Custom Lite
  • Go Custom

YoKart Pricing (Detailed Review)

Yo!Kart also offer Free 6 months digital marketing consultation services with all the above packages.

Other Features & Benefits:
Yo!Kart comes with exemplary features & benefits that help the admin to transform their eCommerce business to the next level. Below are some listed features other than the ones mentioned above:

  • Organized Customer Order Management
  • In-built Payment Gateways & third-party integrations
  • Multi-Lingual & Multi Currency
  • ShipStation Integration to manage the shipping processes
  • Streamlined Checkout for faster sales
  • Fully Customised Design
  • Quick and Easy Data Migration
  • Easy Product Addition
  • Track inventory
  • Database Backup to deal with an unexpected server issue
  • Intuitive Admin, Sellers Dashboards
  • Multiple revenue streams for a marketplace owner
  • 12 months of free technical support
  • Trustworthy parent company with 15 years of experience
  • Rich Multi-vendor marketplace features
  • Lifetime ownership
  • Self-Hosted solution
  • Fully Customizable & Scalable
  • You will need assistance from the Yo!Kart team for customization.
  • No free themes addons
Final Verdict

Now, that we have gone through the nitty-gritty of Yo!Kart multi-vendor platform, the only question that comes to our mind is its real-world applicability. I am convinced that this award-winning eCommerce platform surely offers value for money and is a complete package when it comes to creating an online multi-vendor marketplace. If you are thinking of launching your own multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace, then you should not think twice before opting for Yo!Kart as it is the perfect starting point for all the entrepreneurs.

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