Windscribe VPN Review – Best Free Way to Protect Your Network

Security and Privacy on the internet is one of the major concern of every internet user nowadays, especially for big giants whom all the confidential data is available on the internet and their entire business is dependent upon that. You should follow one more measure to maintain your internet security and privacy and that is known as VPN.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks and it is useful to secure your internet connection. It masks your network by another virtual another network and creates a masked IP over your connection. Here in this article, we are going to discuss a similar VPN service that would help you to chose your VPN service.

About Windscribe VPN service

Windscribe is private VPN service provider. There are 2 services in which they are dealing one is VPN service provider and another one is their chrome extension, They help you to access restricted content and one can also use their VPN Services to maintain their internet privacy.

Features of Windscribe VPN Service

Windscribe Features (Review)

Below we have mentioned all the feautres of Windscribe VPN Services.

#1. Access to Geo-Restricted Content

There are so many areas across the globe where every country, like Denmark for example, block some particular content that comes under some kind of violation, Using Windscribe VPN one can access all that geo-restricted content without any hindrance. VPN mask your IP address with another IP address thus, all the kind of content get accessible to you whether it is Geo-restricted or not.

Windscribe VPN Review

#2. No Browsing History

Chrome browser easily tracks your browsing history and did not keep your browsing history personal that is proving as a privacy issue for many of the users. To solve this security and privacy issue, You can use Windscribe VPN as they don’t save your browsing history. It keeps your internet security and privacy unaffected and you can access any kind of data without any fear of security. As Windscribe offers you complete security.

#3. No Personal information leak

Windscribe masks your actual IP address and other information like your service provider etc. Along with this, all the things you are browsing and using is in the form of encrypted data that would help you to hide your personal information from getting hacked, circulated or any kind of another harmful security measure.

#4. Omnipresent

Windscribe is omnipresent for all devices that imply that you can use Windscribe VPN services with every possible device irrespective of the operating system it belongs to. It is compatible with Windows laptop, Macbook Users, IOS devices, android devices chrome browser etc. This serves a huge range of devices in its own. They also have a VPN tool and chrome extension.

#5. No Ads

Windscribe is configured with all the Ad-Blocker tools that are required to block any kind of form advertisement present over the internet. It would also improve your user experience and there are so many ad scripts that contain malicious file or any 3rd party extension, Thus you also get your device protected from these scripts and get a better user experience.


There is 3 kinds of pricing plans available with Windscribe that are mentioned below. One is free while other 2 are paid on monthly and yearly Basis.

#1. Limited Plan:

Their Limited plan is restricted to 1 device only and can be accessible from 8 locations. It is free in nature and you don’t need to pay any penny to use this account. It is enabled by ad-block as well. You can also access their P2P feature that allows you to share and access media files from one or more than one location without any error. The bandwidth with the limited plan is 10GB/Month that is quite low. You can click here to get more information. Along with this, their servers for limited version users are only located in Tier 1 countries like USA, UK, Germany, France etc. While their paid users can access the servers of other countries as well.

#2.Yearly Plan

They have another plan for commercial use and an extended version of limited plan where they allow access to unlimited devices up to 45 locations with unlimited bandwidth, Rest of the configuration is similar to limited plans. Their yearly plan costs you 90$ per year equivalent to 7.5$ per year. You can click here to get more information about this.

#3. Monthly Plan

Their Monthly plan is similar to their yearly plan but here you can pay on the monthly basis. It will cost you 9$ per month. You can click here or check the image given below to get more details about the pricing structure. The user who is using pro version can use the servers of more than 30 countries.

Windscribe Pricing

Unique tool by Windscribe

To take your internet security next level, Windscribe is providing you with an amazing tool They work in a similar manner just like an URL shortener. The twist with is that it also check the security level of a particular page in terms of internet security and privacy, ads or any 3rd party tracker.

One can also use this link as a promotional link to get 50% off when anyone signup on Windscribe using your link. It is similar to referral system that many companies are using these days. One can also utilise to protect a particular web page by making it password protected. You can also enable one more feature where that particular URL would be accessible only if you use Windscribe VPN. It can be very useful for those who use VPN for commercial purpose.

Pros and Cons of Windscribe VPN Service

You can check all the details given below:

  • (Personal URL Shortening Service)
  • Monthly Instalment of payments are allowed
  • Ad-free browsing
  • Configured with all the devices
  • No Real-Time assistance or Instant Chat Support
Final Verdict

Windscribe is the most easy to use and powerful VPN service you will ever use. One should try Windscribe VPN service as their features are excellent and fulfil all your requirements. Most of the VPN service providers are allowed with PCs only but Windscribe becomes unique by offering their VPN solution for all the devices.

In addition, they have amazing service i.e., where you create a unique URL that points to any webpage of your choice and it is a unique feature among all VPN service providers. You can try their monthly service at least and then they can upgrade your plan to the yearly subscriptions.

Hope you like this article, if you have any doubt regarding Windscribe, you can ask in comments below and I will try to answer all your queries.

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