Vision Helpdesk – PINKVerify ITIL/ITSM Service Desk Software Review

As a customer, what would be the first feature you would appreciate in a product? Personally, for me, it would be brilliant customer support services since, without the support, we will never be fully able to integrate the particular product or service without any errors.

Now as a service provider, what would be your foremost priority to ensure long-term commitment with your customers? Of course, it would be to provide utmost customer support so the clients will be able to put their faith in your product.

In this article, I’ll be reviewing Vision Helpdesk, a tool which helps in managing support facilities for small and enterprise businesses both.

Vision Helpdesk Intro

Vision Helpdesk has been in business ever since 2007 and for well over 11 years, they have been helping organizations of all nature and sizes overcome their support complications. More than 15,000 companies all over the world have been fortunate enough to be endowed with Vision Helpdesk’s solutions and splendid help desk services.

Vision Helpdesk Review (Panel)

They initially started with a simple ticketing software, but as they evolved into a successful company, they were endowed with the PinkVERIFY certification and thus started offering more to their clients. As of now, they serve three products:

  • The help desk software, a multi-channel ticketing solution
  • IT service desk which included modules like CMDB and management tools
  • Satellite help desk for organizations having multi companies, brands, and products.
#1. Proficient ticket management

One of the best things I liked about Vision Helpdesk was that it was uniquely capable of converting emails into tickets and therefore, manages every request your customer proposes in front of you. After all, a happy consumer means a satisfied provider and I can guarantee you would want to ensure only the best outcomes for your business ventures.

Vision Helpdesk has a centralized system which parses emails, produces help tickets, categorizes your staff members and assigns the precise tickets to them. It also assists in sorting out which ticket needs topmost priority. List your tickets, add labels and tags on them and automate your help desk without much fuss or difficulty. Vision Helpdesk definitely makes it easier for you to prioritize customer support.

#2. Blabby- A tool for effective management

Blabby is a chat system which Vision Helpdesk offers in order to keep your staff well acquainted with each other and their respective set of fields. If your staff keeps other staff members up to date with the workflow, it enables them to discuss among themselves the knowledge and collaborate with each other.

Blabby gives your staff agents a platform to share presentations, their respective set of tickets, crucial files and documents and such. By allowing the staff members to participate in a group or private chat room, you can simply ascertain enhanced workforce from your team.

#3. Multi-language support

I can guarantee most of your clients must not know your native tongue and some won’t even know the common language, English. It’s natural for all businesses to expect customers from all over the world, especially if that business is online.

Hence, it’s only apt to acknowledge a lot of your clients will not be able to communicate with your staff effectively. Thus, Vision Helpdesk helps you to manage multi-language customers and support clients globally.

Vision Helpdesk Features

#4. PinkVERIFY Certified

Did you know that Vision Helpdesk is chiefly excellent in Incident, Change and Problem Management? These three aspects that Vision Helpdesk offers is the reason why you are assured with the most excellent support solutions which, in turn, you can grant your own clients.

Vision Helpdesk has been fortunate enough to be endowed with the PinkVERIFY 2011 certification, which makes the company proudly certified with ITIL compatibility. Once acquainted with Vision Helpdesk, the customer will have to endure only the premium quality IT Service Management practices.

#5. Effective Client Management

With Vision Helpdesk, you shall never lose a client because of poor customer support. It enables you to get to know your customers through in-depth details. Never skip a beat and get your customer’s history, invoices, overview and summary of their access and much more.

Vision Helpdesk’s client management comes handy especially when you wish to manage the users, categorize them into their organizations, and accordingly sort through their support tickets, everything at a central place. Vision Helpdesk can effectively manage your clients for you!

#6. Real-time reporting

Vision Helpdesk’s help desk reporting allows you to receive all of the insights about your company’s workflow and staff. This feature enables to keep in check with staff activities, ticket timing responses, performance reports, customer satisfaction reports and much more.

Vision Helpdesk’s only goal is to give you the reigns over your company’s ventures and thus ensure support efficiency through your guidelines.


Vision Helpdesk’s SAAS Cloud license is ranging from $12/mo to$48/mo. You are also allowed to pick the location, i.e. the US, UK, and EU without having to pay an additional fee.

Vision Helpdesk Pricing
Vision Helpdesk’s recurring license is ranging from $8/mo to $32/mo.

Vision Helpdesk’s one-time license is starting at just $200 per agent, at a one-time fee.

  • Safe and sound environment
  • Effective staff management
  • Ticket and time-based billing
  • A free trail is offered
  • Leaderboard reports without extra costs
  • Vision Helpdesk’s documentation needs improvement
Final Verdict

If you need to ensure the most effective customer support for your clients, then Vision Helpdesk is the most suitable solution for you. It presents tens of features and the ones I’ve mentioned above are only some of the few I personally loved best. However, the benefits granted by Vision Helpdesk are countless, especially if you wish to ensure sincere peace of mind between your organization and its customers.

Vision Helpdesk is not just any company which provides a simple ticketing software, but it’s also invested in assisting you during several endeavors and projects of your company. What are you still waiting for? Go purchase Vision Helpdesk now, and let me know your feedback on their services.

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