TradingFXVPS Review : Pricing, Features, Pros, Cons & Expert Advice

The glorious world of the Internet has to be the greatest innovation known to mankind. Just thinking about all the advantages and infinite benefits it serves in our day-to-day life is enough to fall in love with it even more so. If you really think about it, the Internet has basically made our lives a hell of a lot easier.

I mean, you don’t have to step out of your shell and travel to pay your electricity bills or other expenditure. Funnily enough, you can even have your cat’s food delivered right at your doorstep. It makes your cat happy, therefore it makes you happy, right?

However, like all things, the Internet has several downfalls as well. One of them is definitely the massive amount of competition over the online markets. You’d find exactly the type of product or service you were looking from the start or you might end up wasting precious days and still wouldn’t get what you wanted.

Same goes for the hosting service providers. Web hosting and servers are a pretty big deal for website owners. After all, those things are essentially a safe haven for your business. One thing you must be aware of is that splendid hosting on your websites can do wonders for your online business presence.

In this article, I’ll be reviewing TradingFXVPS, a major Internet Service Provider (ISP) which is definitely going to serve you as a key benefactor.

Intro TradingFXVPS

TradingFXVPS is a global-leading hosting provider which specializes in bestowing excellent customized dedicated servers and VPS services. It is efficiently beneficial for traders of all sorts, to find solutions in VPS for automated trading.

In order to ensure the brightest outcomes in terms of performance and stability, TradingFXVPS powers their technology from Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware virtualization techniques. Their services are a solid ten times faster than your average VPS providers and the entire credit goes to their four data centers, all of which are scattered all across different geographical zones.

TradingFXVPS Features

Let’s take a look at the several extraordinary features TradingFXVPS has to offer-

#1. Topmost speed

One of the very first things I came across TradingFXVPS’s services and immediately loved was its performance in terms of the speed. The kind of stability and reliability which is served with such acute radiance is undoubtedly unmatched. I haven’t come across many hosts which are providing the speed that several other hosts single-handedly can.

Given to the fact that their data centers are at different locations around the world, the maximum coverage is ensured topmost speed over their servers. All you have to do is order their brilliant VPS and take advantage of their mind-boggling speed and minimum latency, to the fullest.

#2. 24/7 expert support

I think you can admit that you are no James Bond, and neither am I. Seeing new functions and getting a hang of its controls and settings in an instant is not something which is humanly possible. In between your hectic day-to-day lives, you cannot understand all the manuals the hosting provider throws your way without some assistance.

Luckily for us, TradingFXVPS is there whenever its assistance is needed. No matter what time of the day it is, or what time zone you are currently residing in, you are assured to be provided with excellent support from TradingFXVPS’s very skilled and patient team. Bonus; you don’t even have to wait much longer for them to reply since their support response time is very close to immediate.

#3. Most affordable prices

You already know what is the biggest turn-off; having to pay large sums of money on something. Don’t get me wrong, I know over-spending the budget on the newest Gucci shoes doesn’t exactly make our skin crawl. In fact, it is our annual ritual to over-spend on shoes. However, spending money unnecessarily on anything else should always be avoided no matter what.

This is why TradingFXVPS has efficiently decided to offer their awesome services at such economical prices. You don’t have to worry about their VPS and servers being expensive. There cannot be anything better than that, right?

#4. Highest stability possible

TradingFXVPS offers the kind of connections whose stability really knows no bounds. I’ve come across tons of hosts which, on one hand, charge you a lot of money, while on the other, fail to provide the kind of services really worthy of that same money.

What I like the most about any product or service I go for is no matter how cheap or expensive the product may be, the quality must always be supreme. As a consumer, you would want to derive the utmost of satisfaction, wouldn’t you? The performance TradingFXVPS grants are rather praise-worthy and definitely 10-20 times much more stable than any other host in these economic prices.

#5. No downtime complications

When you have to pay any company a hefty fee only to ensure that your websites, as well as your servers, are online and accessible to your users at all times of the day. It should be the chief priority for web hosting providers to maintain the kind of reliability in terms of uptime, that the customer can derive maximum peace of mind.

TradingFXVPS guarantees 99.9% uptime response from all of their servers and your website is ensured to stay online around the clock.


TradingFXVPS’s VPS hosting has three plans, namely Standard, Advanced and Expert payable at $25/mo, $45/mo and 90/mo.

TradingFXVPS Review (Pricing)

Dedicated Servers

TradingFXVPS’s all four data centers are offering their dedicated servers at just $199/mo.

TradingFXVPS Review (Dedicated Servers)

  • Immediate activation
  • Supports all trader platforms
  • Free unlimited traffic
  • 7 days trial at $3.99 only
  • 30 days money back guarantee without any questions
  • Datacenters at London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and New York
  • Really, I couldn’t come up with anything wrong, in terms of their services.
Final Verdict

Even after going through all the benefits that TradingFXVPS offers, I’m sure you must be thinking; why should you trust their services without even optimizing it yourself. Well, frankly speaking, you don’t have to. TradingFXVPS is offering an exclusive 7 days trail which lets you discover for yourself what a brilliant host it really is and you can come to trust TradingFXVPS on your own pace.

TradingFXVPS’s VPS and Dedicated Servers are amongst my personal top 5 spots of hosts. Considering all things, i.e., the supreme uptime; the rapid speed; and the allocation of the datacenters, it is definitely worth a shot.

If I say so myself, making a purchase with TradingFXVPS is something I would openly suggest since they are very convenient with the setup and immediate with the installation. What are you still waiting for? Go get hosted with TradingFXVPS now!

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