Top 5 Platforms to Build eCommerce Marketplace

It’s no wonder why eCommerce marketplaces have taken the planet by a storm ever since we have been graced with the cozy and miraculous world of the Internet. I don’t need to go on and on about, ‘oh what a marvel that is the Internet’. You already know that.

However, if you were going to ask why the e-commerce platforms are in such a trend nowadays, then you need not ask me that since you know the answer to that question as well. Just think about it; why do you prefer buying stuff online? I’m sure you’re going to say online stores offer a larger variety of products, both physical and digital as well.

Another reason as to why e-commerce marketplaces are so popular is because they make the whole process of shopping a whole lot easier and convenient. You don’t need to travel and the biggest benefit of them all; you get your package delivered right at your doorstep.

Hence, if you’re considering building an eCommerce marketplace, then you are exactly on the right track. In this article, I’ll list down the top-5 builders of multi-vendor eCommerce marketplaces so it’s a lot easier for you to decide which platform is the most suitable for your e-commerce business.

Let’s take a glimpse at the top 5 builders of eCommerce marketplaces as of 2018:

#1. CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor definitely tops our list. I’ve personally used this software and have asked several of my colleagues about their feedbacks on this e-commerce builder. What I loved the most about CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is that it allows not only the owner of the site but also independent or third-party merchants to sell their products on a single platform.

Cs-Cart Multi-Vendor Platform

It offers a variety of features for both concerning parties; the admin, i.e. you as well as the vendors. The payout system is absolutely splendid and the admins, as well as the vendors, are endowed with their separate panels.

  • CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is Multi-vendor software and integrated with everything any other e-commerce marketplace will fail to support. It does not rely on extensions like most CMS platforms, like Mirakl, Dokan, etc.
  • It is amazingly quick and easy for sellers and vendors to manage the stock and sales. There is absolutely no additional fuss and the admin or the merchant are allowed to look after their products from the dashboards only.
  • Like any other online marketplace builder, CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a tad bit expensive, though only when compared to other alternatives. It costs exactly $1450 for a one-time fee.
#2. Magento

I’m sure you may have heard of Magento; after all, it’s one of the most popular online marketplace builders the Internet has to offer. Magento has over 250,000 active vendors integrating daily and it is renowned globally after being purchased from eBay in 2011. This self-hosted platform stands proudly in the second position on your top 5 list solely in regard with its rich-feature integrations and excellent capabilities.

Magento - eCommerce Platform

  • Magento’s is highly scalable and it definitely plays in its favor. It’s one of the best platforms to build your e-commerce platform since it’s an open-source, like WordPress and offers great potential for your business site.
  • It’s efficiently free of cost to download, which means, to set up your online marketplace; you are certainly not obliged to pay an additional fee.
  • Unlike CS-Cart Multi-Vendor, Magento is not a multi-vendor software. It is initially a single-seller platform that can be extended to a multi-vendor platform via the Marketplace plug-in.
  • Magento doesn’t provide customer support as well.
#3. IXXO Multi-Vendor

IXXO is another one of the great e-commerce marketplace builders which integrates with the multi-vendor capability. It’s highly popular amongst online retailers, however not as unique as CS-Cart Multi-Vendor, IXXO Multi-Vendor certainly steals a spot at our list of top 5 eCommerce marketplace builders.

IXXO Multi-Vendor

It’s especially brilliant for open-source platforms since IXXO works quite exceptionally on WordPress or Joomla. Giving praise to the fact that since it’s a multi-vendor software, it’s powerful in terms of functionality, and it’s also quite convenient to optimize as well.

  • One of the biggest benefits IXXO Multi-Vendor provides is that it allows your e-commerce site to be hosted on its own server, which means you don’t have to rely on the platform’s servers anymore.
  • You are given the choice of integrating it on other open-source platforms such as WordPress, or you can your eCommerce site on your own servers as a standalone business.
  • Optimizing IXXO Multi-Vendor is not a cake walk; it’s not easy to integrate. Especially if you wish to host your e-commerce site on your own servers, you must possess quite a lot of technical knowledge in the area.
#4. Mirakl

Mirakl is a software which is generally popular amongst retail marketplaces only. However, it’s integrations are surprisingly paramount and it is capable of launching your e-commerce site quicker than any other platform. Adding new products and keeping track about the former ones is also convenient and the whole software is reliable and amazingly stable.


  • One of the first things I noticed about Mirakl was its API capability. It has astonishingly good API integration.
  • Other than that, it’s easy to utilize; even for non-tech people. It also covers your orders, sales as well as the return management.
  • Doesn’t provide inventory or stock management, which can turn out to be a massive drawback for an e-commerce marketplace builder.
#5. Sharetribe

Sharetribe is a multi-vendor e-commerce platform builder, a software created especially for online marketplaces which integrate with multiple vendors on a daily basis. Those who are looking for single-merchant eCommerce sites, Sharetribe is not for them. This software is capable of integrating with several other aspects of eCommerce trade other than just sales. It allows you to implement services or rentals on your eCommerce site as well.

Sharetribe eCommerce Platform

  • Easy to optimize and user-friendly integrations. Sharetribe only takes mere minutes for the setup.
  • Sharetribe’s payment gateway methods are exceptionally great.
  • Sharetribe is not for everyone; until and unless you’re looking for a platform which will offer you a peer-to-peer marketplace, only then will it be beneficial for you.

There are many tools and software which can easily help you build an eCommerce marketplace of your own. There are tons of open-source platforms and several great Multi-Vendor softwares which are excelled in helping you extend your marketplace to a next level.

However, there is one thing you should always consider; your needs and requirements. The necessities of your online business should never be compromised, under any circumstance. Therefore, your first priority should always be choosing a software which will recognize those needs, and help you obtain every single of them.

Listing down the best solutions was my part of the job, now building your eCommerce marketplace with the right software is yours. Let me know if you have any query in the comments section, and I’ll get back to you about it.

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