Syncrify Review – A Private Cloud Backup and Synchronization Service

Data is key for any organization regardless of its size. Thus, data security is an area where many organizations focus on in order to protect their information. In the era of technological advances where cloud backup is known to everyone there are so many companies that are providing cloud storage and backup services. In this article we are going to discuss Syncrify, a cloud based backup solution and will explain to you how it is different from other backup solutions.

Review of Syncrify

Syncrify is a private cloud backup and synchronization platform where users can store their data without any 3rd party involvement. Syncrify is launched by Synametrics Technologies, a software development firm based in the United States. Synametrics Technologies has previously launched other programs such as, SynaMan, a network based file manager, WinSQL, a database tool compatible with all the types of database and Xeams, an email server.

Features of Syncrify

Syncrify Features

Below, we will mention some of the features of Syncrify.

#1. Universal Access

There are 2 types of data backup solutions. These solutions are static data backup and dynamic data backup. Syncrify is a dynamic backup system where users can access and modify data from anywhere without requiring the source access every time. Syncrify can be accessed through a web browser. Syncrify is a multi-tier backup solution meaning multiple machines are involved in the backup process. In present day, multi-tier backup system becomes a necessity for easy modification of data.

#2. Safe and Secured

The data stored with Syncrify is encrypted to prevent any hacking attack on user’s data and files. Syncrify also allows unlimited file transferring, enabled with SSL and HTTPS that automatically block any unsecured connections, without asking your permission to safeguard the data and other files stored on their servers.

#3. Compatible with all devices

Syncrify is compatible with many different types of devices and operating systems including: Mac, Windows, and Linux. You can also access the backed up data from all different types of devices such as smart phones and tablets.

#4. Enabled with Syncribox

Syncribox is an alternative to Google Drive and Dropbox. It is a convenient and easy solution to store and access files anywhere at any time. Syncribox is included with the Syncrify license at no extra cost. It is completely safe and secure as the files you stored with Syncribox are not accessible by any 3rd parties. There is also no limit to the amount of files you can store through Syncribox. It is easy to use with a 3 step configuration. All that the users need is the Server URL and their username and password to access all the data and files stored on that server.

Pricing Packages of Syncrify

To Get more details about pricing packages you can click here or check the image given below:

Syncrify Pricing (Review)

How Syncrify is different from other Cloud Service Providers:

Syncrify is a safer and secure backup solution compared to other cloud-based storage providers on the market.  Syncrify stores data in an encrypted form and is far more secure than all cloud-based storage providers. Many of the other cloud data service providers like Google Drive and Dropbox don’t store data in an encrypted form like Syncrify does. Syncrify also offers a unique feature known as Syncribox. In addition, Syncrify licenses are perpetual. This means there are no monthly payments to make in order to use this program.

Pros of Syncrify:
  • Secure
  • Syncribox
  • Various Pricing Packages
  • Multi-Tier Backup System
  • Free for personal use
  • One time payment
Cons of Syncrify:
  • No 24×7 chat support
Final Verdict of Syncrify:

Syncrify is a cloud based service providing multiple options at an affordable price as compared to other cloud backup service providers. Synametrics Technologies offers a 30-day free trial of Syncrify to test the program and see if it meets the user’s needs.

Fo more information about syncrify, visit

Hope you like this article if you have any doubt regarding Syncrify you can ask below in the comment and our experts will surely help you best at their level.

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