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A quick inquiry; exactly what do you understand about a web hosting, aside from the fact that it’s basically a home for your website? Well, folks, a web hosting does not only provide storage for your website to reside, but it also presents it to the outer world; that is, your viewers and customers.

This is why you need to grasp the routine of picking only the best web hosts in the market. Web hosting without a doubt is crucial. But what’s more important than web hosting is the company that’s providing you hosting services.
‘Why’, you ask? Your web host is the only one who alters your hosting according to the requirements of your website. It’s a very critical part of building your website from scratch.

You’ve got nothing to worry; I have just the right solution for you guys.

SpectroHost Intro

SpectroHost is a web hosting company which successfully serves supreme hosting services globally. Having been in the hosting business for years, they know what every website requires and they pursue towards building the best platforms for booming websites.

SpectroHost Features

They do not believe in the approach of offering what they want the customers to buy, but rather they offer what the customer wishes to buy. For SpectroHost, client satisfaction always comes first and the profits come afterward.
SpectroHost is offering several enchanting features. Let’s take a look at, shall we?

#1. Suitable for almost all types of businesses

I am currently running multiple websites. Along with my blogs, I am also responsible for several other websites as well. That should explain why I always opt for a host which is suitable for almost all kinds of websites.

Given that, you have nothing to be anxious regarding the type of website you wish to host with SpectroHost. Whether you are running an e-commerce or even a standard startup, SpectroHost is preferable for pretty much every nature of website there is. This is certainly an advantage which we should use in our favor.

#2. Unlimited Domains and Disk-space

Other than being suitable for all types of websites, SpectroHost also grants unlimited domains in some hosting plans. It is indeed miraculous that we get to host as many domains with SpectroHost as we possibly can. Do you have more than a single domain under your possession? Well, ditto! I have ownership of several domains names that I sometimes lose count. (Kidding, obviously)

However, in case you’ve got a lot of domains but need enough space to store them, luckily for you guys, SpectroHost also provides unlimited storage. Now you don’t ever need to worry about running out of space and there is no fuss of asking your web-host for additional storage.

#3. Free unlimited SSL certifications

The number of benefits which SpectroHost offered nearly blew my mind. On top of that, they are known for setting no limits on the features they grant. We’ve just established the fact that SpectroHost is providing free unlimited disk-space and domains. In addition to that, you are also being bestowed with not one, not two, but unlimited SSL(s) as well.

Never once in my years of experience, did I ever come across a company which offers unlimited SSL certificates with such affordable hosting.

#4. Topmost reliability with the highest speed

I think it’s safe to say that SpectroHost is a company which never compromises with quality. During my voyage with SpectroHost, I was given complete authority over the total management of my websites. Their brilliant services took care of my requirements first and foremost, which ensures one thing; the client definitely has the upper hand around the performance of their website.

SpectroHost makes sure your websites are hosted to always deliver the highest speed and swiftest performance, with or without substantial traffic.

#5. 99% uptime speed

It’s a renowned fact that we live in a generation of technicality. For some people, the means of the Internet is as important as food, since online businesses are a blooming success these days. Similarly, my own source of income is earned over the Internet as well and I would want my websites to be available around the clock, no matter what it takes.

SpectroHost, fortunately for us, is giving a 99% uptime guarantee which will ensure that your viewers are enabled to access all parts of your website at all times.

#6. Around the clock customer support

Paramount support is a crucial service which is getting more and more overlooked by web hosts these days. By providing admirable support to customers, web hosting companies do not only satisfy the customers but also efficiently secure long-lasting bonds with them.

SpectroHost is undoubtedly one of those web-hosting providers which would simply overlook their own profits in order to ensure utmost contentment for their users. SpectroHost’s team is always on standup 24*7, so if any complication arises, they can rush to solve it immediately.


Spectrohost Review (Pricing)

Web Hosting

SpectroHost’s Web hosting is starting from just $2.16/mo along with several benefits like daily backups, unlimited emails, bandwidth, MySQL databases and much more.

Reseller Hosting

SpectroHost’s Reseller hosting is starting from just $17.22/mo along with several benefits like unlimited cPanel accounts, emails, domains, websites and much more.

Cloud Hosting

SpectroHost’s Cloud Hosting is starting from just $20/mo along with 1GBPS network, up to 3 IPV addresses, and much more performance than what you would imagine for any size Cloud Server compared to all other Cloud Server hosts out there.

Dedicated Servers

SpectroHost’s Dedicated Servers range between $150/mo to $400/mo plus.

  • Supports all popular apps
  • Fully managed servers
  • All-time reporting and monitoring
  • Both Windows and Linux compatible
  • I searched for hours to dig out anything wrong with SpectroHost but came up with literally nothing. Suffice to say, it suited my likes and preference, and I was happy with it.
Final Verdict

In my opinion, SpectroHost definitely obtains a favorable spot on my list of top 10 web-hosting providers. I utterly trust their extraordinary services and it didn’t take long for me to put my faith in SpectroHost.

However, just because I feel totally secured with them doesn’t mean you have to as well. Each intellectual is given free will and you guys should decide for yourself whether SpectroHost’s hosting is worth a purchase or not.

SpectroHost 3 Months Free Hosting

Which is why SpectroHost has decided to offer an exclusive free 3 months trial for their Web and Reseller hosting customers. Just use this discount code “3-mo-free” and make your mind up about their hosting services on your own.

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