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Would anyone of you like your stuff lying around unlooked and unorganized? I don’t think so. We all want our things to be neatly organized and properly arranged. Now, just imagine how cool would it be to have an application which will help you sort out your personal assets.

Everything from a lounge chair to your closet full of clothes can be arranged within a few mere clicks, like a visual cabinet where you organize as well as keep track of your assets.

In this article I’ll be reviewing Sortly, a visual inventory and asset tracking app which makes the lives of its users amazingly easier.

Sortly Pro Review

Sortly Intro

The name of the app Sortly is remarkably suitable in terms of all the features and benefits which it serves. This app helps the user to sort out their stuff and enables them to distinguish the items through details, such as location, prices, condition, quantity, etc.

This app is available for IOS and Android users and can be used for Individual or Business Purposes both.

Sortly - How It Works

For Businesses

You can understand the fact that for a business, the most valuable aspect is the Assets. If you misplace your assets and fail to keep track of the inventory, then you are deemed to encounter several inevitable losses.

Therefore, the most efficient way to avoid that from occurring is to use Sortly Pro, which assists businesses to organize and manage the audit trails, inventory, and documentation of the assets.

For Individuals

For individuals, Sortly is essential for cataloging your stuff such as your furniture, clothes, showpieces, and or collections. The use of Sortly is therefore enhanced if you are moving places, or if you are simply bad at organizing your items.

It helps you manage your things more easily and even lets you add notes and details so the user can locate the items more conveniently.

Sortly works on desktop (web), tablet and mobile
Check in/Check out items using in-built scanner on Sortly Pro
Notes and Tags and include custom fields (with PRO)

When you need to locate your items more effectively, you can add notes to them in order to distinguish them from other stuff. Along with notes, you can add further details and tags to your items so tracking down things can be easier than ever.


You can sync your entire data from the Sortly app. In case you lose your mobile phone or delete the app, you can have backups of the information on cloud and Evernote.

Multiple Accounts (you can share it with team or customers)

The Sortly PRO base plan includes 3 user accounts, that is, more than one person can have controlled access to the important inventory management. For an additional user, you need to pay $3 per month.

Customized QR and barcodes

You can print customized QR labels and scan barcodes, UPC, EAN, and ISBNs in order to add or search for the items located in the Sortly app.


Sortly Review (Pricing)

There are two segments for Sortly, namely Plus and Pro. The Plus plan is payable at $4.99/mo and the Pro plan is payable at $25/mo.

Sortly Pro Pricing

  • The Plus and Pro plans add unlimited Items
  • Highlight objects Check in/out items using in-built scanner
  • Import to PDF, Excel or CSV files
  • Track warranty, expiry (you can add any custom fields that are important to you)
  • Free version available with limited features
  • No disposal tracking
Final Verdict

Getting a hang of Sortly is surprisingly straightforward and trouble-free. Even if you’re one of the less fortunate people who doesn’t even know the basic technical stuff, worry not, because Sortly is amazingly easy to use and operate.

Go get Sortly now if you want to make your life a little less maddening and a lot more intuitive. Organizing, tracking, and locating your items has never been simpler.

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