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Some social networks grow so big, it’s hard to escape their shadow. This is definitely true for Instagram.
I remember seeing Instagram in the beginning, when there were still relatively few people on it. It’s been astounding witnessing it blow up in popularity like it has in the last couple years. I’ve heard some speculate it might even surpass Facebook at this rate. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised.

I’ve also noticed that Instagram has become a particularly important place for businesses. Having an account is almost a requirement if you do most of your marketing through social media. That’s because its highly active users are more receptive to brands than anywhere else online.

But I understand those who still have trepidation towards it. I’ve known some people who have given up on it, because they’ve seemingly hit a plateau in their follower growth and didn’t have the time or energy to push further.

Thankfully I can tell you that there’s help out there for those who need it. In this review, I’ll be going over SocialCaptain, an Instagram automation service.

SocialCaptain Intro

SocialCaptain isn’t the first Instagram automation service on the market. There have been many that have come and gone over the years. However, it might just be among the best ones that you can find today.

SocialCaptain Review (Features)

The greatest thing about SocialCaptain is that it requires very little effort on your part. All that you need to do is sign up, personalize your settings, and then let it take care of everything else for you. From there it starts reeling in the followers, likes and comments for you.

Let’s take a peek at some of the terrific features that SocialCaptain provides:


SocialCaptain Review (Working)

#1. Automation powered by adaptive artificial intelligence

It’s undeniable that we live in a technologically-driven age. If you aren’t up to date on the latest advances, then you’re always left playing catch-up with the rest. So I think SocialCaptain deserves praise for its integration of cutting-edge artificial intelligence into its automation systems.

What’s special about its AI is that it operates on machine learning algorithms. This means it learns and self-optimizes as it gains more experience. That guarantees consistent improvement that few others can match.

#2. Track and analyze your growth in real time

SocialCaptain is dedicated to demonstrating that their service is working around the clock for you. The proof of this is in their live tracking and analytics tools. At any point you can access them to check on your account’s ongoing growth.

I find this feature extremely valuable, as it allows you to capitalize on your successes and adjust your approach if it’s not working. I’m also a fan of the ability to export their growth reports so you can save, send, and view them separately from the website.

#3. Advanced targeting capabilities

Instagram is not a place for scattershot strategies. From my experience with it, I can tell you that you need to hone in on a specific audience if you want to get anywhere. SocialCaptain makes this simple for you with their targeting features.

There are a variety of filters for finding the right sort of user for your brand. You can narrow it down by niche interests, hashtag usage, language, and more. Additionally, you can even keep an eye on your competitors and their followers if you want.

#4. User-friendly interface

There is nothing I find more annoying than a service with a confusing, cluttered, and unwieldy interface. That’s why I’m glad to report that SocialCaptain features a dashboard that’s attractively designed and exceptionally easy to use. You will rarely, if ever, get lost while navigating its menus and adjusting settings.

#5. Attentive customer support

One area that I always test out with services like SocialCaptain is the customer support. Usually I do this by sending questions and asking for assistance, even if I have to fabricate an issue. It’s a good method to see how responsive and effective they are at troubleshooting.

After chatting with their support team, I can say that they fully won over my trust. Everybody who responded to me was polite, quick to reply, and detailed in the answers they provided. This is a laudable element in my book, since there are too many services that fail to deliver competent support.

Why SocialCaptain (Reviews)


SocialCaptain has three different pricing plans at the moment. The first, and most cost-effective, is a 30 day account for $39 per month. You can also signup for a 7 day account for $15 per week if you don’t want to use it for a full month (both have the same features). For $99 per month, you can have a Turbo account with additional features and “up to 10x” the amount of growth speed.

Social Captain Pricing

The service also advertises on its pricing page that it’s open to talking to businesses and individuals with over 10 accounts to manage. So it might be worth seeking out more information on potential deals.

  • Automates your Instagram interactions
  • Engages real followers, instead of fake bots
  • Utilizes machine learning AI that improves over time
  • Well-organized dashboard for easy navigation
  • Real-time analytics and tracking
  • Fast and helpful customer support
  • More payment options would’ve been appreciated, such as a quarterly or yearly plan.
Final verdict

I have little doubt in my mind that most people would walk away satisfied with their experience using SocialCaptain. It has a fantastic array of features and customization that should meet anybody’s automation needs.

What surprised me the most about it is just how convenient it is. It’s actually difficult now to imagine using Instagram without it. SocialCaptain will save you countless hours that you’d otherwise be sinking into manually maintaining your Instagram activity.

If you’re still not sure about it, SocialCaptain offers a three-day free trial. It doesn’t even ask you to put in a credit card or anything.

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