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I have a soft spot for European web hosting providers and I have mentioned this favoritism in some of my previous reviews as well. I’ve always been drawn to them for some reason. If you’ve been reading my reviews for some time now, you’d be aware that I don’t review hosts from America or most Asian countries. I am especially biased towards companies based in the Netherlands.

I am a fan and for good reason; the European hosts I’ve had the pleasure of being hosted with, have all performed exceedingly and surpassed my expectations. As a result, I’ve grown fond of them and jump on the opportunity whenever I discover a European web host I haven’t tried before.

Everyone is looking for the best VPS experience in the industry. The real dilemma is, where do you find that one host that should even be considered the ‘best’?

Let me tell you, the term ‘best’ is a hoax. In between all the competition that surrounds the web hosting market, you’d be lucky if you come across premium quality hosts with supreme VPS and dedicated experience. Good companies can be found but they are very few and far in between.

Speaking of, I recently came across a brilliant Dutch VPS and dedicated hosting provider and it was everything I was looking for. The company hasn’t been in the industry for long but is already doing wonders in the Dutch market. Let’s narrow down everything we know about Snel briefly.

Snel Intro

Snel is a web hosting company that is settled in the Netherlands. The company was first established in 2010 and initially, it was a small company with pretty mediocre hosting solutions. As the years progressed, Snel made a name in the market and brought premium quality in the Dedicated and cloud VPS services.

Snel is one of the most known hosts in Dutch and is considered amongst the very few companies that don’t chase after their own profit. The team that represents Snel is attentive towards the customers and their website requirements.

Nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly tough to find a web host that takes care of your website’s performance in the long run. Snel isn’t one to forget about the customers once the payment is done and processed.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at Snel’s amazing set of features and everything else that it offers-

Why Choose (Reviews)

#1. Super friendly customer support

I think it has happened for the first time that I have put customer support first in the features list. I haven’t done it before. The reason is that I’ve never come across a web host before Snel that puts customer satisfaction above other things.

The key to keep the users a priority is by treating them as friends, rather than mere customers. The clientele boosts your business and the reputation of your web hosting will precede you for many years to come. Snel understands that, fortunately.

You can reach the team of Snel through a multitude of contact means. They have a live chat option, you can email them, or you can call their customer helpline as well. Furthermore, you can find tutorials on how to navigate through Snel’s interface and there are a variety of articles available on the “support portal’ explaining various functions of their hosting packages.

If you’re in a dire need of support, you’d have to pay so Snel can extend the technical help and leave no stone unturned to sort out your issues.

#2. Extensive hardware optimized

One of Snel’s superpowers is that it uses top-notch and up-to-dated technology and only the best server hardware in the market is installed so the dedicated and VPS performance can be boosted. The VPS servers are capable of holding up to 100+TB of traffic and dedicated ones up to 1000TB, which is more than most web hosts I’ve been acquainted with. To handle that much load, you need a lot of power in your hardware. Kudos to Snel for managing such far-reaching machinery.

They have 2000+Gb of SSD drives in their arsenal. On top of that, Snel is boosted by 16+ Intel Xeon CPU Cores on VPS and 28+ Intel Xeon CPU Cores on dedicated packages, and it ensures that the speed on the servers is never compromised and performance is maxed.

#3. Eco-friendly power

Snel is one of the very few companies that keep Power Usage Effectiveness in mind. It’s an important step towards precaution of the planet and by keeping the ratings as low as possible, Snel manages to conserve as much energy as possible and also maintain brilliant functionality.

The power that the servers consume can be re-converted and the hardware is charged with state-of-the-art cooling systems to eliminate pollution threats.

#4. 99.99% uptime response

When it comes to uptime, Snel performs exceedingly. Throughout the entire time I was hosted with Snel, I personally didn’t notice any server shutdowns. Even if there was any downtime, I didn’t happen to notice.

I think I can safely assume that Snel is quick to fix any server issues and there are rare downtimes, which more often than not, are repaired in a blink of an eye.


Cloud VPS
Snel’s Cloud VPS solutions are ranging between €9.90/mo to €259.00/mo.

Managed Cloud VPS
Snel’s fully managed cloud VPS solutions are ranging between €69.00/mo to €308.00/mo.

Dedicated Servers
Snel’s Dedicated server packages are ranging between €99.00/mo to €429.00/mo.

Managed Dedicated Servers
Snel’s fully managed dedicated server packages are ranging between €159.00/mo to €479.00/mo. Pricing (Detailed Review)

  • Around-the-clock support
  • 1Gbps uplink connection speed
  • Low PUE ratings
  • 99.99% server uptime
  • Affordable prices
  • Extensive hardware and top-notch technology
  • No free trial
Final Verdict

Well, there you have it; a detailed review of

Even though you have to pay for Snel’s technical assistance, I don’t think it’s rather a bad thing. To acquire the best out of something, one has to pay a price, right? VPS and Dedicated solutions are much more complex than mediocre hosting packages. They require absolute precision and proper technical knowledge.

The hardware by which Snel is powered ensures that the performance of your site is never compromised and the team makes sure your organizational goals are met. You are not going to find a host as premium as Snel so easily.

Do check them out and let me know what you guys think of Snel.

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