SkySilk Cloud Services Review : Pricing, Features, Pros, Cons & Expert Advice

We’re all aware that there are multiple types of cloud hosting options available, and to make it even more difficult, at least a few thousand companies are offering these services on a daily basis. Now, of course, you cannot blame one for falling face-first into this dilemma.

The constant questions like ‘what to purchase, for how much, and most importantly, which company to purchase from’, are always going to hover over your head.

To top it off, choosing an adequate Cloud service for your website is even trickier than other web hosting alternatives. Normal web and shared hosting packages are easy to select since a lot of organizations are claiming ultimate services.

However, when it comes to cloud services, you simply have to think twice before trusting a provider. Why, you ask me? Well, to cover it in simple words, your cloud server stores the entirety of the data containing your website and other valuable files. Which means you needn’t store anything on your own premises.I think you get the hint now; you need to ensure that your data stays with the most secure servers the market has to offer. Well, here’s where I slide in. I will make you acquainted with one of the most admirable companies which provides cloud computing services.

SkySilk Intro

SkySilk is a cloud services provider which offers simple, scalable cloud computing solutions in an infrastructure for all nature of small to mid-sized businesses. Since their launch of beta testing in early 2017, SkySilk has become home to more than 20,000 newly deployed VPSs. Utilizing this beta period, SkySilk was able to mitigate any potential bugs, security issues, and implement new features before their September 1st launch.

On the back-end, SkySilk uses a proficient combination of enterprise-grade hardware and open-source technologies on the back-end architecture. With a cost-effective approach, SkySilk makes sure that every customer will be provided with easy 1-click deployments, full support, and pricing that can fit within any budget be it small or large.

Let’s take a look at SkySilk’s features:

SkySilk Features

#1. SSD cloud storage for every plan

One of the biggest attributes which I came to admire in such a short period of time was, of course, SkySilk’s SSD cloud storage. Not a lot of web hosting companies are proficient enough to grant full SSD cloud servers at such a low cost. Additionally, SSD is designed to increase the speed in which data is transferred and offer greater data integrity.

#2. Offers, Rewards, and Discounts

Let me just say it without hope or a further agenda; SkySilk offers the best rewards a consumer could ever ask for. A unique aspect to the platform is the introduction of “SkyPoints” which is essentially a cash-back program. The user earns points on every transaction and can then apply them towards account credit, or redeem them for Pre-Paid Best Buy, Amazon, or Visa gift cards.

There are multiple ways in which one can earn SkyPoints as well through the referrals program, and also by following SkySilk on social media. Earn enough points, and you’ll earn yourself free VPS! Honestly, who doesn’t like a discount? Like any sane person, I dig any offer which saves me an extra couple of bucks. In addition to the brilliant cloud resources, the discount offers in itself are like the cherry on top of a cake. SkySilk will be offering 1000 SkyPoints to all new users during early sign-up which is equivalent to a $10.00 value.

#3. Affordable VPS

SkySilk is first and the foremost the most affordable cloud service platform that I have ever encountered. There are 3 different tiers in which to choose from when creating a new VPS: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Each of these start at $1, $2, and $5 per month, with a variety of different resource and hardware specs.

SkySilk Pricing Comparison

#4. Utmost scalability and data security

I was thoroughly impressed with SkySilk’s automating and scaling capabilities. SkySilk has hybrid, public and private infrastructures which make deploying extensive projects without any difficulty, a living reality. Scaling your VPS is a process which can be acquired within mere minutes, if not seconds. On top of that, they have also included a feature conveniently named “Boost” which allows you to temporarily scale your CPU and RAM. Boosting is perfect for short term, intensive tasks like compiling code in order to scale your machine without permanently increasing resources and cost.

#5. Top-notch support

Another trait which I admired about SkySilk through and through was the tech support that it grants. No matter which time zone or province the user belongs to, SkySilk is very proficient with answering requests during all hours of the day. If you ever need assistance regarding any query, you can conveniently reach out the SkySilk’s team directly through an instant messenger on the website where they are renowned to be instantly responsive. With around the clock support, I’m sure you can achieve greater outcomes from SkySilk’s services than you would on your own. Additionally, SkySilk also manages a Discord server where hundreds of verified users are active giving technical advice and offering suggestions.


SkySilk Pricing

  • Seamless Linux VPS hosting integrations
  • Affordable prices
  • One-click Turnkey Linux VPS deployments
  • Full root access to servers
  • Automatic VPS backups & snapshots
  • No Asia server locations
  • Not suitable for large organizations
Final Verdict

After going through all the features that SkySilk serves, I’m sure there must still be one question lingering over your head; how can one company bestow this many member discounts as well as superb cloud services at the same time? Well, to say the least, I was as surprised as you. I mean, it isn’t every day you stumble across such remarkable offers. Therefore I believe we should seize the opportunity while it still lasts and who knows it may or may not be available for long.

I would recommend their services and I believe wholeheartedly that SkySilk is definitely a cloud provider worth using for your projects, websites, apps, and more.

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