SimplyGram Review : The Perfect Instagram Growth Service

I remember when Instagram just came out and it was a place where people posted pictures of their dogs. Well, suffice to say it has quickly evolved into more than that.

Instagram isn’t just a platform where you post your pets anymore. It has successfully become the most famous and most-used social media platform to ever grace the world of the Internet. I’m not even kidding; it even splashes Facebook right out of the water.

You know why? Instagram doesn’t just connect people with one another; it offers growth and recognition, which Facebook always failed to offer.

95% of the users prefer using Instagram as their primary source of social media marketing as it provides such extensive marketing approaches.

Though, we all are painfully aware that it’s not easy growing your brand over the Internet. The foremost step towards having a successful Instagram account is gaining followers. Without them, there will be no engagement on your post and eventually, your account will cease to exist.

Now, gaining followers- it’s not a walk in the park either. I’m sure you’re thinking of doing either of these two things; you could use one of those instant follower boosters or you can wait for your followers to steadily increase all on their own accord.

The conclusion of both these scenarios will be the same; there will be no real growth. The instant boosters will give you ghost followers and they will automatically unfollow soon enough. Though, if you let your followers increase by posting relevant content, it could take you years to attract enough followers to promote growth.

Don’t worry folks. I’m not trying to scare you for funsies. I have a great solution which is exactly what you’re looking for and more!

SimplyGram Intro

SimplyGram is one of the most renowned Instagram growth services as of 2019. They have successfully gained well over 56 million followers for all types of brands. Their clientele consists of around 8000 different customers, most of which are pleased with Instagram growth.

SimplyGram has worked on dozens of niches, making it possible for them to handle all types of accounts. The whole process of gaining followers is 100% organic and each follower that SimplyGram will help you gain ensures engagement.
SimplyGram is entirely safe and optimized by Artificial-Intelligence powered hardware. There are many more enchanting features that you should be familiar with.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at SimplyGram’s features-

SimplyGram Features (Detailed Review)

#1. A strategic approach for organic growth

SimplyGram will surely ask you what your audience is. All you have to do is give them a few accounts which are similar to yours and take preference to your account, as well as tackle a few hashtags concerning your niche. SimplyGram will proceed to target your audience and when it starts to lure followers, they’ll set up multiple new accounts and they will gain the attention of other accounts, encouraging them to check out your page and engage.
There are no fake followers as real-time users are targeted by SimplyGram to boost your engagement and growth.

#2. Enterprise-grade security

Security is our primary concern before we put faith in any service. SimplyGram offers the kind of encryption which most bank and government authorities use these days. Encryption ensures that all the data SimplyGram stores stay untouched and doesn’t fall into the hands of any third-party.

In addition to that, SimplyGram doesn’t even ask for your password to boost your growth. All you need to provide is your username. Therefore, there is never a chance of your account getting hacked or terminated.

#3. Cloud-based technology

SimplyGram isn’t a tool or an application which you are obligated to install or download. It’s a service which requires very little of your exertion. Their AI-powered hardware constantly keeps evolving the performance, thus offering the best organic growth escalation possible.

SimplyGram makes sure to stay relevant and pay heed to Instagram’s terms and conditions. It has a certain set of rules and like/follow limit. One cannot overexert any of Instagram’s functions and if misused, Instagram can terminate the setup accounts temporarily or indefinitely.

Just set your campaign up and forget about it. SimplyGram will handle the rest for you.

#4. Around-the-clock support

Instagram growth services are often shady. So it is natural to be a tad wary and unsure. SimplyGram offers all the support it could. If you’re ever under any dilemma you can always reach out to the team of digital marketers who work behind SimplyGram.

After signing up you are assigned your very own account manager. This, along with the brilliant support of the team, you can feel at ease and allow SimplyGram to handle your growth with utmost trust.

The team responses in kind and stays at standby 24/7, therefore you can contact them anytime you want.

Why Use SimplyGram

#5. Reasonable packages

Instagram is a big deal. One mustn’t take Instagram expansion lightly. Some people are willingly throwing away thousands of dollars to boost their Instagram brand. SimplyGram, on the other hand, doesn’t ask for thousands of dollars.

It is economic and reasonable. SimplyGram provides around 5000 active Instagram followers per month, and most users are likely to engage on your profile as they hold similar likings as yourself. According to me, SimplyGram’s packages are inexpensive and fair.

Speaking of inexpensive, let’s see what SimplyGram’s current packages are.


SimplyGram currently has three plans available; Individual, Influencer and Premium. According to your requirements, you can avail one of these plans at $99/mo, $149/mo, and $299/mo respectively.

SimplyGram Pricing (Review)


  • A free trial offered
  • User and hashtag targeting
  • AI-powered
  • 100% safe and organic
  • Filtering and targeting specific audience
  • Gain traffic from up to 100 setup accounts


  • None that I could find

Final Verdict

In the world of Instagram, there’s no such thing as ‘too much’. The more followers you have, the more engagement you’ll receive on your posts. The more likes and comments people give, the more recognition you’re likely to receive.
There’s no downside of continuously using SimplyGram. The longer SimplyGram is there to help you, the stronger your brand shall become.

It recognizes your preference, attracts and lures a similar audience, keeps track of your competitors, and pays heeds to the Instagram TOS.

Whether you are a rookie influencer or already a hotshot brand, SimplyGram got you covered.

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