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Do you know how difficult it is to stumble upon the perfect web hosting? Every day, I see at least a single social media update from my digital marketing friends, saying their hosting literally betrayed them.

That’s why I review web hosting providers here, so that you can have a fair understanding of the service. Today, I am here to review ServerHub.

ServerHub Review

As you already guessed, ServerHub is a web hosting company, situated in Arizona, USA. They have been in this field for over a decade. Now that you are interested to know more about them, let’s have a look at what they have to offer.

ServerHub Features (Review)

#1. Different Types of Hosting

Most web masters run multiple projects and they need different types of hosting to place their sites on. For a site with maximum number of daily hits, a shared hosting plan is not sufficient. If you have such a site, dedicated server is undoubtedly the best pick. On the other hand, for a new site with no to less traffic, shared hosting is more than enough.

So the needs change according to the situations. That’s why a web hosting provider should have all the necessary options. Almost everyone upgrades our plan as the traffic gets increased. Hence, ServerHub offers hosting from shared to dedicated servers. And, you will not feel any difficulties when it comes to upgrading too.

#2. Unlimited Domains and Databases

Bloggers are more into micro niches these days and such blogs don’t need huge space. You can host multiple micro niche blogs with 50 GB storage space. The basic shared hosting plan from ServerHub offers 50 GB data.

Guess what? They also allow you to connect as many domains as you like with their servers. In short, you can definitely give them a try if you are more into micro niche blogging.

As the number of domains per plan increases, the bandwidth exhaustion also increases. Going with plan of capped bandwidth will create issues in future. For the same reason, ServerHub provides you with unlimited bandwidth and databases.

#3. Unlimited Email Accounts

A custom email address proclaims the professionalism of a digital marketer. It is obvious that the reverting rate for a custom email address is much more than that of a regular email (gmail or any other free solution).

ServerHub offers unlimited email accounts. Why unlimited? Let’s take an example. Suppose you started a website. As the site grows, you have to hire employees to help you manage it. Needless to mention, emails also get piled up in your inbox. Apparently, you can’t reply to every email yourself.

The sensible solution to this issue is forwarding the emails to another address and let them reply. You need custom email addresses for that. If you insist on using free emails, it will surely make a dent on your professionalism.

#4. Easy-to-Use Client Area

You get unpaid invoices and other notifications directly to your client area. Most of the hosting providers’ client area is not a walk in the park for newbie users to operate with. On the other hand, ServerHub has made is easy for everyone to work with their client panel.

The dashboard contains an overview of your ServerHub account. You can see the unpaid invoice amount, services running, support ticket details, etc. there.

ServerHub Dashboard

Whenever you want to go through the details of any specific item, you can use the left-sidebar of buttons. Alternatively, clicking on each option on the main content area also brings you to the place you want to reach.

#5. Rapid Server Deployments

When it comes to virtual private or dedicated servers, some providers make their customers waiting to get it deployed. Given that a VPS doesn’t take much time to be ready for the deployment, we can’t justify that gesture.

ServerHub promises that they deploy a VPS instantly and a dedicated server within an hour. You can even contact the support to notify you about the progress they made in delivering the server ready for your use.

#6. Various Operating Systems

The operating system doesn’t matter much for bloggers. But for web developers, it does matter. In order to satisfy every potential customer, a hosting provider should offer wide variety of operating systems.

ServerHub offers both Windows and Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, etc.). So, you will never feel something unavailable with them.

#7. Highly Scalable

According to the hits we get on a website, the requirements change for a website. If you seldom care of the resources, your site may go offline. Not to let this happen, we have to pay heed to the hits our websites get and upgrade the resources if needed.

ServerHub makes it easy to upgrade the resources on the fly without even worrying about your site going down.


The pricing varies from plan to plan. Let’s have an overview of it.
Shared Hosting:- Includes three plans from $3.95 to $9.95.

VPS Hosting:- From $5 per month to $96.

Dedicated Server Hosting:-
Dedicated servers’ cost starts from $119.

ServerHub Pricing (Detailed Review)

  • Unlimited domains, databases, bandwidth, and email addresses
  • Offers different types of hosting
  • Easy to use client area
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Scalable on the go
  • Their domains with web hosting are paid
Final Verdict

Do you want to host multiple domains with a single plan? Then, I recommend you give ServerHub a try. Needless to say, they offer VPS and dedicated servers also. Whenever you feel any doubt, you can contact the customer support.

ServerHub offers almost every feature an ideal web hosting provider has to offer. So, I don’t see any reason you should never go for this hosting. I have been testing this service and the screenshots you saw here are taken from my client panel.

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