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There is actually tons of competition over the Internet. Having large arrays of variety definitely has some perks. Although likewise, a lot of competition also has its downfalls. It doesn’t matter if you are ordering your own servers or purchasing something as minor as an anti-DDoS protection, you are going to find yourself looking at (quite literally) thousands and thousands of options at one time.

I know how overwhelming that can get. The more you explore the products, the bigger the dilemma you find yourself sinking in. A while ago, I was in requirement of dedicated servers and spent quite a majority of time searching for a company which will meet every requirement. Truth be told; the more features I looked for, the more uncertain I felt about their services.

If a company was providing one feature, it always lacked in some other aspect. Soon after all my detours, I quickly got exhausted. I did not wish to look anymore. Ironically, after wasting days finding an exceptional yet cheap dedicated server providers, I somehow stumbled upon Server Wala when I wasn’t even looking.

I think it was meant to be that I happened to find such brilliant company which aided all my requirements and didn’t charge me a hefty fee at the same time. It’s only fair that I review Server Wala and discuss all the benefits that it provides, in thorough detail.

About Server Wala

A company which prioritizes its morals from the beginning is bound to thrive sooner or later. Satisfying customers and aiding to their needs has always been the only sole objective for the team of Server Wala. It is a company which does not believe in chasing after their own profits, instead, they give their entire efforts in maintaining the goodwill with clients.

Having been in the business since 2012, Server Wala has established contacts with several major brands from all over the globe. Every project, whether minute or vast, Server Wala ensures absolutely 100% network uptime response right from the beginning.

Why Choose Server Wala

#1. Topmost security

The biggest cherry on the top any service provider can ever offer is making the product entirely safe for the consumer to derive. It’s basically the simple logic of making customers happy, but it is indeed a very good norm to ensure the most secure environment, for the host and the customers both.

Server Wala is one of those companies, which will go through drastic measures to ensure the utmost peace of mind for the customer. There is not a single opportunity for any error and can cause any trouble for the user. The toughest security consoles and anti-theft solutions are provided with Server Wala’s plans.

#2. Around-the-clock

Having a skilled team which is available day and night just for the sake of assisting the clients whenever need be, is definitely praiseworthy. Convincing the clients to purchase your product and then forgetting all about their personal needs is bad for business. You need to ensure a solid partnership between your customer and yourself. Server Wala does exactly that.

Whenever you wish to contact their team on any regard, they are on standby at all times, around the clock. Their usual ticket response is only ten minutes; hence the user need not wait for long.

#3. Reliable uptime network response

You would be very happy to know that in the years 2014, 15 and 16, Server Wala was well renowned for its 100% network response. Paying hundreds of dollars every month to web hosts only to find your website facing constant downtime can be a bit of a turn-off.

The uptime network response is surprisingly great and unwavering. There is absolutely nothing to worry about, as long as you are with them.

Let’s take a look at the services they are offering-

Dedicated Servers

Server Wala’s Dedicated Servers are really powerful and at the same time; inexpensive. The best thing about their dedicated servers is they don’t take any extra time at all to go online. The customers can have their brand new, fully customizable servers deployed in the span of a day, at most. However, if you make the entire payment firsthand, then Server Wala will deploy your server in just 8 hours.

Server Wala Dedicated Servers

They also have several pre-build and entirely configured servers which are fully capable of going online in a mere 30 minutes.

VPS Servers

They have completely reliable VPS servers for those who do not have as grand requirements as Dedicated Servers offers. Getting hosted with the VPS servers is as easy as making a Facebook profile. All you have to do is to create an account, then launch your desired VPS plan. It’s as simple as it sounds, believe me. Server Wala has tremendous processing power and atmost scalability.

Cloud Services

They also provides Developer and Backup Cloud services to users in conveniently affordable ranges. Along with free migration and All-SSD storage, the cloud services are fully capable of the 100% network uptime which the company assures. With the high-quality performance, the rest of the integrations are smooth and steady.

Dedicated Servers

Their Dedicated Servers are starting at just $65/mo.

VPS servers

Their Windows VPS servers are starting at just $25/mo and the Linux VPS serves are starting at only $15/mo.

Cloud Services

Developer Cloud is starting at just $45/mo and the cloud Backup is starting at just $35/mo.

Server Wala Pricing

  • Constant checks of the Malware
  • Suitable for personal and business needs both
  • Data Centres in India, China, Singapore, US, Germany, France And More 80+ Locations
  • Stable performances and powerful infrastructure
  • Enterprise-grade company hardware
  • Honestly, I couldn’t come up with anything worrisome with their services. They are far by one of the top India-based Dedicated and VPS server providers.
Final Verdict

I think there shouldn’t be a shadow of a doubt that Server Wala isn’t brilliant and praiseworthy. In case you were in dilemma as to which company to go for, then Server Wala is definitely worth making a purchase.

Not only does it provide the best Dedicated, VPS servers and excellent cloud services, it also grants the customers several added benefits absolutely free of cost. You get one-click installations and your servers are guaranteed to go online within mere hours.

Migration is also free, therefore you can deploy your servers without any fuss or worries. Go get hosted on Server Wala now and let me know your feedback. I would love to hear from you.

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