SaferVPN Review : Pricing, Features, Pros, Cons & Expert Advice

Virtual Private Networks, popularly known as the VPNs are getting more and more widespread these days. Most companies are asking for safer browsing experience and prefer keeping their identities anonymous. There’s a reason why we all wish to remain invisible over the Internet.

As days are progressing, the world of Internet is becoming more immense along with them. It should also be noted that the number of threats and hacks have increased tenfold. Would you want a prying freak tracking your every move online? No, you won’t.

This is where VPN comes in handy. Initially, companies started the VPN trend solely for the purpose of connecting other business networks together over the Internet. Now, however, they are optimized in order to ensure private browsing activities and to unlock region-restricted websites using a VPN server.

A VPN needs to have the utmost potential. Only then will it be able to serve you with safer outcomes. Today I will be reviewing a company which surpasses all standard VPN requirements easily.

SaferVPN Review

The idea of SaferVPN became a living reality initially in 2013. For well over 5 years, SaferVPN has seen nothing but continuous growth and business development. The entire team at SaferVPN is amazingly skilled and aware of the importance that customer satisfaction holds. The workers give their best in order to give the industry an enhanced VPS experience.

SaferVPN Features

The only object SaferVPN leans towards is to be able to provide secure, private, and uncensored Internet services to everyone. The users can be able to access limitless connections; without any restrictions or boundaries, all thanks to SaferVPN and its brilliant team.

Let’s take a look at SaferVPN’s praise-worthy features and figure out ourselves why it is the best VPN provider in the market:

#1. Compatible with all devices

Isn’t it always a huge bummer when you want to connect a certain network to your home or office server, but for some reason, the device will refuse to cooperate with your VPN plan?? We’ve all been there and it’s not a pleasing sight.
What you need is a VPN provider which guarantees the greatest compatibility, along with single-click integrations and seamless apps on your devices. In addition to that, SaferVPN also offers an absolutely free Google Chrome extension which is totally unlimited.

#2. Top-notch security

Over the years, I have tried out many VPN providers. Many of which claimed utmost security and uninterrupted browsing. However, not a lot of them lived up to the expectations. I faced lots of difficulties; I wasn’t granted the kind of privacy I required, I wasn’t invisible to prying eyes on most days, or I wasn’t able to access some of the restricted websites with my prior VPN.

SaferVPN Security

SaferVPN however, is by far the best provider I’ve tried as of recently. It allows you to protect your activities and data over any connection. It has world-class encryption of 256-bits with bank-level capabilities. The WIFI protection is also noteworthy and the VPN kill switch swipes all the hackers away.

#3. Lightning-fast speed and unlimited streaming

One of the worst scenarios is when you are connected to a stable WIFI or broadband connection, but somehow your internet speed is still not as satisfyingly fast as you wanted. Let’s just admit it; these are not the days when our day-to-day internet needs were sated with standard speed. With the developing wave of technology, we prefer lightning-fast Internet connections.

If my own internet was slow, a lot of my tasks and work will be severely compromised. Thus, I needed to ensure that SaferVPN provides the type of rapidity that it initially ensured. After months of using SaferVPN, I wasn’t the least bit dissatisfied. It has high-speed servers and allows limitless browsing without any hassle.

#4. Note-worthy 27/7 support

Are you some kind of a tech god? Or are you a certain someone whose extensive knowledge about technology is way past us mere mortal? If so, you don’t need any kind of support from SaferVPN at all.

However, if not, then you would be pleased to know that SaferVPN is available to all its customers at all times of the day. Whether its summer, winter, monsoon or autumn, you can reach SaferVPN’s very proficient team and sort out any queries which may be of concern to you. SaferVPN has a live chat option which is easily approachable. You can contact them through email as well. Around the clock, the team is available and always at your leisure.

Safer VPN Features (Review)


There are three modes in which you can pay for SaferVPN.

SaferVPN is payable at $10.99/mo on a monthly basis, $5.49/mo at 12 months billing and $3.29/mo at 24 months billing.

SaferVPN Pricing

  • Global Internet access
  • Automatic WIFI security
  • Unlimited location switching
  • Protection from Government monitoring
  • Over 700 high-speed VPN servers
  • More than 34 worldwide locations
  • Zero traffic logs and 5 simultaneous connections
  • Unlock Netflix
  • No Cons found so far.
Final Verdict

SaferVPN is a provider which is still rising and has yet to be explored as a company. But if there is one thing I’m positively certain about SaferVPN, is that it never ceased to amaze me. I mean, there are hundreds of VPN services out there, some even cheaper than SaferVPN.

However, the kind of satisfaction I longed for couldn’t be found anywhere until I stumbled upon SaferVPN. It offers everything you could ever ask and more from a Virtual Private Network. From being extremely secure to protecting and hiding you from prying eyes and government, it excels in all safety attributes. In addition to that, SaferVPN also gives you access to many region-restricted websites, such as Torrent and Netflix.

With SaferVPN, kiss goodbye to old days of lagging speed and say hello to lightning-fast Internet networks. Truth be told, SaferVPN is definitely worth making a deal.

So what do you think about SaferVPN? After going through its characteristics and features in great detail, do you still have any questions regarding it? If you do, do leave them in the comments section and I will surely give my feedback.

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