RoseHosting Review : Expertly Managed VPS Hosting Solutions

When looking for a web hosting solution, there are a few key factors to consider when choosing between hosting providers: variety, reliability, speed, support, and reputation. For most hosting providers, it’s difficult to find a good balance that can provide all of these qualities at the same time. However, one of them stands out from the crowd: RoseHosting.

Between plenty of plans to suit anyone’s needs, their uptime guarantee being one of the best in its class, truly dedicated resources, no-compromises support, and them being in business for almost two decades, it’s easy to see why RoseHosting looks like an enticing choice for most businesses looking to get their foot into the digital world.

RoseHosting (Managed Cloud Hosting)


All of RoseHosting’s plans come with a 99.99% uptime guarantee – this is definitely on the higher-end of the scale when comparing RoseHosting with competing brands. While other brands mostly offer plans with 99% or 99.9% uptime, RoseHosting’s guarantee of 99.99% makes a huge difference in how long your server can be down for. For example, a 99.9% uptime guarantee allows your server to be down for almost 44 minutes every month, while a 99.99% uptime guarantee only allows 4 minutes of downtime per month. That’s a 90% reduction in downtime every month!


There are several factors that need to be taken into account when trying to figure out the speed of a hosting provider’s servers and/or network. Between the RAM, storage, CPU, and network setup, these all can affect how fast a server is to both the users and the clients accessing it.

RoseHosting’s servers use DDR4 RAM, the latest and greatest memory technology available. All storage is handled by SSDs, which as we all know are lightning-quick, especially when compared with regular spinning hard disks. All CPUs are Intel’s Xeon processors, which is the gold standard for servers all over the world, and their redundant 10 Gigabit network make sure that there are never any network slowdowns.

When all of these speed-oriented components are combined, what we’re left with is a quick and responsive server experience, no matter what plan you choose.


RoseHosting makes it clear to its customers that their support is second-to-none in any regard. From 24/7 live chats, to fast response times with tickets, they make it apparent that they are the leaders in tech support. And based on others’ experiences with their support team, these statements seem to be the truth, with hundreds of reviews revolving around their outstanding support experiences.

RoseHosting offers fully-managed hosting support as standard with all of their hosting plans, which means that everyone gets to have the same great support. It being fully-managed allows users to ask any question they may have or even ask the support team to complete a task for them, and the admins will take care of it. Their ticket system is also modern and streamlined as well, with response times speedy and solutions found quickly. Everything can be done from their client area, allowing you to solve any problems or to make requests for certain tasks to be
done to your server, from anywhere, on any device.

RoseHosting Features

Variety Of Plans

When an individual or business is looking to start out with a virtual server, one of the top priorities to them is to have the ability to buy only what they need. It’s also preferable if the hosting provider includes some extra features with their hosting plans, such as backups, or some level of support.

RoseHosting impresses by offering all of this and more with their hosting plans. With three tiers to choose from – shared, VPS, and cloud dedicated server plans – RoseHosting has made life easy for those looking to find the exact server to suit their needs.

Several extra features are also included with each of their plans, such as free weekly backups, 99.99% uptime, unlimited fully managed support (which we will cover more later), and SSD storage, which is not quite yet the norm in the VPS hosting market.

Virtual Private Server Hosting Plans

RoseHosting Review (VPS Pricing)

(RoseHosting’s VPS Hosting Plans as of July 2018)

RoseHosting’s VPS hosting plans provide great balance between price and performance. With the starting plan featuring a dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, and 30GB of SSD space, there is great value here to be had, especially when you consider all of the extra included features with every plan. Highend plans can also be had, which greatly increases the power of the VPS when compared with the regular plans. High-end plans also include a license for cPanel or DirectAdmin.

It’s important to note that VPSes are designed to be able to be scaled freely depending on anyone’s use case – and RoseHosting is no exception here. They provide anyone the ability to change the active plan for their server on-the-fly, seamlessly. Changing plans allows users to change the amount of resources that their server has access to, which improves performance. All plan changes can be done with zero or close to zero downtime, with all data kept intact.

Dedicated Cloud Server Hosting Plans

RoseHosting Dedicated Plans

(RoseHosting’s Cloud Dedicated Server Plans as of July 2018)

For those seeking something with higher performance and more control than a regular VPS, a dedicated server plan may be more suited to your needs. With few to no other users sharing the server’s resources, you get full control over what is done with the hardware. With the base plan including 14 CPU cores, 24GB of RAM, and 500GB of solid-state storage, power is abundant even with the most basic plan. A choice of cPanel or DirectAdmin is also offered when ordering any dedicated server plan, making it easier to manage your server. High-end plans are also available, which are even more powerful and are better-oriented towards full sized businesses.

Final Verdict

Starting in 2001, RoseHosting has over 17 years of hosting experience under their belt, making them one of the oldest hosting providers, as well as the first provider of Linux VPS hosting on the market. Over the years, they have expanded and brought in new features and plans to further cater to their customers as best as possible. Now, 17 years later, they are one of the best Linux hosting providers on the market.

It’s not just us who think that they’re doing well – thousands of reviewers and websites alike are all raving over how enjoyable their hosting experience with RoseHosting really is, with very few negative experiences.

All in all, RoseHosting makes web hosting as pleasant and experience as possible. Thanks to fair pricing, outstanding support, excellent specifications and reliability, and lots of reviews to back all of these claims up, RoseHosting is undoubtedly one of the top hosting providers available today.

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