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Push notifications ads increase engagement more than any other form of advertising. Gone are the days when banners and emails used to reign the world of marketing. Any other form of advertising can be ignored, but not push notification ads. It engages potential customers on their phones, tablets, as well as computers.

In addition to that, the main reason why you should opt for push notifications ads is that they bring a higher CTR. However, using push notification advertising is convenient and much easier than any other ad format. This way you can send your customers real-time updates about your products and keep them up-to-date without them knowing. If you wish for better lead development and brilliant CTR rates, there’s no better solution than push ad notifications.

Not only do they increase your reach by a great deal, but also direct your users to certain links on your app or website. Therefore, you can take your potential customers to the part that you think shines the best. When you are confident that the viewers will like what you offer, your website revenue is bound to increase by a notch. As a publisher, you can urge your subscribing users to open your advertisement and they will have no say in it whatsoever.

A push notification ad was built for the sole purpose of deriving traffic on an application or a website and RollerAds is the perfect advertising network that helps you do just that! Without further ado, let’s take a look at what RollerAds is and what does it offer. 

RollerAds Intro

RollerAds is an advertising network that specializes in push notification ads to generate real-time traffic and premium quality leads. It focuses on optimizing the most profitable affiliate marketing campaigns so both publishers as well as the advertisers can gain and help each other grow.

It is a self-service platform that enables the advertisers to access best affiliate marketing solutions and also helps direct publishers to monetize their websites and acquire high traffic revenue. The platform works on a CPC pricing basis and ever since it came out a while ago, RollerAds started embarking on some high numbers.

RollerAds Review (Features)

The platform is fairly new and has over 10,000 direct publishers in its arsenal, 2.5mn daily clicks (which is huge), and 1.2 billion daily impressions. The minimum CPC pricing bid is set so low that it’ll surely make your jaw drop. 
We’ll discuss the minimum CPC bid, but first, let’s take a glimpse at RollerAds’ amazing set of features- 

#1. High CTR Rates

RollerAds claims that push notification ads have higher Click-through rates compared to any other format of advertising. Having a high CTR rate means that the user receives a push notification and upon clicking it, he finds the content that you have delivered relevant and engaging. RollerAds ensures what you present to the world is helpful and users are bound to take more interest in it. No matter how brief the description or the subject may be, having a high CTR enables the advertisement to stay relevant. 
Having a high CTR rate indicates that RollerAds’ campaign is bringing in more traffic and sales. All the content that you have delivered to your targeted audience is a good match for generating leads and RollerAds ensures just that. 

#2. Accurate audience targeting

Audience targeting is more accurate than you think. If you deliver your message to the audience that has no use of it, it will go to utter waste. You wouldn’t want that to happen, do you? I bet not.

RollerAds Review (Push Advertising Network)

When you reach the viewers according to their age, geolocation, device, etc., then it becomes effectively easier to generate more leads. RollerAds helps in precise audience targeting by helping you put filters on the OS version used by the viewer, mobile/device used, geolocation, zone, as well as the age of the subscriber. 
In addition to that, RollerAds also lets you blacklist or whitelist a specific type of audience for more accurate listing. 

#3. Authentic and 100% real traffic

When your website receives an immense amount of unauthentic traffic, it could bring the ranking of the site down a notch. I’ve come across many advertising networks that optimize campaigns in which the publishers end up with fake bots on their apps or sites. With RollerAds, both the advertisers as well as the publishers can make the most out of the affiliate campaigns by having genuine users viewing their content. 

#4. Easy-to-use

RollerAds is not a complex platform to utilize. It is quite convenient and doesn’t require much effort to understand the campaigns. If you’re a publisher, all you have to do it filter your targeted audience by selecting your preferred OS, device, GEO, age, etc., then put a description, subject, as well as an image, and you’ll be good to go. Your push notification ads will reach the targeted audience whenever they are online. 
Even as an advertiser, finding profitable affiliate solutions is easier than ever. 

#5. Real-time tracking

RollerAds offers as many as 16 tracking tools for real-time monitoring and controlling the campaigns. It’s always wise to maintain clear statistics and keep an eye on leads and sales. In addition to tracking the leads, you can also track the money that you spend on the campaigns, so this way you can make sure that you don’t spend past your budget. 

RollerAds Review


RollerAds is affordable and has a CPC pricing model. The minimum CPC bid is $0.001 and the minimum deposit is $50.  
There are multiple methods of payments available such as wire, credit card, WebMoney, and Capitalist. 

  • 16 tracking tools
  • Advanced targeting options
  • Intuitive campaign builder
  • Multiple payment options
  • Instant push notification ad when users are online
  • None that i could find
Final Verdict

Well there you have it; a detailed and thorough review of RollerAds. I admit that it is quite the newest advertising network in the market and doesn’t offer more formats other than push notification ads. However, the strongest trait of this network is that it is not expensive like other hotshot networks.

It may be new but RollerAds has a solid record of generating at least 2.5 million clicks on a daily basis. There’s much to this platform than what meets the eye and after using this network, I can personally claim that it’s all good. You’ll know when you start optimizing the campaigns with RollerAds yourself. 

So, what are you waiting for? The minimum bid is as low as $0.001; it doesn’t hurt to try RollerAds out, does it? 

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