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Did you know that Instagram has more than 500 million active users? It has successfully become the most popular social networking site of all times, even productively beating Facebook. If you’ve got a taste for social networks, I’m sure Instagram will most certainly be your first liking.

From youngsters to kids, everyone is rather so fond of Instagram nowadays and this massive popularity is what caused Instagram to become such a global phenomenon in terms of social networking. It started out as a platform to share only Photos and short videos, now it’s included direct messages, 24-hour stories, and many other enchanting features which the users are finding more and more addictive each day.

However, the most embarrassing outcome for an Instagram lover would be a shortage of followers and engagement on their Instagram profile. After all, it would be such a shame if you had astoundingly trending posts to upload, but did not have the luxury of an engaged audience.

If you’ve come thus far seeking to make your Instagram thrive but were unable to, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We are here with the most reliable and organic Instagram marketing tool which guarantees to make your Instagram more steady and popular.

About Relaxed Social

Before years of experience at their leisure, Relaxed Social initially started out as a hobby. However, as years passed, Relaxed Social’s team realized their true potential and never looked back. They successfully became the best Instagram development service which serves the most positive outcomes for their customers. They’ve worked for all types of Instagram accounts having 100 followers to 3-4million followers.

Whether intellectuals or businesses, no one has got time on their hands to be constantly active in order to expand followers. Hence, Relaxed Social takes the job upon its virtual shoulders and handles the entire marketing of your Instagram for you. It ensures that the client will see great results on their profile in form of massive engagement and active followers.

For those who are wishing to enhance their online presence through Instagram, Relaxed Social is for you!


Relaxed Social Features

#1. Most authentic followers

The clients need not lose sleep over spams or fake followers. Relaxed Social does not approach the Follow/Unfollow method to expand followers, but in fact, an integrated team of 14 professionals works day and night in order to engage as many active users to interact with you on your profile. These genuine fan following will stick by your side even after you’ve stopped using Relaxed Social and will not unfollow you no matter what.

#2. Daily engagement from users

Along with ensuring the most genuine and legit followers, Relaxed Social assures that your fan following is based on your suitability. They make sure the audience likes the content you have to offer in order to keep them engaged at all times. Your account is efficiently managed by Relaxed Social’s proficient team. They like, comment, and follow the similar pages as yours, consequently the increase in your engagement rate are guaranteed to reach massive heights.

#3. Rapid growth and popularity of your Instagram persona

More active followers mean more engagement, and great engagement represents more popularity amongst your audience. I mean, who doesn’t like a popular Instagram presence, I know I do. Especially new businesses and brands require grand exposure on social media in order for positive sales, which is why quick, yet constant expand of followers will be highly beneficial for those of you seeking development on your Instagram page.

#4. Topmost respect for a client’s privacy and security

Your privacy is as precious to Relaxed Social as it is to you. Relaxed Social makes sure the login details of your Instagram profile is entrusted with the safest databases. So if you are worried about your account security and its privacy, don’t be, since you’ve got no reason to be anxious. The security and safety of your account is the topmost priority.

#5. Excellent management and marketing

The management of your account relies upon the best and the most proficient hands. No customer of Relaxed Social has ever granted negative feedbacks about the service. The team of 14 professionals working under Relaxed Social assures foremost marketing campaigns of your Instagram handle in order to make your account bloom with encouraging engagement all over your posts. Go ahead and upload something, rest will be taken care for you!

#6. Audience targeted through niches suitable to you

Are you a fitness freak and only want to engage with gym motivated audience? Or are you an interior designer and want to look for fellow active users possessing the same fondness for home décor? No matter what type of audience you wish to engage with, Relaxed Social will effortlessly target your fan following based on your own niche, for the purpose of maintaining the interest of your followers. Now you can interact with people having the similar likings and passions as yourself, all thanks to Relaxed Social.


Relaxed Social’s packages start from $99.00 for a month. However, you can opt for the three and six months discounted packages as well, ranging from $249.00 to $399.00 respectively.

  • Relaxed Social ensures instant popularity and massive expansion of your Instagram fan following.
  • Dedicated followers which are unlikely to unfollow.
  • The client can block out any inappropriate content or spam users easily.
  • Relaxed social is effortlessly flexible and most reliable.
  • So far I’ve found nothing wrong with this service, except that it’s a tad expensive when compared to other Instagram growth agencies. However, I discovered Relaxed Social is by far the most legit and organic service in the market.
Final Verdict

You no longer have to feel overwhelmed just because your Instagram engagement is not as vast as others. Once you use this remarkable tool, not only will your followers expand, but your online presence will be amplified by massive rates as well. Engage spectators, boost your businesses or convert into an Instagram star within mere months. If you want to stand tall before competitors who have an enormous amount of followers, then Relaxed Social is for you! Try it out and I can bet you will not be disappointed.

If you want automated Instagram growth, then Instagram bot can also be helpful for saving hell lot of time. There are many automated tools available in the market which can handle your all tasks of Instagram like a bot. One of them is Ingramer which has an ultimate functionality of hashtag generator.

I’m yet to receive a negative feedback about this online service, and when I tried this tool myself, I wasn’t in the least bit let down. So what are you still waiting for, go use Relaxed Social and make your Instagram thrive.

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