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For once and for all, we should agree on one common notion; we all want positive outcomes. All of us desire enhanced results from the marketing division and the benefactors. After all, the affiliate market is world-renowned for a reason. A brilliant affiliate campaign is bound to bring in potential leads your way.

In other words, with improved marketing tactics, your ROI will be increased by a vast measure. With greater ROI, it’s inevitable for your business to thrive and reach extensive heights. Whether you are an affiliate marketer seeking a budding media buyer or the other way around, what you require is a third party tool which will target the most profitable lead generations within the most effective approach possible.

Fortunately for you guys, I happen to know just the right solution which will suit the necessities of both, affiliate marketers and media buyers. Intro is a SaaS (Software as a Service) which excels in tracking advance performance campaigns and analytics platform. This product was specially made easy to use and amazingly fast in serving performance.

The team of RedTrack.Io is dedicated to fulfilling their client’s every requirement and work towards achieving one very important objective; that is to provide the customers with as many brilliant features as possible. Review (Features)

Speaking of, they are serving some astonishingly useful features. Let’s have a glimpse at them, shall we?

#1. SaaS

One of the greatest things about RedTrack.Io is that it is a complete web-based tool, which was built with the objective of easing out complications for their clients. Solutions which consist of hardware or any sort of physical machinery are a complete pain in the head. They demand proper maintenance and require weekly/monthly updates in order to function appropriately.

The installation of such hardware alone could cost a fortune, not to mention its maintenance is not cheap either.
Now, why would you go through all this trouble when you have RedTrack.Io for your rescue? It’s efficiently affordable and does not require maintenance. What better deal than this, right?

#2. Instant startup

One of the very first things I was anxious about was obviously the setup. I’m the kind of person who always dreads the inevitable startup process because of more than one reason. First of all, usually companies do not provide free startup facilities, and secondly, even if they do offer free startup, it’s bound to take a lot of time and exertion to automate your databases with their servers.

However, you need not worry about either of those things since RedTrack.Io is bestowing an instant start feature which enables the customer to start optimizing RedTrack.Io as soon as they’ve made the purchase.

RedTrack Review (Features)

Another added bonus; RedTrack.Io requires no servers so it does not take any time at all for your setup to initiate.

#3. Easy to operate and user-friendly

The very trait which differentiates any tolerable software from being a great software is the interface it consists of. No one likes complex tools which are just too tough to manage.

Would you favor a software which is too complicated to operate or would you spend your money on the ones which are efficiently less easy on the interface?

RedTrack.Io is amazingly effortless and really easy to use. Its interface is so user-friendly that even a non-tech guy would get a hang of its settings in a short matter of time. RedTrack.Io’s interface is indeed one of the very first things which drew to my liking.

#4. Auto-Scaling and Geo Balancing

You need to initiate multiple campaigns if you wish to garner positive results. However, you need a company which would not only support your campaigns but will also maintain various GEOs around each and every campaign of your marketing deal.

With the proper assistance RedTrack.Io, you can ensure greater success in the new future, thanks to the geo balancing and auto-scaling options.

#5. Custom domains and custom Dashboard

When I was first set up with RedTrack.Io, I was a tad apprehensive about my traffic and the fact that I might require more than a few handful domains to obtain the requirements of my traffic. I kept wondering whether RedTrack.Io would allow me to exercise my authority. RedTrack.Io, however, eased every single one of my worries by providing custom domains along with the packages. An added bonus; the domains were absolutely free of cost.

When we talk about Dashboard, there’s one word that comes to mind; integrity. A dashboard should always be reliable; after all, it’s basically an oasis for all your functions.

RedTrack.Io presents a wonderful dashboard which can be customized according to the requirements of the customers. Grouping data, keeping reports and organizing statistics has never been easier.

#6. Free live demo

Let me get one thing straight for once and for all; after just a few days of using RedTrack.Io, I started trusting it wholly with my affiliate events and campaigns. The services are trustworthy and true to their words.

However, there is no pressure of using RedTrack.Io since they allow you to form your opinions and discover on your own whether their service suits your needs or not. In light with that, you are offering a live demo which will help you figure out exactly how valuable RedTrack.Io could be for you.

#7. Pro Support

RedTrack.Io is no amateur in the business. It’s been in the market with several long years of experience. Not only is it flexible, but it also provides pro support along with excellent performances.

Although this tool is rather easy to use, some complexities are bound to arise over time. In such a case, the customer is assured to be given assistance immediately and the query shall be sorted out by RedTrack.Io’s very talented team in the most efficient manner.


RedTrack.Io is currently presenting four pricing packages, named Starter, professional, Business and Enterprise. These four plans are payable at $29/mo, $79/mo, $399/mo and $939/mo respectively. Pricing (Review)

  • Al-optimized smart links
  • API available
  • Real-time reporting
  • Smart streaming and LP protection
  • Instant redirects
  • No multi-level marketing (MLM)
  • No Social sharing
Final Verdict

After reading the brief description of the features granted by RedTrack.Io, I’m sure you must be feeling tempted as to giving its services a shot. Well my friends, if you are an avid seeker and looking for a way for your startup to reach new heights, then I suggest RedTrack.Io is precisely the right tool for you.

Each one of us has our own conditions, though giving RedTrack.Io a shot doesn’t hurt anybody, right? After all, they are giving the customers a free demo which will help you calculate your needs.

In a nutshell, RedTrack.Io is great web-based affiliate marketing tracker and analytics platform which helps customers derive maximum Return on Investment (ROI). Its services are splendid and it is definitely worth making a purchase.

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