Redbooth Review – Is It a Best Online Task Management Tool?

Being a project manager is scary, isn’t it? You have to monitor the progress of different projects, check the work of multiple individuals and, report the progress to higher authorities as well. Can it be more intimidating?

Unless you have an intrinsic skill, project management is a herculean task. And, the very same thought brought me to think about tools that make project management easier.

I wanted something unique and incredible. After roaming around aimlessly, I have got a product. Here we are going to check whether it is worthy or not.

Redbooth Review

Maybe you haven’t heard of Redbooth yet. It was hidden under the overrated products already available in the market.

Redbooth is online project management software that makes your job of looking after multiple projects at a time easier. Though there are a number of tools with same purpose, the way Redbooth does it differs from everything.
Now that you have got a brief idea about Redbooth, it’s time to take a look at their features.

Features of Redbooth

The following are the features Redbooth has. You can compare the same with any other project management tools.

Redbooth Review (Features)

#1. Easy-to-Use Interface

Redbooth follows an unconventional way of managing things, which obviously makes your job easier. Each of your projects in the Redbooth interface is called as Workspaces. You need to have individual workspaces for each separate project.

Under each workspace, you get one or more task list. It is possible to add new items there that indicate the daily tasks. The best feature of Redbooth is the level of collaboration itself. You can assign the task to one or more members of your team with a due date.

Within each task, anyone can comment or upload files if necessary. Both managers and employees get a dashboard with the overall details that you can always look into.

Redbooth Online Task Management Tool

#2. Different Interaction Options

For a project to be a successful one, meaningful interactions between the team members are necessary. You get a few good communication options on Redbooth to interact with the members in your team.

The very first option is one-to-one chat. If you want any particular person to know about a task, you can use the chat feature. The chat is done via a popup box you get on the Redbooth website, desktop client or the mobile application. It is also possible for each team member to interact with each other with this feature.

Next one is discussions that take place under the tasks. You can ask a question about a task or leave anything valuable under each.

Finally, there are online meetings in which you can see and interact with team members. As in any video calling service, you can share your screen and handover written texts too. But the duration of the call depends on the package you purchased.

#3. Availability of Mobile Applications

It is impossible for today’s knowledge worker to sit in front of his computer all the time. Truth be told, we use our smartphones way more than we use the computer. Redbooth knows this fact and, that’s why they have developed their iOS and Android applications.

You can do everything on these apps as you do on the web version. Though the app can be downloaded freely from the respective app store, you should subscribe to a plan to use it (free at first).

It is possible for you to assign an immediate task to a team member regardless of location. Hence, mobile applications make such things easier.

#4. Notification Feature

Though we use Facebook, we don’t always open an FB tab. The same goes with any other website too. That would make the job of your team members difficult as they wouldn’t know they are assigned a task.

In order to prevent such bizarre happenings, Redbooth has integrated a notification system into their algorithm, which sends a notification to the user when he gets assigned.

As a project manager, you don’t have to worry about the timely delivery of project and task updates anymore.

#5. App Integrations

Most probably, you use multiple productivity applications ranging from Evernote to Google Drive. What if you get a chance to integrate those services with your Redbooth account? Isn’t it awesome?

Redbooth makes use of those apps’ API services to connect the accounts. So, you can import the content you have on Evernote to Redbooth without difficulty.

The following are the apps Redbooth supports. As I said earlier in the meeting section, the number of apps varies for different subscription packages.

  • BOX
  • Slack
  • Cisco Spark

See? They have covered almost every app you use, haven’t they?

  • Notifications
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Time counter
  • Mobile apps
  • Video calling and chatting
  • Different app integrations
  • Doesn’t really find one

Unlike most of the companies which confuse you with a number of pricing packages, Redbooth has only two packages called Pro and Business. You have to pay $5 per month for the former whereas the latter costs you $15 monthly. Every plan can billed monthly or annually.
Redbooth Review

The first plan gets you only 20 hours of video calling. But the Business plan has unlimited video calling, voice calling, backup facility and a greater number of app integrations.

Final Verdict

So, what do you think?

I know you may be comparing the features with one of the competitors right now. But I am sure that you will ultimately choose what I am recommending here, Redbooth.

You get the capability of managing one or multiple teams to bring a number of projects to success, using this app.

Mark my words; you will be amazed to see the rise in your productivity once you start using Redbooth.

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