Push.House Review : Pricing, Features, Pros, Cons & Expert Advice

Nowadays, ads have arisen with a boom, acknowledging the span of time where the advertisements have grown to become the most effective source of promotion over the Internet for companies and brands alike. However, to create powerful push advertising and generate more money from the traffic, you can use PushHouse. Taking into consideration the period that advertisements are low-efficiency and pop-ups are in trouble, these ads have shown themselves to boom. You may however use PushHouse to create powerful push ads and generate more traffic income. PushHouse is one of the strongest advertisement networks, it is a recent industry launch that serves push alerts and allows you to monetize the websites. Through using this framework you allow your ad alerts to display as a small pop-up window on the mobile screen of the customer. The great thing about push ads is that not only has regular ads outperformed them; they still produce strong income well though these advertisement units were withdrawn from the platform. It makes monetizing the website simple for you.

This article is particularly devoted to Push House’s and reliable analysis which includes comprehensive perspectives on its features, performance, and several other aspects.

PushHouse Intro

PushHouse is a Push Notification Advertisement Network located in Ukraine that has been developed to help monetize the website by utilizing Push alerts. PushHouse is among the quickest developing Push Notification Ad Network that supplies their advertisers with Push Notification Advertising. With over 20KK clicks every day, they say they have millions of active followers in 180 countries. Every month, those figures keep rising. They have an innovative algorithm that enables you to deliver push alerts to consumers to the target demographic and related commercials, resulting in strong retention rates and a greater stream of sales. They aspire to become a pioneer in the industry and provide their marketers with a premium targetted audience. They are also actively creating innovative functionality that will encourage their advertisers to expand their company faster and generate more traffic, more leads and more sales, of course.

Push.House Features (Intro)

Without further ado, let’s tell you all about PushHouse’s brilliant functionality as well as the enchanting set of features so you can start monetize your website effectively.

#1. For Publishers

As a matter of reality, PushHouse offers the easiest of all strategies for publishers to maximize their sales. It is certainly a fresh and exciting way for the traffic to be monetized. For your sites, features such as push alerts, fast integration, strong eCPM, and higher quality content, this push ad network provide you with the right format to monetize, which definitely makes it the best option for publishers to choose from.

The much more notable element about this network is that it spans more than 180 countries and binds publishers from the finest marketers to a vast range of global media exchanges. Regardless of the fact that once the consumer subscribed to your website, the user accessed or discovered it by mistake through PushHouse, the user stays connected to your website and it’s how you will earn a decent sum of revenue through your guests and subscribers.

#For Advertisers

Before starting up, make sure that the network guidelines for advertisers are checked out. By its incredible feature of push alerts, PushHouse encourages its advertiser. This is really useful and is one of the strongest techniques of advertisement nowadays for marketing goods and services.  Push alerts take the form of tiny pop-ups on your phone, which is exactly like an SMS alert or media post. It’s why a top tier conversion rate is obtained by Push Notification, and it is quite helpful for marketers to achieve a higher return on investment (ROI). You would get high-quality traffic and an impressive profit margin as an advertiser, which will help you expand your company on the Internet rapidly. Force House offers CPM and CPC styles, which ensures that only the outcomes can be compensated for.

#Vast Audience Selection

Selection of the desired audience can be considered as one of the most important elements of an ad network. A large majority of users even opt for a push ad network as they wish to attract customers from a particular country. PushHouse outdoes itself by offering audience from well over 130 countries and that is why PushHouse was bestowed with the claims of being one of the best ad networks of 2020. By selecting the audience, you can easily drive users in to your website and convert them into paying customers. PushHouse leaves no stones unturned to help the customers generate higher revenue than other mediocre push ad network out in the market.

#Affiliate Program

PushHouse also provides a partnership scheme with PushHouse in which you can gain additional money only by asking your friends and family or supporters to access their Ad Network. It is one of the strongest services for you for an affiliate. If you refer advertisers on their ad network, then your referrals would earn you a 3 percent profit. It’s extra cash for all, all you must do is register for the Affiliate Scheme of the PushHouse, then they will send you a promotional tracking address. Whenever anyone enters your referral link, 3 percent of the referral deposits would be charged to you.

Push.House Review

  • User-friendly interface for both publishers and advertisers
  • Around-the-clock user support
  • Minimum CPC is $0.001/click
  • A solid 3% commission
  • Push ads are responsive
  • Monitoring and tracking campaigns
  • Higher CTR/CR
  • Worldwide GEO and broad reach
  • The network bans bots and fake accounts immediately
  • New in the market so many advertisers prefer more prominent networks

For both professional and entry-level partner advertisers and publishers, PushHouse is a reliable ad network. Support and optimization across the clock allow one to initiate promotions as rapidly as necessary, while robust targeting configurations will help you optimize your sales and filter out segments that do not meet your target consumers. Going through the above analysis of PushHouse, we notice that it is one of the strongest ad networks for push notification. Push House has been a leading outlet for Push Ads. Now, it’s appropriate for you to get PushHouse running for your website.

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