Private Tunnel VPN Review – Best & Secure Virtual Private Network

Do you have concerns about your online safety? Due to the large number of ransomware blackhat hackers, you have to be extra vigilant while using a public Wi-Fi network.

What if you have to check your banking account urgently and you found out no option other than an open wireless connection is available? You will go for it, right?I’m recommending you not do this without a layer of protection called Virtual Private Network also known as a VPN.

Today, I want to introduce you to a VPN service called Private Tunnel. Let’s review this service and find out whether it is worthy or not.

Private Tunnel Review

Private Tunnel Review

Private Tunnel is a U.S. based company headquartered in Pleasanton, California. I know there are a lot of VPN services available for you to check out. Nonetheless, you will discover the features of Private Tunnel below;

Ultimate Features
#1. Cross Platform Support

Many of us use devices running on different operating systems. In my case, I have a Windows computer and an Android device. Some of you have Mac and iPhone as well. So for a person who likes to protect his/ her entire data traffic, a universal solution is needed. If you go for a VPN solution that supports only a single platform, you may be paying more than you want with minimal features.

The Private Tunnel VPN encrypts data traffic from the user’s device to the VPN servers regionally situated around the world. With Private Tunnel, you won’t face any platform compatibility issues–it supports Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

#2. No Limit on Simultaneous Devices

Almost all VPN services I have tested thus far impose a limit on the number of concurrent devices. This means you can’t use their VPN service on as many devices as you want.

The limit varies with most services imposing a limit of two, three or five devices. Private Tunnel does not have any limitations on the number of concurrent devices under their data plans (excluding the unlimited data plan which has a 10 device limit). You need to download Private Tunnelon each device and sign in to use the service from that device.

#3. Pay-as-you-go

You know how VPN services charge, don’t you? They have a bunch of plans and most require monthly subscriptions. Once you decide to go with a particular one, you choose one of the plans that suit you the best in terms of features and budget.

Private Tunnel Review (Features)

Under these subscriptions if you are an infrequent users you end up paying the monthly fee regardless of how much data you used. Private Tunnel offers better options with pre-paid data plans. You are charged only for the amount of data you use. In short, they will not steal your money during inactive months. Unused data remains in the account and never expires until used! This system of data management favors the customer rather than the business.

#4. Easy to Use Interface

You can download and use Private Tunnel’s own clients for every platform. A VPN client becomes confusing if the features are not well organized. I have tested over half a dozen VPN services and some with very clumsy user interfaces. I must say that Private Tunnel has a simple interface design that is easy to navigate. This show they really care about the user experience.

#5. Availability of Manual Configuration

What if you don’t want to use the default client? Perhaps you like a particular service for their quality, but don’t want to use their client? Whatever the reason, you want choices. In such cases, you need to ditch their official client only. Often, it is not possible because the service doesn’t support manual configuration. Private Tunnel supports manual configuration. The only requirement is that the client must support the OpenVPN protocol.

#6. No Log Policy

Being a US company, you may think that Private Tunnel logs the activities of their clients. You are dead wrong!
They follow a strict no log policy in the case of user activity. When it comes to a service provider, they have to store some details like email address, password, payment info etc. Other than that, they don’t save what you do online. They do keep logs for maintenance and abuse tracking purposes, but only for 2 weeks.

They keep logs of purchases for 2 years. They only save the last 4 digits of a credit card in order to verify and correct purchases or purchase issues. They run our their DNS servers that masks the user’s DNS requests and make them appear as though they originated from Private Tunnel. They do not allow torrenting due to hosting restrictions.


Private Tunnel has four pricing options; 2 GB free data trial—this lets you test out the service free of charge. Once you exhaust the 2GB, you simply purchase addition data to continue use. Additional data plans offer 20GB / 9.99, 100GB / 19.99, and Unlimited Data 29.99 / year. If you purchase a data packplan, the data rolls over, meaning you can keep using the data without time limit until you have depleted it.

Private Tunnel Pricing

I recommend going with the unlimited plan as it offers unlimited bandwidth. If you have more than 10 devices, you might want to purchase data packs instead.

  • Minimal logging policy
  • Easy to use interface
  • Cross platform support
  • Availability of manual configuration
  • No simultaneous device use limitations
  • Unlimited device plans available
  • Support provided directly from OpenVPN Team Engineers
  • Only one protocol is available (OpenVPN)
Final Verdict

Private Tunnel is ideal for two types of VPN users; Heavy users like gamers and movie buffs and the occasional user that wants more security to do online shopping and banking. If you VPN a lot, choose the unlimited plan. In case you are an occasional user, you can go with either of the other paid packages.

You are limited to the OpenVPN protocol, but since OpenVPN is the safest protocol available today, you won’t face any issues. Have you got any doubts? Feel free to ask me using the comment section down below.

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