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Certainly, there is no shortage of agreement within the fact that a web-host can either be the best or the worst thing for your websites. How can it be the worst thing? People ask me and I simply reply by stating out the detail that when you choose a wrong and inadequate web-host, your website will only see its downfall.
While on the other hand, when you successfully opt for a more worthy web hosting company which only thrives to make your sites prosper and bloom, there could be nothing more excellent than that.
Though evidently, there are like millions of other competitive web-hosts in the industry. How would you choose one? How do you know which web-host is the most reliable and budget-friendly?
Well, that’s where we swoop in. I’ll be reviewing PeoplesHost, and by the time you finish reading, your dilemma and doubts shall shrink.


PeoplesHost has been in the hosting business for well over a decade now. They’ve served with utmost ease to few of the largest organizations all across the globe. However, the team of PeoplesHost then found that working for the larger companies just wasn’t their forte. So they decided to amend PeoplesHost for the benefits of ‘people’ and not for ‘corporate greed’.
As a consequence, with everything being said and done, PeoplesHost is the core to simplifying your biggest complications into mere minutes. They don’t care much about stowing down the quality so they could raise their profits. I can assure you this web hosting company desires customer satisfaction more than dollars signs.


The honest traits aren’t something which could be evident in other web-hosts and it’s what makes it so unique. Let’s take a look at PeoplesHost’s remarkable features.

#1. 99% uptime assurance

Like I said earlier, PeoplesHost does not compromise when it comes to the uptime quality. With every hosting, you are assured with a 99% uptime guarantee. Although, there are like a thousand other hosts which are offering the same trend, but since having quite an experience with my share of web-hosts, I can tell you that not many of them live up to the expectations.
PeoplesHost, however, is different. Its objective is not running after the money, but instead serving the customer with sincerity and helping them derive maximum satisfaction from its services.

#2. One-click installations

Once you’re hosted with PeoplesHost, you’re all set to go! I won’t get into the technical details and will just share with you the news you want to hear. PeoplesHost enables you access to the one-click installer which makes the job even easier for you. You just have to press one single button and Viola! You’re ready to conquer the world. Just sit back and relax and let PeoplesHost take the hard work off your shoulders.

#3. Unlimited Domains

Mostly a lot of people have ownership of multiple domain names. You don’t need to be a big brand to justify having hundreds of domains under you. I get it since I have multiple domains myself. PeoplesHost allows you the benefit of hosting as many domains as you would like with them.
All you have to do is add the domains by going through your cpanel of your hosting account, and you would be good to go with as many sites you want to be hosted.

#4. Free Daily Backups

There cannot be a larger tragedy than losing your precious data just because your current web-hosting provider couldn’t even be bothered with backing up your database. Losing the data means losing potential resources. PeoplesHost wouldn’t let that happen to you though.
They provide free everyday backups of each website’s files and databases along with every shared hosting plan they offer. You can host your sites with much serenity and peace of mind.

#5. All-time server monitoring and security

PeoplesHost will go out of their way to make sure that your peace of mind is ensured at all times. Their effective management and approach are traits which make them so unique and advanced. They ensure smooth initiatives and their positive outcomes.
Along with that, they assure utmost security by having their own servers monitored all times of the day. Every waking moment, I guarantee you are ensured to be hosted in the most efficient and safest environment.

#6. 24/7 support and management

PeoplesHost consists of several well-trained and highly skillful professionals who work day and night just so you could derive maximum satisfaction from their hosting services. PeoplesHost operates on one goal and that is to support their clients as much as possible.
In case any query arises and you are stuck with a complication, I assure you that the team at PeoplesHost will get back to you within minutes. They are always on standby through phone, live chat, and support tickets.

#7. Free Migration services

Are you already hosted with some other host which isn’t properly living up to your expectations? Guess you are not the only one. Bingo for you, PoeplesHost is granting you migration of your websites totally free of cost! Now you don’t have to fret about spending additional charges just to switch between web-hosts.


According to me, PeoplesHost’s inexpensive and budget-friendly hosting service is what makes it stand down severe competition from the market. They are offering features which are really hard to acquire in such a low price range. Jackpot for you, PeoplesHost is effective, as well as cheap.

#1. Linux Shared Hosting

PeoplesHost’s Linux web hosting plans are ranging from $8/mo to $21/mo.

#2. Windows ASP.NET Shared Hosting

PeoplesHost’s Windows web hosting plans are ranging from $10/mo to @23/mo.

#3. Linux VPS Hosting

PeoplesHost’s Linux VPS hosting plans are ranging from $29/mo to $78/mo.

#4. Windows VPS Hosting

PeoplesHost’s Windows VPS hosting plans are ranging from $29/mo to $117/mo.

  • Flexible interface
  • Inexpensive pricing
  • Fully managed and configured
  • Free domain after signing up
  • 60 days guarantee
  • Most safe and secure hosting
  • Not for larger organizations
Final Verdict

Let me get one thing straight; if you are looking for a web hosting provider which hosts for major Enterprises in the market, then you’re barking up the wrong tree.
If, however, you are looking for a web hosting company which doesn’t care much about profits and is adequate for individuals and small business, PeoplesHost is just the right host for you. The quality served by them will render you speechless, and on top of that, their service won’t even be ruinous for your budget.
So what are you waiting for? Go set up PeoplesHost as your web-hosting provider now, and I promise you won’t regret it even the slightest bit.

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