Oberlo Review – Make Money from Dropshipping with Shopify & AliExpress

Many methods are available to make money online. Dropshipping has become popular recently. If you have some money to invest, you can earn the profit in millions by dropshipping things.

Here, I am going to introduce you to a dropshipping app for Shopify stores, named Oberlo. Given that you may be new to the idea of dropshipping, I will explain it to you in the beginning, and then you can move on to the review.

About Oberlo: Dropshipping App for Shopify

As you just read above, let’s have a look at what dropshipping is.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an eCommerce technique used by thousands of digital marketers. A dropshipper is a person who sets a platform for his customers to order things. Unlike conventional ecommerce stores, dropshipping doesn’t involve storage of stocks. Your customer gets the product directly from other vendor, but he or she orders from your store by paying your price.

In short, the extra price you put the product returns to you as the profit.

How to Get Started with Oberlo?

I have already told you what Oberlo is. Yeah, it is an app available for Shopify that helps you drop ship items from AliExpress.

You can sign up for Oberlo in multiple ways; on official Oberlo website or via Shopify app marketplace. It is up to you which one you should go with. You must have a Shopify store to get started anyway.

The installation process is simple. Only a single click integrates Oberlo with your store. There are multiple plans you can choose from. Of course, a free package is available (Starter Plan). And, you only have to pay for Shopify if you decide to go with that.

Oberlo Shopify Review

Once you finish the installation, Oberlo becomes available on your Shopify store. Then, you can search for the products and push them onto your store.

Now that you know how to start with Oberlo, it’s time to have a look at the features.

Features of Oberlo

The following are the best features I found on Oberlo.

#1. Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Oberlo Dashboard

You have to treat your customers well because, for a new eCommerce store, bad feedback is unaffordable. So, Oberlo doesn’t confuse you with a complicated user interface on the dashboard. You can serve your customers in the exact way you want.

Almost every frequently visited option is given on the main content panel on the dashboard homepage itself. Hence, you never wander around, searching for the right option to implement what you want.

#2. Multiple Methods to Easily Import Products

Oberlo Review

One of the core processes in dropshipping is the selection of products. Once you decide your niche, you have to choose the products and import them to your store.

You can go with any of three available methods to do so. On the left side of the dashboard, you have the navigation. The top-most icon gets you to product searching page on clicking. The page allows you to search between tons of products available on AliExpress by price, volume sold in a month, and the score.

Using the Chrome extension, you can do it directly from AliExpress store. Or entering the product ID will help you if you don’t like to go with the other methods.

#3. Automatic Order Fulfillment

Oberlo Order Fulfillment

Let’s say you have got a few orders. Then, you have to sign into your Oberlo dashboard and complete the transaction by clicking a single button. That single button does everything for you. You just have to pay for the orders.
Once the order gets fulfilled, Oberlo provides the customers with a tracking number. They can track the shipment whenever they want, without worrying you.

This feature saves hours of time, filling forms on AliExpress.

#4. Automatic Product Deletion and Price Modification

Some products may go out of stock on AliExpress. When that happens, the same on your store should be pulled off. Or else, it won’t get delivered. That’s why Orbelo keeps track of the stocks and temporarily delete the product as it goes out of inventory.

If you set a price rule, Orbelo changes the price once it happens on AliExpress. In case you don’t set any, you will get a notification about the modification on the parent store.

#5. ePacket Filter

Oberlo ePacket (Review)

AliExpress is based in China. For the same reason, the delivery times differ, and some products may take a considerable number of days or even weeks. The epacket filter is a useful feature that helps you find products with the fastest delivery times.

  • Automatic order fulfillment
  • Easy importing
  • ePacket Filter
  • Free version available
  • Free trial available
  • Order tracking
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Only AliExpress is supported

Oberlo Pricing

If you are a beginner in dropshipping, you can go with the free plan. Even though it doesn’t allow you to track orders, the plan is enough for a few months.

There are two other paid plans. The first one costs $29.90 per month. The one feature the first plan lacks is the support for multiple users. If you think it is mandatory, you can go with the third plan costing $79.90 per month.

Final Verdict

So, what do you think?

Do you want to get started in dropshipping? If you choose to do everything manually by yourself, you will not feel like a day is enough for filling the forms to order products on AliExpress. On the other hand, Oberlo automatically does everything.

Both Shopify and Oberlo offers a trial period. And, you can cancel your account anytime as well. Why don’t you try it for at least a couple of weeks then?

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