NordVPN Review – Fast, Safe & Secure VPN (Strong Encryption)

VPN Stands for Virtual Private Network and it is being used to create a security cap between the servers and your computer. VPNs are mostly used to safeguard your IP Address, to restrict your websites access in some particular areas. Usually VPN is used to maintain the confidentiality of data from public access. VPN is used to connect a computer with the remote network. The most important use of VPN is use to create a secure connection over the present internet connection.

Features of NordVPN

Here we are presenting you all the features of VPN that can help you to check the features of NordVPN, Hope it would help you:

NordVPN Features (Detailed Review)

#1. Easy to Use

NordVPN is easy to use and one can access it easily without any problem. There easy to use interface with high speed accessibility always allow the user to boost their work without making any kind of delay in their work. There are so many other VPN providers available in market but they always create system lag on being accessed by more than 1 user. That explains why NordVPN is considered to be one of the best VPN services overall compared to other providers.

#2. Multiple device support

Multi-Device support is one of the most important part of NordVPN. It allows data confidentiality and along with it easy transfer of file get possible with it. Using Multi-Device support VPN can be used by more than 1 user simultaneously without causing any delay in work. Using their Multiple device support You can connect 6 users to VPN simultaneously. In order to connect you can use devices like Laptops,Smartphone or even routers as well. One can also

#3. Dedicated IP Support

It is an additional feature allowed with NordVPN only. Using dedicated IP whenever you connect using NordVPN every time you will get a new IP address over your original IP address. Multiple IPs are required for so many purposes like off-page SEO etc. Though there are some places or websites where you need static IP to connect with them. Dedicated IP support protect you from all the spyware and malware unless you access such kind of documents.

#4. Live Streaming without Geographical Restriction

There are so many countries where their is a geographical restriction on particular content, In those conditions usually the IP address is restricted but with the help of NordVPN, they provide new IP address every time that make content accessible to you without any problem. It allows you the live streaming of videos and other content without any geographical restriction. It is possible because with the help of Change in IP address the user seems to be of different country or location where that content is accessible. With the help of VPN services it encrypts user internet traffic, hide their actual IPs and assign new IP address to them that makes users to appear of somewhere else.

#5. Maintenance of Anonymous service

NordVPN maintain the anonymity in true sense. They never maintain any records of logs of the users, their session time, your auto-filled passwords, the websites you visit etc. Indeed IP manipulation is very basic of anonymous maintenance. Thus, here you are provided with much more than that and it actually help a lot in maintaining anonymity. You can also pay them using Bitcoins as it would not reveal your identity before them.

#6. Mobile VPN

NordVPN have speciality of allowing VPN services for Mobile and IOS users. Now days most of the most people access internet using mobile phones. Thus, the requirement of VPN is very much on mobile phones and NordVPN services fulfilling the same. It is easy to setup NordVPN over mobile phone with easy to use interface. NordVPN hide your real IP address on your mobile phone and assign you different IP address and bypass the various restrictions. NordVPN is quite unique as they are providing VPN services on mobile that very few VPN service providers are providing.

#7. Automatic Shut-Down

It is also known as automatic kill switch. Under this whatever the websites, softwares you are using will get shut down once you shut down the service. It will instantly log out from all the the websites and keep your data confidential from other service users. It protects your data from unwanted traffic and maintain your security.

Pricing Plans

There are 3 types of plans available to choose, that are given below. Each plan have some own benefits and drawbacks that are given below:

NordVPN Review (Pricing)

Monthly Plan

Monthly Plan would cost you 11.95$ per month and you will get billed every month, It is good for initial days until you get satisfied with their services. Once you get satisfied with their services you can switch to yearly plan.

Yearly Plan

Yearly plan is cheaper than monthly plan and costly than 2 year plan. Yearly plan is one of the most preferred plan over all the plans. Using yearly plan you can save almost 45% as compare to monthly plan and it will cost you 6.58$ per month but you will need to pay the complete amount in one shot. One can opt this plan after testing with monthly plans.

2-Year Plan

Another plan you can chose is 2 year plan but this plan is good for you only if you have long term use of VPN though it will save alot of money of yours and you can save almost 67% of your money on using this plan. You will be charge at 4$ per month using this plan but you need to pay in bulk and you would be charged for 2 years at once that is equal to 96$ per month.

Pros of NordVPN
  • Privacy and Data Protection
  • Multi-User support
  • Bitcoin Support
  • 30-days refund policy
Cons of NordVPN
  • No Six Monthly or 3 monthly plan is available
  • No Instant call support is allowed
Final Verdict

NordVPN seems to be very promising in every aspect. Their offerings are highly lucrative like complete privacy, Multiple user access that makes a product complete in itself. One should try for their services as their is no harm in trying their services for once because if they succeed in all the services they are mentioning then it must be the best VPN service as of now present in market.

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