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Rather than the other marketing tactics, when it comes down to enhancing my business, I prefer to opt my business’ official website as my main source of promotion. Now I know that some people are under the assumption that websites aren’t something which promotes your brand name. You need to understand, that notion is entirely inaccurate.

Websites not only enhance your business but also puts your online presence for the entire world to explore. It’s a great way of encouraging customers all over the world to acknowledge what you have got to offer.

However, you should know how to take steps a certain way if you need to ensure that your website performs exactly the way you want it to. Websites are something which must be handled with care. The whole game relies upon its web hosting and its capabilities of uptime responses.

In order for your website to really perform remarkably, you need to make a deal with only the best web hosts the market has to offer.

In this article, I’ll review nonameHosts- a renowned hosting service provider which knows the value of customer satisfaction and dispatch the quality of their hosting according to the requirements of the website.

nonameHosts Intro

nonameHosts is a company which has over 3 datacenters scattered all across the globe and has been offering excellent Shared Hosting, VPS and dedicated servers for well over 3 years now. Thousands of satisfied customers are hosted with nonameHosts and thanks to the amazing uptime guarantee provided; the number of customers is increasing tenfold with each day.

nonameHosts is not just a random web hosting company. It’s got a multitude of potential and has a lot to offer. It isn’t one of those providers which just host your website and then leave it to be. Every site hosted with nonameHosts is taken immediately under the wing of constant care and maintenance.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why nonameHosts is the host you should go for!

nonameHosts Review (Features)

#1. 99% uptime guarantee

You guys should know this; it’s one thing to claim 99% utmost uptime response and it’s another thing entirely to actually live up to those claims. When a company started guaranteeing almost a hundred percent uptime, then you must ensure that it’s true to its word or not. Since there are only a few web hosting companies out there which actually provide the type of uptime response one couldn’t find faults in, it gets really complicated to actually find that one web host which proves to do so.

nonameHosts, fortunately, is one of those providers which would not make hollow promises to its customers. Whatever nonameHosts offers, it is always granted to the users. They know how important the customer’s site is and the visitors should not have to compromise by finding the site down. Hence, with the help of nonameHosts, you shall face no (or very little) downtime.

#2. Top-notch support

The second most important aspect I personally look in a web hosting provider is the support they bestow the customers. When it comes to web hosts, I have a mile long experience with them. Some web hosts were good support providers, some bad and some just downright worse.

Many companies prefer to offer their services only until the point you’ve purchased their hosting. After that, they’re pretty much AWOL. You don’t want that happening to you. Now I must say I was very pleased with the support Nonamehost has given me. The team was always on standby around-the-clock and surprisingly convenient to contact as well. Thanks to them, I don’t have to pretend to be a tech-guru as they can always come to my aid.

#3. Free and instant service setup

One of the biggest benefit nonameHosts is granting to their customers is providing free installation for the services. Along with that, as soon as the user makes the purchase with nonameHosts, they allow the customer to have instant activation to their hosting solutions as well.

nonameHosts understands the value of time and I think it’s a very good morale to run a business. Therefore, after being hosted, have access to your website almost immediately and get down to business in an instant.

#4. Money-back guarantee

As humans, each one of us has our own differences and we all have our varied preferences. Likewise, websites are not any different than us in that aspect. There are all kinds of websites; from e-commerce sites to blogs. You can create your website according to your needs and that’s the biggest reason why they are so popular nowadays.

However, not all web hosts will conveniently suit your website configurations. In some cases, you may have to withdraw the purchase you’ve made with your provider because your website wouldn’t perform the way you wanted. In such a case, you need to find a web hosting provider which offers a full money-back guarantee. With nonameHosts, you can easily have a full refund within the initial 14-days of making the purchase if you find their hosting solutions not reliable enough.


nonameHosts Pricing

Shared Hosting
nonameHosts’s Shared hosting solutions are starting at just €1/mo.

Linux VPS Hosting
nonameHosts VPS solutions are starting at €3/mo.

Dedicated Servers
nonameHosts’s Dedicated Servers are starting at just €52/mo.

  • Easily affordable prices
  • KVM and Plesk powered hosting
  • Supreme configurations with friendly integrations
  • No downtime response
  • No system administration skills required
  • Powered on Intel Xeon Processors
  • Not apt for large organizations
  • Limited Hosting packages available
Final Verdict

nonameHosts is the kind of hosting company which is just perfect for getting started. If you are just starting fresh with your business or a blog, and wish to reach the viewers through your site, then you need a provider which assures utmost uptime response. nonameHosts not only excels in that aspect, but it’s also a very good host in terms of performance.

nonameHosts‘s cPanel is easy to optimize and the admin dashboard can be maneuvered with ease-of-use integrations. It has everything you could ask. From around-the-clock support to instant activations; you name it- nonameHosts has it all.

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