NextPointHost Review – Most Flexible Web Hosting {25% OFF on All Plans}

You are worried!

You are intimidated by the tons of web hosting providers out there! When it comes to selecting the right one, you find yourself in the real dilemma.

That’s why you should read web hosting reviews. They will help you understand features of each company. So, you can decide a particular provider suits you the best or not.

Today, I am here to review one of the prominent Web hosting company, NextPointHost. Let’s find out whether it is good to go or not.

NextPointHost Intro

NextPointHost Hosting Plans

I have divided this review into several sections for your reading convenience. First, you are going to read about the features of NextPointHost here.

Features of NextPointHost

Following are the features of NextPointHost, which I found enticing.

#1. Various Types of Web Hosting

You may be a person who are about to start a website. In this case, shared hosting is the one you can rely upon because you can’t really predict your traffic in advance.

In case you are a person who wants to upgrade your hosting due to downtime issues, you must try out VPS or dedicated server hosting.

That means, a web host provider should have multiple types of hosting to satisfy all its clients. Fortunately, NextPointHost has got every type of hosting including managed WordPress hosting under its belt.

I have seen a special type of hosting on their website called Forex Hosting. It is a different class of VPS hosting using which you can run your automated trading platform.

#1.1) Forex VPS Hosting

NextPointHost Forex VPS Hosting

#1.2) Shared Hosting

NextPointHost Shared Hosting

#1.3) WordPress Managed Hosting

Wordpress Managed Hosting

#1.4) VPS Hosting

NextPointHost VPS Hosting

#1.5) Cloud Hosting

NextPointHost Cloud Hosting

#2. One-Click Script Installer

Manual application installing is always a chaos. You have to be a geek to do that without any errors. First, you have to download the software from the official website and then upload the same using an FTP client or the inbuilt file manager.

If you think your hands will get dirty by doing so, you can use NextPointHost’s Softaculous one-click script installer.

The auto installer included more than 280+ software. All you have to do is a few clicks. That’s it.

#3. Maximum Flexibility

A cloud hosting customer shouldn’t have to purchase a lot of resources all at once. That’s why NextPointHost has made their cloud hosting flexible for every consumer.

You can purchase resources when only you feel the need for it. So, you can save your money. Apart from flexibility, it offers the best scalability too.

When you purchase more resource, your website will not go down. You can add anything as you want. Everything will stay the same.

#4. Unlimited Bandwidth

When your website grows, you will get a lot of traffic. For the same reason, your site will burn out pretty much bandwidth too. In case you have a fixed monthly bandwidth limit, you will face downtime issues.

NextPointHost offers unlimited bandwidth. (When it comes to some higher plans, they have a set-higher-limit, though). You don’t have to worry about website downtime due to this issue.

#5. SSD Disk Space

I hope you know what a solid state drive aka SSD is. There are two types of permanent storage disks; HD and SSD, of which the latter one is the fastest.

If you keep your site files in an SSD server, you will find it load quick. That’s exactly why NextPointHost gives you SSD space with some selected packages.

You just purchase the plan and upload the necessary files. They will do the rest. All your files will get automatically saved to SSD server without any chaos.

#6. 99.9999% Uptime

You may ask, why not 100%, right?

Even the web hosting companies that claim to have 100% uptime does not stick to their promise. Once a server gets overloaded, they have to do server migration. The process lasts at least a few minutes. At that time, all the websites in that particular server suffers from downtime.

That’s why they didn’t go with a flat 100%. And, they don’t want to betray you.

#7. Free IP Addresses

Sometimes, you wish to have multiple IPs, right? When it comes to bloggers with PBNs, multiple IP addresses are mandatory to escape from Google’s robotic eyes.

Don’t worry!

NextPointHost has got a solution for you.

With selected plans, they give away free IP addresses. You can use it on your wish. Isn’t this amazing?
You need to make the right selection, though.

#8. Availability of cPanel

I consider cPanel as the toolbox of a website. Whenever you want to upload a file, create an email address, install WordPress or other software, you have to use cPanel.

Some web hosting providers don’t provide one with their plans. But NextPointHost is not one among them.

You get cPanel hosting. Whenever you purchase the hosting account, they will give you cPanel login details and, credentials.


As they offer different types of hosting, it isn’t easy to describe pricing all at once. Their regular web hosting starts from$2.25 per month. Of course, you can go for higher plans.

When it comes to cloud hosting, it will start from $31 per month. Then there are Linux VPS, Forex VPS and, managed WordPress hosting as well. You can check out the prices from their website.

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  • Responsive customer support
  • Affordable pricing
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Free IP addresses
  • One click script installer
  • SSD storage
  • Domain name service
  • I didn’t find any (You can comment if you found any cons in NextPointHost).
Final Verdict

Should you go for it?

Of course, you should. If you are a person who looks forward to starting a website, you can definitely rely upon them. They may not be as popular as other providers out there. Still, the service quality is awesome.

What are you waiting for? Just open another tab and, go for NextPointHost now.

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