MyOwnConference Review – Cloud Based Online Training Tool

Have you been in one of those situations when you need to organize an important meeting or a conference, but can’t due to some unavoidable reasons? I can completely understand since I have faced similar scenarios like that. I may be out of my workplace or the client I wish to have a conference with resides someplace far-off. Whatever the reasons, I have faced much inconvenience.

Shortly afterward, I came to accept the fact that I was in desperate need of a web conferencing solution, which would help me deal with clients and colleagues from anywhere across the globe.

Lucky for me, one fine day I came across MyOwnConference, which is a phenomenon in itself. I can easily share links to invite people to webinars, generate unique embed codes and personal links for login, plus record all of my webinars for future initiatives.

By adapting to this platform, my business became effective in so many ways.


MyOwnConference is a cloud-based, premium-quality software which serves all variety of businesses and individuals the ability to broadcast live webinars, conferences, online training sessions, and presenting products or services to distant customers.

MyOwnConference Intro

The company adopts European data centers in order to ensure utmost stable and consistent reliability. They have 10 data centers with over 200 servers on 6 continents. This solution is uniquely designed in such way that it could simply be integrated into a company’s website and has a system which supports more than 16 languages.

As of 2018, MyOwnConference has 10,000+ active users and more than 800 webinars daily, all because of its splendid functionality and enchanting features.

#1. Up to 2000 participants can attend

MyOwnConference allows up to 2000 attendees to be present in a live conference broadcast. The presenter can invite attendees to their webinars through unique shared links or personal embed codes. However, the number of attendees allowed in a webinar may vary on the pricing package of each customer.

#2. Record live webinars

The presenter can start recording the live broadcasting of the conference and download it afterward in order to view and publish it in a common video format. You can save each webinar for future business use and take initiative accordingly to enhance business efficiency.

#3. Screen sharing

Among other crucial features that MyOwnConference bestows, screen sharing is one of the most important. It is definitely proven to be an enhancement in understanding because the attendees can have access to the presenter’s computer screen and grasp the information way better during training sessions or live meetings.

#4. No specific software needed

When a participant is invited to a webinar by a presenter, there is no need for any software or application installation to be completed in order to run the conference. MyOwnConference allows its users to have access to attend conferences and training sessions directly through an internet browser.

#5. Multiple presenters can broadcast simultaneously

MyOwnConference gives the user the ability to present, as well as invite participants to the conference to present live. A large number of participants can attend the webinar, though the number of presenters cannot exceed up to 10.

#6. Chat and instant messages

Every single participant present at a webinar broadcasted by MyOwnConference has access to send instant messages to other attendees on a specialized chat. While attending a live conference or a training session, you are welcomed to share your views with fellow attendees and presenters. The chat benefit resolves doubts and queries instantly and effectively.

#7. Mind-blowing video streaming quality

During a MyOwnConference webinar, the user can demonstrate effortlessly by streaming any YouTube, as well as uploaded videos from a computer for the sake of better presentations and understanding among the attendees and fellow presenters.

#8. Direct mailing to invite users

MyOwnConference allows its users to set up and dispatch invitations for webinars to all the participants registered through direct mailing. Every important participant is ensured to be notified of a webinar beforehand so nobody misses out on any crucial live broadcasting sessions.

#9. Support of 16 languages

Even if you are not a native, there is no need to be paranoid. MyOwnConference runs on a support system which is amazingly adaptive and can bear with 16 languages efficiently amid utmost ease. The functionality and webinar room interfaces are ensured to be convenient for all the users across the globe.

  • Live demonstration of documents and important notes to improve presentation approach in a webinar.
  • The presenters are allowed to block misbehaving or irrelevant attendees anytime.
  • Attachment of personalized logo and banner on the webinar for better branding.
  • Easy adaptation of setup and simplified functionality.
  • Free demo account in order to check the software’s premium quality.
  • The easiest interface so the users face no difficulty getting a hold of the system.
  • All Webinar records are stored on the system for 30 days to 180 only depends on packages. After this, it’ll automatically be deleted.
  • The live recording feature does not include recording chats or instant messages.

MyOwnConference is currently offering six packages, each of which rewards unique features and accessibility.

MyOwnConference Review (Pricing)

The first three packages named as Micro, Comfortable and Optimal range from €21.99/pm, €31.99/pm, and €41.99/pm respectively. These three pricing packages are convenient for short businesses and companies. The customers who require webinars for up to 300 attendees prefer to apt for Micro, Comfortable or Optimal.

The next three packages named as Maximum, Ultra and Flexible range from €81.99/pm, €199.99/pm, and €349.99/pm respectively. These three pricing packages are convenient for large businesses and companies. The customers who require a large number of attendees, up to 2000, prefer to apt for Maximum, Ultra or Flexible.

MyOwnConference is also offering a free package in which the user can host up to 20 participants.

Final Verdict

When I adopted MyOwnConference, I came to the realization that its system runs on an interface similar to common video communicative systems which leave no chance of troubles or difficulties. It is magically easy to kick off even for those who don’t possess a tech persona.

This software is proved to be amazingly flexible, given that different natures of companies optimize it with different approaches, with much ease and reliability.

You need to organize meetings, conferences, product presentations or training sessions from wherever across the world? In light of all the enticing features and amazing functionality, I think the best solution without a doubt is MyOwnConference.

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