MobileMonkey Review : Pricing, Features, Pros, Cons & Expert Advice

Ever since Facebook launched its Messenger App, new doors to marketing opened. Marketers no longer needed to rely on just the Facebook app to market their way towards the top. Ever since its commencement, Messenger enabled users to present their services in an entirely different persona.

You see, Messenger has quite a steep learning curve to it; which means it’s always progressing and evolving, giving green signals to the fact that it’s constantly changing.

Despite being widely used, Messenger happens to be one of the rare applications which is loved by pretty much everyone due to its acceptance and promotional techniques of other products or services. Messenger ads have the highest probability of turning into actual paying leads and it’s officially the biggest marketing platform ever.

This is where I present MobileMonkey to you guys. In simple terms, Messenger is Facebook’s regular messaging platform but MobileMonkey knows how to turn it into a prevailing source of marketing place.

MobileMonkey Intro

MobileMonkey was established by Larry Kim in 2017 after he witnessed the enthusiasm with which people optimized Messenger. The idea was to give people a medium for marketers to engage with the common folk.

As the idea progressed and evolved, MobileMonkey was formed, opening doors for all sorts of Messenger marketing known to mankind. Ever since its commencement, MobileMonkey has risen to the top and is a world-class chatbox builder, also a solid Facebook Messenger ads tool in the online market.

MobileMonkey is directed firmly at businesses aiming to build leads through the automated chat bots and Facebook Messenger ads platform.

MobileMonkey Review (What they Do)

Now let’s take a look at MobileMonkey’s enchanting features:

#1. A simplistic chat bot builder

MobileMonkey enables the user to create a Messenger chatbot from scratch with utmost ease. Chatbots have become increasingly important over the years. Only the companies seeking better engagement and leads all over the globe optimize chatbots for enhanced outcomes.

The reason why chatbots are loved by all marketers is that they are made for engaging users and somehow entice them into liking your product or service. They’re effortlessly easy to create and manage, and do not require human resources to sit around answering questions all day.

Several templates are available so you can build a chatbot exactly according to your preference and when a user engages in a conversation, the Messenger bot automatically responds back and adds the user as a ‘Contact’.

#2. MobileMonkey’s chat blaster

There is no doubt that MobileMonkey’s chatbots contain the extensive potential of an active lead generation. If a user sends your bot a message, you can respond back to them however many times, whether with promotional or non-promotional messages.

MobileMonkey optimizes various unique techniques which can ultimately benefit your cause and also allows the user to stay interested. With the help of Mobile Monkey, you can generate as much as 70-80% open rates and get users to subscribe.

#3. Open rates Optimization

There’s always a trick or two hidden up every Facebook marketing tool’s sleeve. MobileMonkey is not different in that aspect. Every Messenger promotional service should know how to stay engaging and interact with users in a friendly way. It’s safe to say MobileMonkey knows its role and does it well.

The reason behind MobileMonkey’s success rate is its CTA button. Unlike any other service, MobileMonkey actually provides detailed suggestions and pays attention to what you put in the CTA to attract more audience. The key to entice the targeted audience, in MobileMonkey’s case, is engaging them with a question. What you include in your CTA is how you can generate potential leads.

#4. Lifetime engagement with Facebook ads

We all know ads have always been the evergreen promotional technique of targeting the audience. They have till date the highest open rate conversions, blowing any other technique right out of the water.

MobileMonkey allows you to integrate or upgrade your Facebook ads and its interface in whichever fashion it suits you best. The goal is to generate maximum open rates and the overall infrastructure of your ad will determine the interest of your audience. MobileMonkey provides several Facebook ads formats which can ensure the topmost conversion rates.

#5. Widgets and Plugins

MobileMonkey doesn’t stop at just the chatbot builder and ad tools. It offers several remarkable widgets and website chat plug-ins to stay efficiently interactive with the audience. The widgets and plug-ins are something which cannot be avoided for long by the audience. Therefore, when the users see a widget linking to your website, you’re more likely to tempt them.

MobileMonkey Features

#6. Support

MobileMonkey’s support is astonishingly remarkable. It’s surprising how enthusiastic their team is to train you. You can find several guides regarding MobileMonkey’s setup and installation. Upon the setup, you get a kick-off call which provides all the detail of your subscription along with an hour-long training and consulting session.

The team of MobileMonkey is there 24/7 to help you and your business grow every step of the way.


MobileMonkey currently has two packages, namely Pro and Premier consulting. The pro package should suffice if you operate on small or middle-scale business. The premier consulting plan is for larger organizations with higher marketing needs.

You can avail MobileMonkey’s Pro subscription at just $19/mo and the Premier Consulting package is payable at $149/mo.

MobileMonkey Review (Pricing)

  • Helpful webinars every day
  • Live chat takeover
  • Frequent chat bot analysis and reports
  • Push notifications when generating engagement
  • Powerful lead magnets for lead generation
  • Messaging automation
  • No location-based marketing
Final Verdict

Well, there you have it. Everything you need to know about MobileMonkey is right there for you to Devourer. It’s a fairly new service in the market, but the customer feedback, including mine, has only positive things to say.

In short, MobileMonkey offers a brilliant chat bot builder, an enhanced Facebook ad tool with several formats to choose from, live chat, daily webinars, excellent support, and the list goes on. The stakes are in MobileMonkey’s favor so if you take my advice, I’d say this service will be worth your money.

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