Miss Hosting Review – Affordable Web Host for Thirsty Marketers

Web hosting has the pivotal role in the success of any internet marketer. That’s why you must be extra vigilant during the process of host selection.

Truth be told, most of the hosting companies aren’t providing the service that matches their brand name. I have seen several bloggers with hosting related complaints. So I set out for getting a perfect host.

And recently, I have come across a web hosting which on the first glance, seemed to be worthy. So here, I am going to review them in order to find out it is good or not.

Miss Hosting Review

Introducing Miss Hosting

Founder of Miss Hosting has over 15 years in web hosting industry. They’ve headquarters in Stockholmn Sweden & Hollywood Florida offering web hosting at very low monthly price. With Miss Hosting you’ll get 24×7 support and they are always super friendly and helpful.

I know right now Miss Hosting is not a big brand in this crowded web space arena. But you will be amazed to see their features.

Features of Miss Hosting

Is there anything different with Miss Hosting? Let’s find out!

Miss Hosting Review 2016

#1. Various Types of Web Hosting

You should take extra care in selecting a hosting plan as a new website doesn’t need a dedicated server and buying a shared hosting for a site getting tons of daily hits is a deal breaker too.

That’s why Miss Hosting has got a bunch of hosting types including shared, reseller, VPS and, dedicated. They have a unique hosting type that I will explain in the next section.

#2. Availability of SEO Hosting

SEO, If you are a blogger, you know it is a million dollar term. A website can fetch you hell lots of money, if you do SEO in the apt and organized manner.

Miss Hosting has an SEO hosting package using which you can host your multiple websites without affecting one another.

#3. Ultra- cheap Service

I hope you are familiar with this web hosting business. You know the price of a shared hosting plan, don’t you?
What if I tell you can get a shared hosting plan for $1.25? Can you believe it?

Yeah, I told the truth. Miss Hosting is so cheap that you can get the hosting for only $1.25 per month.

The cloud VPS services are available in two different categories, based on the price. The small package includes five pricing plans; the first one of which costs you only $5 per month. Isn’t this cheap?

Now, get ready to be spellbound.

You can buy a dedicated server for only $145/month. No restrictions will be imposed on you as you are the owner of the entire server.

#4. Affiliate Program

What is the profitable affiliate product? If you send me this question, my answer will always be the same, web hosting. Unlike any other product, hosting products has whopping figures as commission.

As in a dedicated affiliate marketplace, you will be given real-time reporting to get info about the new sales at once. And, they will give you attractive banners to captivate the minds of your audience.

The best thing is the commission rate. You will get 100% commission in any hosting referral you bring to their site. But the domain name affiliate fee is only $1.

Also, you can get weekly payments from their affiliate program.

#5. Flawless Customer Support

All of you are not web developers that you may experience issues with hosting. That’s when the customer support comes into play.

You will get live chat support feature along with a dedicated support center, where you can find necessary resources for setting everything up.

In case you face any problem, ‘Submit a request’ link is going to help you out.

#6. Other Features

Miss Hosting is a domain registrar too. You can register a wide range of domains with them.

They give you unlimited domain hosting feature with unlimited email addresses. Miss Hosting is capable of withstanding a sudden outburst in traffic as they have unlimited bandwidth.

Backups are taken daily at night to rely upon, in case anything goes wrong. A 45 days money back policy is available. And, you can get the money back if you don’t like their service.

An auto-script installer is available with more than 200 applications.


Here is pricing info of their different hosting plans, you can choose according to your requirement, i.e. Cloud VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting or SEO Hosting. Check their plans below.

#1. Cloud VPS Hosting

Miss Hosting VPS Plans

#2. Shared Hosting

Miss Hosting Review

#3. Dedicated Hosting

Miss Hosting Dedicated Server

#4. Pre-configured VPS SEO Hosting

Miss Hosting SEO Hosting

  • Availability of SEO hosting.
  • Unlimited domain, bandwidth and emails.
  • Way too cheaper
  • One-click install of 200+ Free Applications
  • 45 days money back guarantee.
  • Different types of hosting
  • 100% commission for affiliate program.
  • Domain names have standard price (no offers at domain name).
Final Verdict

Here, I presented most of their significant features before you.

As a final verdict, I couldn’t find a major issue to look for another host. Miss Hosting has got everything right. Being a budding company, it is being entered into the limelight.

So you must go for it if you are running out of funds. Miss Hosting will not disappoint you with poor performance even if it’s comparatively cheaper.

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