MegaPush Review : Pricing, Features, Pros, Cons & Expert Advice

I know what you must be thinking at this point- not another ad network! This guy is obsessed with ad networking platforms!

Well, just have a little bit of patience with me. This ad network is something remarkable. So much so, that I couldn’t refrain myself from writing this review just shortly after trying it for the first time.

Push ads have taken over the internet like a storm. Every single affiliate or media buyer you’d come across would be proposing push notifications as their topmost advertising strategy. This particular ad format wasn’t in the news until the last two years. A lot of affiliates used this format and made humongous amounts of profit, so naturally, more and more people started trying their luck.

Push notifications have become immensely popular in 2019; if you’re an affiliate or a media buyer, you’d make a mistake by not trying it out.

I stumbled across MegaPush and instantly took a liking to this ad network. After realizing that it’s been around well before the reign of push ads took over, I put MegaPush in my good graces.

MegaPush is one of the very first ad networks that have been solely focused on push notification advertising. Here’s everything you need to get acquainted with MegaPush.

MegaPush Intro

MegaPush was established in the early days of 2017 as the first ad network which was solely dedicated to push notification advertising. The founders of MegaPush always had an intuition that push ads would someday become more popular than most ad networks.

About MegaPush (Reviews)

Suffice to say that their hard work and exertion behind MegaPush surely paid off, as it’s now recognized as the largest push ads platform; both in size and conduct. MegaPush has always offered huge loads of traffic to users at highly considerable prices. It specializes in several niches and fields, in addition to bringing traffic from all over the world.

It’s time we get into detail about the remarkable traits and features that MegaPush offers so you shall understand its concept better.


#1. Stats and Clientele

Before we discuss the things which MegaPush offers or doesn’t offer, let us acclaim that its number game is strong. Did you know that MegaPush has 450 million active users on the platform?

Not only this, but MegaPush has over 5 billion impressions and 35 million clicks as of today. These numbers are pretty huge; in fact, I’ve never come across a network that had this many active users and impressions.

It’s important to check exactly how strong and sturdy the roots of an ad network are if you wish to create successful and long-running campaigns on it.

#2. Creating a campaign

Speaking of campaigns, I was happy to discover that launching campaigns on MegaPush wasn’t as tricky as it seemed to be in the initial stages. I found the dashboard to be a tad complicated and unorganized; hence I automatically assumed that campaigns would prove to be a challenge.

But no such thing happened. Campaign creation is pretty straight forward and can be done in a few simple steps.
To create a campaign, you’ll need to think of a title which you’ll give to your campaign and the title of the push notification you need to send across. After this, input the tracking link and titles, then proceed to filter between countries, traffic sources, categories, devices, and even operating systems.

After putting all the info, MegaPush will show you the respective bids of the country you’ve selected. You get four tokens to optimize the traffic better, though I’ve personally used “feedid” and “campid” the most. After saving the tokens, click on ‘Push’ and then ‘New Campaign’.

#3. Traffic sources and categorization

One of the best things about MegaPush is that it doesn’t generate traffic in bulks. It considers the user’s area of expertise, the countries they want to target the traffic in, the age and preference of the traffic, and much more.
If an ad network is deriving traffic from all over the place and there’s no categorization, the conversion rates will be dramatically low. A smart affiliate knows it’s always wise to target audience which is interested in what the affiliate has got to offer. Otherwise, what’s the point, right?

MegaPush categorizes traffic in terms of age, country, gender, as well as device (mobile or desktop).

#4. Advertise in different fields and niche

MegaPush has over 70 traffic sources in multiple different niches. The flexibility is the reason why a majority of affiliates admire MegaPush. It offers push advertising for several different kinds of products, services, CPA, and even for dating or gambling websites.

It means that you can easily categorize your traffic and the users who are interested in dating sites will receive push ads regarding dating only. The same goes for gambling, sweepstakes, Nutra, and crypto users. There’s also sending hours set from precisely 7:00 to 24:00 for mobile devices.

#5. Around-the-clock support

I was thoroughly pleased with MegaPush’s support. A lot of ad networks are not prone to offer good customer support and I’ve never understood the reason behind it.

MegaPush’s support, however, was sheer brilliance.

I, for instance, wanted details regarding moderation. I wasn’t aware when the moderation was supposed to be carried out after launching the campaign. I pinged the team of MegaPush and they notified me almost instantly and in-kind that it’s carried out 30 minutes after sending the campaign into moderation.

MegaPush Features (Detailed Review)


  • 70+ push traffic sources
  • Around-the-clock moderation
  • The minimum bid is just 0.01 cents.
  • Payment methods via WebMoney, PayPal, Wire, Credit Card, etc.
  • Multi-niche push advertising
  • Mega Bonuses and Promo codes can be applied


  • Not a multi-format platform

Final Verdict

When we’re speaking of a premium push ad network, there’s no doubt that MegaPush splashes other platforms right out of the water. I’ve never come across a network which was as focused as MegaPush is. The single-format advertising sure plays a huge part in carrying out successful campaigns.

Its approach is vast and it generates traffic from every country, all the while categorizing the audience according to your needs and preference. The conversion rates are higher than other push ad networks, that’s why MegaPush is recognized as the largest of them all.

I’d definitely recommend MegaPush to all my readers. In such a short span of time, it has secured a spot in my list of top 5 ad networks of all time.

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