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Social media management is proved to be one of the most difficult tasks for brands. Now, I know when we watch those funny videos on Instagram, it may seem like all fun and games. However, if you’re one of those people who had to handle multiple brand pages over several different platforms, then you must feel my pain.

Let me tell you; it’s not as effortless as it appears to be. Developing content and graphics matching simultaneously with your brand is a headache all on its own. However, this is just the first step. After developing content and graphics, you have to open a social-media and upload them. Then you open another social media network and post the same stuff over there too.

Imagine doing the same thing over and over. Doesn’t that sound dreadful? You need something to make your lives a tad bit easier. Social media management must not be taken lightly and thus, I present to you a brilliant tool called MavSocial which helps you create better content and post it on scheduled hours on every social platform known to man.

MavSocial Intro

With the increasing craze of social media networks, MavSocial decided to offer an ease-of-use social media management solution which allows the customer to create custom content and graphics from scratch and also enables the operator to set them on automated upload.

MavSocial was initiated by the founders with one single objective in mind- to provide consistency to the users and to give them something which helps to align every single post on all the networks.

With cost-effective services, MavSocial stands down competition and is trusted by globally renowned brands like Bacardi, Turner, and many more. It gives your online brand presence an enhanced persona and is one of the best social media management tools the market has to offer.

Why trust MavSocial?

Why Choose MavSocial

#1. Helps in creating better content

The questions like ‘what to post, what not to post; how much to write, whether to emphasize or not; which image to attach’, are always going to linger. Believe me, these questions are never going to cease. They are only going to multiply tenfold.

When you handle the social networks of your brand, you are really taking the entire management of your online brand presence upon your shoulders. In such a case, you need to ensure that nothing ever goes wrong and your content remains unmatched and effective. Now, as mere mortals, we are bound to make mistakes every once in a while and content creation is exhausting, to say the least.

Give MavSocial a chance and enable it in order to create quality content which your viewers will love and admire. MavSocial is rather advanced with content management and has a built-in library and other powerful editing tools which allow the user to recognize what goes best with their brand presence.

#2. Schedule and automate the uploads

As a brand, I’m sure you must have multiple accounts over several different social networking sites. Social media is proved to be the biggest promotional outlook and is more effective in attracting the audience than any other advertising tactics. Therefore, it easily makes social media the most important promotional strategy for your business.

After that being said, would you want to tamper with your social media management? I guess not. Although, do you want to waste your precious time uploading posts one by one? No, right? Well, there’s where MavSocial comes in. The user can simply schedule uploads at a particular time and the uploads can be rescheduled time and again and be published however many times the user deems necessary.

Plan your posts ahead of time in the campaign calendar, automate your best quality content toreach maximum audience and boost your growth easily with the help of MavSocial’s post manager.

Along with that, you can also re-post your own content again.

#3. The best way of attracting the audience

Over 1.5 billion people use Facebook and 800 million people are actively using Instagram. Need I say more about the power of social media? I think you are already aware. Like I already stated, social media campaigns are proven to be more efficient in terms of attracting viewers thus, it’s ultimately the best approach towards promoting your brand.
With the help of MavSocial, you can easily reach more and more viewers from all over the world. The more audience you will have, the better will be your chances to convert those users into paying leads.

In order to access your viewers better, you must indulge with them. With the help of MavSocial, you can engage one-on-one with your audiences through social inboxes and derive what content your viewers admire most.

#4. Utmost security of your accounts

Passing your social media accounts and your brand’s personal details, passwords and images are bound to be complicated. You must not hand over your private information to any unauthorized party. MavSocial is a very trusted company and is optimized by some of the major companies all over the world. The security of your passwords and sensitive data is managed with supreme care and assurance. The encryption is utmost and there is also a two-step verification from Google Authentication to ensure harmless logins.

#5. Analyze, monitor and export

One of the many praise-worthy features of MavSocial is its capability of providing accurate real-time stats and overview. Identify your top followers, analyze your marketing campaigns, and understand the performance better thanks to MavSocial’s analytical monitoring.

The seamless and real-time stats are accurate logistics of each and every network that is bound with MavSocial and is used to help the user to identify the reach of the audience in forms of incessant reports.

You can also export the in-depth reports into PDF formats to share with your team or colleagues.

MavSocial Features (Reviews)


MavSocial’s packages are ranging from $16/mo to $416/mo.

MavSocial Pricing

  • Automated publishing
  • Facebook Ads functionality within the platform
  • Track performance, engagement, messages, and campaigns
  • A free trial available
  • Curate content and graphics from the RSS feed
  • Monitor competitors through social listening
  • 1. Takes a while to get used to the interface
Final Verdict

So there we have it. I have presented the entire overview of why MavSocial is proved to be one of the best social media management tools. It offers everything you would require in order to make your brand stand out online.

MavSocial helps you create, edit, and curate content with the content manager. They also have an extensive library of images for us to choose from. The posts can be scheduled and published over all platforms and you can align your uploads at a single time frame, thanks to the ease-of-use automated post calendar.

Monitor your audience and competitors and strategize to play your cards well.

MavSocial is entirely trustable and your passwords or other sensitive data is safe with them. In such reasonable prices, you are getting a brilliant deal and I think you should seize it. Social media management is no fun when done all on your own. Give MavSocial a chance to take the reins from you.

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