Mailigen Review – Build a Converting Email List like a Boss

Money is in the list! Really?

Can you believe this? If you are an experienced blogger, I guess you can.

Email list building is the best digital marketing practice regarding ROI. So don’t wait to get start with it today.
In order to start building list, you need a marketing service. Yeah, there are some reputed names. But in reality, most of them impose restrictions on us and limit the usage.

That’s what fueled my quest to find other best email marketing software. Guess what? Here comes the product I found.

About Mailigen

Maybe you are hearing this name for the first time. But Mailigen is an established email marketing solution used by a bunch of reputed fortune companies.

On checking their website, you will be amazed to see the set of features they offer. Hell lots!!
Here in this review, I am going to describe some of the significant ones and giving you the final verdict at the end of the post.

Features of Mailigen

Mailigen Review 2016
Spec sheet determines whether a product suits us or not. I hope you will make your mind after reading this section.

#1. Easy to Use Email Builder

You can’t decorate the emails with a lot of fancy content since the readers’ email client may block it. And, you shouldn’t format the content in an unattractive way too as it drives your subscribers away from the mail.

That’s where Mailigen’s drag and drop email template editor gets the relevance.

With ten types of content blocks, you can design an appealing email by keeping the right balance between impressiveness and over-customization.

They provide you a set of premade templates that makes your email design easier. Moreover, you can create your own template and save the same for future usage.

You can integrate social media buttons and CTAs without touching even a single line of code.

And, the best feature is preview pane that enables you to check how your email looks like in devices of different sizes (mobile, tablet and computer).

#2. Real-Time Tracking and Subject Line Advisor

You should track your emails to have an insight on the open rates, clicks, etc. Mailigen tracks real time to give you all the details about your subscribers.

The software shows the device report, deliverability rate, bounce rate stat, unsubscribers’ count, etc. If you want an in-depth statistics, you can integrate Google Analytics with your Mailigen account as well.

The subject line analyzer is something that you don’t usually see on an email marketing tool. The feature predicts the result of your email by analyzing the subject line. The recommendation is more than enough for you to craft a glitch-free subject line. Considering the fact that the subject line is the first thing your subscribers see, this option is a golden egg.

#3. Autoresponders and Email Merge Tags

An autoresponder is mandatory for a list builder. Say you want to setup a landing page where you gift your new subscribers with a cool e-book. Now that’s a situation when you need an autoresponder as it is impossible to send them the e-book file instantly.

And, email merge tags are used widely by internet marketers to add a personal touch to their email campaigns. I bet you have got many emails from bloggers with you name in the subject line.

How they do it, because those emails are not meant for you only? Do they send mail multiple times by altering the subject lines? No, they don’t! They just insert a merge tag or meta tag that stands for your name.

As a Mailigen customer, you will get both autoresponder and email merge tag support.

Mailigen Review 2016

#4. A/ B Spilt Testing and Behavioral Segmentation


You know what A/ B split testing means, don’t you?

It is like a comparison of two more items (design, button, layout, etc.) to know which one works the best.

Mailigen’s A/B split testing allows you to send two email variants with the difference in Subject Line, From Name, Email Content, CTA and Sending time. You can track the progress with some statistics like open rate, click through rate with details about the ultimate winner.

Behavioral segmentation is for those who have a lot of subscribers. Suppose you have a lot of subscribers and you want to give a limited number of discount code to them. As a courtesy to being the best subscriber, you can send it only to the loyal audience. Behavioral segmentation comes to your rescue here. You can categorize your subscribers in terms of open rate or CTR.

#5. Customizable Signup Forms and Social Media Integration

You need an appealing signup form to attract people to be your subscribers. Even though you provide valuable content, readers may hesitant to give you their email id only because of the way you designed the sign-up forms.

Here, Mailigen gives you customizable forms to allure your audience.

Social media integration plays a vital role in increasing your list size. If you add some social media buttons, chances are some of your audience will share the same. Eventually, you will get more subscribers from their social connections.

When it comes to integrations, Mailigen is way too ahead with WordPress, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento and a lot more.


Mailigen has ten different plans under two packages.

The lowest plan costs about $10 per month, but it can only be used to manage a maximum of 500 subscribers. And, the highest plan needs you to contact with Mailigen as it is meant for marketers with 100,000+ subscribers.

Mailigen Pricing

They have 30-day trial too, you can try out their tool without spending single penny.

  • Autoresponder and A/B split testing
  • Integrations and behavioral segmentation
  • Email merge tags and subject line advisor
  • Mobile marketing support.
  • and a lot more
  • The pricing is bit high
Final Verdict

So, should you go for Mailigen?

Of course, you should. I know you will find it to have slightly higher price than the competition. But have you checked the spec sheet yet?

Read the above section here and visit the official site to get an in-depth insight into their features. And then head over to the other email marketing solutions to compare their specs with Mailigen’s.

Then, you will get to know Mailigen is worth every penny. You can laser-target your audience to have the best conversion rate.

Now, what do you think? Do share your feedback 🙂

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