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Keeping your email secure and protected from theft or hackers has always been a tricky job. No matter how many expensive solutions you optimize, there’s always going to be someone who is looking for an opportunity to get their hands on your private business affairs.

It gets even worse when you are thriving with your business and doing well for yourself. Believe me, it can get pretty exhausting when you constantly have to look over your shoulders and have to worry about your emails falling into wrong hands.

Well, we wouldn’t want that to happen with you, now would we? We work day and night just to ensure you find only the most premium and safest solutions the Internet has to offer. Speaking of, I’ll be reviewing MailFence, a global leading and one of the most secure email service I’ve very recently stumbled upon.

Mailfence Intro

Before MailFence was ever introduced to the world, the creators of this magnificent company have always understood and appreciated everyone’s right to their own privacy. However, as each passing day, the threats of hacks and scams have increased tenfold, and thus with the sole objective to protect the clients from envious lurkers, MailFence was developed.

MailFence also acknowledges and takes steps to support the Fight for Digital Rights by donating 15% of their annual Pro income to two of the biggest global digital rights foundations. Having been in the business since 1999, MailFence has been offering stable online security for 19 strong years till date. I can claim with a guarantee that their team knows what they’re doing, or should I rather say, they are doing it exceptionally well.

Of course the best secure email solution does not suffice to completely protect you from dangerous online threats. That is why Mailfence invests lots of energy in awareness courses and explanations on how to protect yourself online with their great email privacy and security awareness course.

Let’s look at everything MailFence has to offer-

#1. Browser-based and easiest to setup

One of the very first things I loved about MailFence was that it didn’t require me to install any additional applications or software. I personally think that it’s quite convenient that their services are entirely browser-based, which means it spares the customer all the fuss of downloading, installing and the setup.

You would be pleased to know there aren’t any plug-ins or add-ons either, thus you don’t have to be hell-bent and forced to install plug-ins in order to access the full contentment. MailFence offers their services to you on a silver platter so it’s everything or nothing kind of a deal.

#2. The utmost privacy provided

Did you know that MailFence provides the sort of superior privacy which enables you to be protected by the Belgian Law? Well, now that you do know, let me make you acquainted with the depth of protection you are going to be provided, in theory.

Private Email

The Belgian Law makes sure, once being hooked with MailFence, there can never be any third-parties who could dare to access your crucial data and emails. Cryptography is done through your browser and MailFence optimizes over the browser, thus ensuring the most secure outcomes for the users.

#3. Immune to any kind of tracking

One of the biggest nightmares is definitely having someone tracking your every move over the Internet. There are thousands of lurkers who either have nothing better to do other than to stalk people, or they are envious of you in some way or another. Believe me, I’ve been there and it’s not pretty to have stalkers or worse, hackers.

MailFence, however, is a service which allows their users to go transparent over the Internet while using their emails. I’m very pleased to inform that there are absolutely no ads, spams, or no backdoors and no one can track any move as long as you are protected with MailFence. In addition to that, they also maintain an up-to-date warrant canary and transparency report.

#4. Encryption to ensure a secure environment

Encryption is generally defined as the kind of text which is further converted from a decipherable form to an encoded form and can only be decoded if the other party obtains the decryption key. I know all of this just went over your head, so in simple words, it basically means that encryption is a process which doesn’t allow any other party to access your data until and unless you are one of the two concerned parties, i.e. the sender and the receiver.

The encryption has become such a mandatory process nowadays. With the increasing amounts of threats, even Whatsapp provides free encryption. However, if you can have your phone messages encrypted, why not emails? MailFence offers the kind of superior encryption which can never be decoded, even by the most talented ethical hackers.

#5. Digital signatures and OpenPGP keys

Trust is something which is easily replaced, especially over the Internet. You simply cannot believe anything anyone ever says, and it’s exactly how it should be. Anything can be automated and disguised, which is why one should always stay beware. There’s a saying that ‘you can never be too cautious’ and it applies in cases of spam, hacks or other threats over your emails.

The same goes for your clients as well. As much cautious as you are, your clients are obligated to be tenfold. Which is why MailFence offers digitally signed signatures for giving your clients peace of mind that the emails were indeed sent by only you.

You can also produce your very own OpenPGP keys, import or publish them to your trusted confidantes. There no additional downloads, and thus absolutely no troubles, only utmost protection.


MailFence’s plans are starting at just €2.50/mo. You can exceed your limits according to the requirements and size of your emails and documents.

Mailfence Pricing

  • Compatible with all devices
  • Free sign-up for small organizations
  • Stable and absolutely secure services
  • The protection provided by Belgian law.
  • Till now, I didn’t find any drawback. Comment down if you see any.
Final Verdict

Let’s be honest here; we all agree with the notion that it should be a fundamental right to online privacy, for everyone. Although fascinating, the Internet is, in fact, a very dark place. In midst of praising the perks of the Internet and how it has successfully made all our lives and this world a tad better, we just cannot ignore the drawbacks to it either.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a hotshot business person or just another rookie, you must ensure that your emails stay protected at all times. Therefore, MailFence is literally the best option for you. Don’t take risks when it comes to privacy. MailFence is cheap yet supreme, a combination which doesn’t come easy.

So, dash onto this opportunity as quickly as you possibly can since deals like MailFence don’t present themselves on a daily basis.

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