Mail Merge Review – Ultimate Mail Merge Tool to Send Personalized Emails

Ever had this immense urge to come across a service which will dispatch the menace of sending multiple personalized emails all at once? Guess you are not the only one!

About Mail Merge (

Mail merge serves for the elasticity to its users. The Mail Merge tool is designed thoroughly to slay the complexities of sending emails and newsletters or any other form of valuable documents without having to waste any time or energy in sending emails to every single recipient manually.

The user could send merged emails at any precise time convenient to him, and the cherry on the top is, that there is absolutely no trouble of possessing knowledge of HTML.

In other words, a rookie can also handle and manage tens or hundreds of emails, thanks to the regard of Mail Merge. Review

#1. Sync Contacts from Google

Let’s be honest, the process of taking each contact out, one at a time, is pretty elusive and time-consuming. Even the idea of having to forward a single email time and again to multiple different contacts is brutal. Mail merge, however, offers the most simplified feature of importing contacts from Gmail or Google, thus making the task of choosing recipients in quick mere seconds.
Although in case some of your desired recipients are not synced to your Google account, then there’s always an option of adding the contacts manually.

#2. The number of Senders

In an upgradable mail merge service, an additional three more external email senders, in addition to the default Google one are allowed. So the user will be able to send more mails per day. There is also a selection option in which one can choose from which sender to deliver the email among the others.

#3. Compose texts in visual editor or import from Gmail drafts

Either the user can drag the already existing drafts from Gmail, and if not, then mail merge offers its rich visual editor in which you can customize the text, the alignment, the background and many other specific features for adding more texture.

#4. Daily mails quota up to 20000

As this is a Google Sheets add-on, you are by default restricted by Google enforced daily sending quota (of 1500 emails for G Suite and 100 for Gmail) when sending emails. But the marketer license of Mail Merge provides the user the option to use external senders (like SparkPost, Mailgun or Elastic Email) in addition to the default Google sender. The user can alternate between these four email senders, according to his convenience to deliver up to 20000 emails per day. There is absolutely no trouble of running out of the amount of emails per day for the users of mail merge as the daily quota is incredibly high.

#5. Affixing Attachments

One of the top most features of mail merge is, of course, its ability to attach personalized files in such an undemanding way that it makes it a matter of just mere seconds. Through adding a new column in the spreadsheet, the user can either attach the file of any format, from Google drive or could just simply copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) the URL of the attachment in the Attachment Column.

#6. Cc and Bcc recipients

It is not obligatory that you could deliver daily mails to the limit of synced contacts of your Google account only. Not only does Mail Merge provides adjoining of the contacts manually or through your Google account, but it also offers the facility to add Cc and Bcc recipients. By immediately adding new Cc and Bcc columns in the spreadsheet, joining more and more recipients appears to be just like a cake walk.

#7. Send merged emails at any specific time

If you worry about existing drafts saved which are not to be sent anytime soon, you shouldn’t be. It is not necessarily written on a granite anywhere that the sender has to send the mail to all the recipients immediately. Henceforth, there is utterly no bother for the Mail Merge users as it allows to send the daily quota of mails at whenever time that is preferable and suits conveniently for the sender. After the user enters the date and time, Mail merge automatically delivers out the email at the particular time and day programmed by the user.

How to Use Mail Merge with Google Sheets


  • Open tracking is enabled for the emails in real time through Google Analytics Email Tracking Measurement
  • It provides simplified HTML source that bestows all the flexibility to users for the ultimately advanced power experience.
  • The add-on from Mail merge replaces all prior template tags with any information such as names, dates, or signatures, etc. given by the user.
  • Test Mail feature is provided to test a specific record(s) with any email recipient entered by the user.
  • In case of exceeding the daily quota of e-mails, Mail merge sends throttle mails across multiple days which efficiently manages the day-to-day allocation of the mails.
  • Absolutely no restrictions on the daily blast of emails except those imposed by Google itself.
  • The requirement of adding separate Columns of Attachments, Cc, and Bcc each.

Mail merge’s pricing combination diversifies for Gmail and G Suite. Gmail pricing contains two packages whereas the G Suite package contains three packages.

The Gmail pricing package varies from Pro which starts from $19.9 to Marketer which starts from $29.9.

Pricing Gmail Mail Merge

On the other hand, for the G Suite users, the pricing packages varies from Pro, Marketer, and Domain which starts from $19.9, $29.9 and $199 respectively. The Domain package is designed for large businesses and includes unlimited users of Mail Merge in the purchased domain.

Pricing G Suite

The pricing options, although which vary for different packages, are guaranteed to be productive as when the quality and efficiency is concerned, this tool offers the best for such low price.

You can get this amazing tool in chrome web store.

Final Verdict

Are you seriously so fed up of having to send all those important emails manually to several dozen people, one at a time, and looking for a cheap plus modest but an efficient solution? Look no more! We have just the best option for you. This tool is accurately a magical wand for its users. It offers pretty much everything for the sole purpose of simplification and flexibility to its users. Varying from importing contacts from Google to having the superiority to send the emails at any particular date, there is literally nothing left out by Mail Merge. The number of fascinating features bestowed by this tool in regard with such a low price, it is entirely a jackpot. Mail Merge has got the whole lot, which from a businessman to a student, everyone requires.

It you haven’t yet tried this astonishingly magical mail merge tool, what are you waiting for? Give us your feedback and let us know about your views and your experience of this tool so far. We will certainly get back to you if you have a query in mind. Let us know!

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