MagicAdz Review : Pricing, Features, Pros, Cons & Expert Advice

Everyone who has a business thinks about getting it promoted online, mainly on Social Media. The social networks have quickly become the game-changer in the world of marketing. Most of the population can be found on various social platforms, namely Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

With the increasing popularity and new means to reach billions of active users daily, Social media advertising has evolved rapidly over the last few years. 

Did you know that more often than not, advertising on social media alone can bring in more revenue than other marketing methods combined?

If you advertise your brand or business on one of these social platforms, the billions of users engaging daily are bound to notice you. The more you get noticed, the higher is the probability of converting attention into revenue!
Before you get excited about it and get all high and mighty over social ads, let me burst your bubble here real quick. I’m sure while scrolling through your Instagram feed, you must come across all kinds of ads in several different formats and approaches. 

There are different kinds of advertisements and figuring out which one suits your brand image the best and which one will bring in maximum conversion, is not a child’s play. You need a smart and convenient tool such as MagicAdz to rescue you from the hassle surrounding social advertising.

MagicAdz Intro

The world of affiliate marketing is always evolving. In between all the competition, the social ads intelligence tool that takes other platforms right out of the water is MagicAdz. As more and more businesses are trying their luck online, it’s never been a better time to rise above other brands, thanks to MagicAdz.

It analyzes the advertising formats used by your competitors and therefore, figures out the best one according to your business requirements without you having to do the tedious work yourself. Your ads need to be better than your rivals’ and MagicAdz knows how to make them more attractive and noticeable to your viewers. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at MagicAdz’s features and everything else that it has to offer-

#1. Easy to explore millions of ads

Every business is different, as are the ads you wish to send across and the viewers are targeted accordingly as they are different as well. You must keep your ads significant at all times and pay heed to other advertisers with the same selected target audience as yours.

Explore Ads (MagicAdz)

MagicAdz has a humongous database that allows you to browse through millions of ads from over 50 countries. The database enables you to understand the relevance of your own ad and figure out which ads are the strongest by studying the top ones.

You get to explore thousands of active ads and millions of archived ones. Thus it’s much easier for you to highlight the ads that are the right one for your targeted market.

#2. Filtered ads and targeting

One of the best features of this tool is its filter system. I’ve already said that MagicAdz has a very vast database of Facebook ads to scroll through. Imagine how time-consuming it would have been if you couldn’t search keywords, domains, or ad types and had to manually find related ads for your brand.

Filtered Ads (MagicAdz)

MagicAdz has a brilliant custom AI which spares you from doing all the hard work. Upon using the tool, you can filter through millions of ads by their types, formats, language, domains, landing pages, etc. 

Ads Details (Detailed Review)

Whether the affiliate ads you’re searching for is cloaked or uncloaked, you can filter them through affiliate verticals.

#3. Download landing pages without proxies

Usually, downloading landing pages isn’t as easy as it sounds; one cannot see or access other’s landing pages without bypassing the security. If you want to download a landing page of your rival that you’ve had your eyes set on, you need a tool sturdy enough to bypass whatever security measure the company has installed. 

MagicAdz, on the other hand, spares you from doing that. It enables you to download whichever landing page you like without any trouble and furthermore, spares you from processing the bypass yourself.

In addition to the landing pages, MagicAdz gives you access to other affiliate information such as the tracker URL, redirect paths, and much more.

#4. Support and Flexibility

You’d be as pleased to know as I was when I found out that MagicAdz isn’t one of those tools that lets you do all the deed yourself without so much as a minor technical consult now and then. Support is crucial and every service and tool should provide it.

MagicAdz is committed to helping you develop your business and leaves no stones unturned in reaching your goals. In addition to being supportive, MagicAdz is also quite flexible.

There’s no need for you to stick to your computer to browse top ads and carry out campaigns. MagicAdz’s interface is smooth enough and allows you to connect on your mobile phone as well. Now when you’re not in the office or while traveling, you can study the current advertising market and download rival affiliate’s pre-landers with much ease.


Turns out, MagicAdz has just one pricing plan. You can try MagicAdz out for your comfort for a day, then proceed to pay $299/mo.

MagicAdz Pricing

  • Brilliant filter tool; sort through domains, landing-page, offer, geo, etc.
  • Downloadable landing-pages
  • A broad database containing millions of ads
  • Compatible with smartphones
  • Powerful custom AI
  • A tad expensive but value for money
  • No alternate plans to choose from
Final Verdict

Well, there you have it; a detailed review of MagicAdz.

I have used MagicAdz only recently, though I’d heard of it years back and couldn’t afford it then as it is a little pricey for beginners.

However, when I could afford it, I wasted no time in checking this tool out and haven’t yet come to regret the decision. It offers value for your money and keeps your advertising marketing game up a notch. 

If you were looking for a premium social ads intelligence tool that maximizes your conversions with steadfast and profitable campaigns, MagicAdz is the perfect opportunity for you to shoot your shot.

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