LinkMyDeals Review: Managing a Coupon Website has Never Been So Easy

Want to create a coupon website?

I don’t blame you for your wish. Affiliate marketing has become a new trend among Indian bloggers as the number of coupons and deals websites increased like never before.

Have you ever thought of updating your website? We have many eCommerce platforms. And, each of them comes up with thousands of new short-term deals and coupons.

Updating the site with new deals info is surely a headache. Then, what to do?

If you are passionate enough to create a coupon website to taste the sweetness of affiliate marketing, I have a solution for you, LinkMyDeals.

LinkMyDeals Review – Intro

As I said earlier, fetching offers from more than two-thousand stores is definitely a sweaty process. What if I give you a one-stop place for all the deals?

Well, that’s LinkMyDeals. It collects every deal and coupon from the entire eCommerce industry and gives you the same in multiple forms.

Haven’t you got the core idea? Then, let’s have a look at the features section.

Features of LinkMyDeals

The following are the features of LinkMyDeals.

LinkMyDeals Features (Review 2016)

#1. Coupons and Deals from 2000+ Marketplaces

You know India has many eCommerce websites, don’t you? It has become a general rule that ‘online stores should provide discount deals’. For the very same fact, marketplaces give the same to entice the customers.

Guess what? The same thing makes the job of coupon website owners difficult. Consider the volume of deals if all the online stores unveil deals every day!

That makes manual management of a deals website difficult.

On the other hand, LinkMyDeals presents coupons from almost all the eCommerce platforms out there, they update upto 600+ coupons daily and you can see approximately 8000 coupons on any given day. As a result, you only have to visit one website to collect everything. No wandering! No extra job!

#2. WordPress Plugins for Easy Integration

Most of the coupon website owners use WordPress as their content management system. For the maximum efficiency, they use dedicated themes for the purpose.

If you are a WP coupon site admin, chances are you use a coupon theme. Then, I have good news for you.
LinkMyDeals has three WordPress themes for those who use WP as the content management platform along with a dedicated theme to serve the purpose.

The plugins are for CouponPress, Clipper and CouponXL users.

With the plugin, you can easily connect to the API for updating the deals automatically without taking pain.

#3. One-Stop Place for All the Affiliate Programs

Let me ask you one thing.

What’s your purpose of creating a coupon website? Only to provide the visitors with maximum discount?

I don’t think so!

LinkMyDeals Review (2016)

You want to integrate your affiliate ID and earn a few amount of commission from their purchase, don’t you?

Copying and pasting URLs with your affiliate ID from thousands of marketplaces is undoubtedly a painful task.

But on LinkMyDeals, you have to paste your ID once on the dashboard and it can give you deep links to the product with the discount.

#4. SEO Friendly Deals

You know Google doesn’t love duplicate content, right?

Given that LinkMyDeals has a number of customers, posting the same discount deals on multiple website will surely evoke duplicate issues.

Are you thinking this way?

Then, you are dead wrong!

LinkMyDeals maintains up to 100 variants for the same voucher and randomly include them into client’s feeds. Thus guarantees the different feed for each client every time. As an added advantage they insert few keywords too to rank your coupon content naturally.

Don’t worry! You won’t get senseless data. The only task you must do is the integration of LinkMyDeals API with your website.

#5. Real-Time Discount and Deals Update

No ecommerce marketplace gives a discount or deal for quite a long-term. For the same reason, you will get many negative feedbacks if you post discount info once it becomes invalid.

Being a human, late posting is not the wildest thing to happen as well.

LinkMyDeals API is designed in such a way to grab every deals, discounts, coupons and promo codes without even a slight moment of delay. So, you can see all the latest deals real-time on your site.

The SEO friendliness takes you to the top SERP positions.

#6. Automatic Publication of Deals

LinkMyDeals kicks away your headache by automating the process to a great extent. Unlike any other automated solution, it doesn’t follow the senseless mechanization. They pursue the right mix of automatic and human procedures to manage your website without any issue.

Once you connect the API for Coupons & Deals with your website, LinkMyDeals starts transferring deals information to your website. Given that you have the ambiance for a coupon site, it will keep on publishing the same.

From the very next moment after the API integration, you don’t have to worry about updating coupons or deals.

How Works – Video

Credits: LinkMyDeals


LinkMyDeals has two different pricing patterns; Budget and Advanced. Each of them differs in features as well as in cost.

Along with the actual cost, you have to pay tax and per store price as well. The basic plan gives coupon data feeds via email whereas and the second one gives you a method for integration to automate the process.

LinkMyDeals Pricing (Review)

On the pricing page, they have showcased a monthly price calculator too.

  • Automatic publication of deals and coupons.
  • Real time deal updating
  • Availability of WordPress plugins
  • One-stop place for 2000+ marketplaces
  • Deep linking to minimize the efforts
  • Well-defined categories
  • Customized file formats
  • Deep linking feature is available only for cost per sale campaigns
Final Verdict

Do you want to start a coupon website?

Then, you must start using LinkMyDeals. I couldn’t find any similar service till date that helps us effectively manage a coupon website with ease.

I have already given you a brief review of LinkMyDeals. You read their features and specifications in a nutshell.

So why are you waiting? Just sign up at LinkMyDeals and start reaping the benefits of affiliate marketing now.

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