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Link-able Review
If you’ve ever found yourself submerged into the world of SEO, you’d be aware that it is no cakewalk for content marketers to generate backlinks. As a content marketer, I know the core importance of having quality backlinks and how it can make my website more significant in the digital eyes of Google.

I constantly have to proofread my content time and again to make it appear more relevant. However, posting the content for the world to see and hoping it will garner some traffic onto my site isn’t as glorified as it seems.

Since search engines are evolving extraordinarily these past few years, it has become increasingly difficult to have your website appear on the first page of Google. People are paying humongous amounts of money for Search Engine Optimization. Believe me; hiring a good SEO agent is not cheap nowadays admist all the competition.

To make your website rank, there’s no need to invest so much when I have a perfect solution for you. If you are tired of marketing the content because you still struggle with building more backlinks, Link-able is the right choice.

What is

Link-able is an exceptional platform for content marketers and content writers to connect with each other and help one another out. It was established in 2018 and even though Link-able is fairly new in the market, it is acquainted with top content authors and allows them to earn better revenue.

Those content authors in turn discover content marketers on the platform and create premium quality backlinks for them. Link-able is a community which believes in the mutual interest of both parties involved and helps them outreach each other to maximize their gains.

I think it’s a perfect solution which benefits both content authors and marketers. Without further do, let’s take a glimpse at Link-able’s features.

Link-able for content marketers

How Link-able Works for Content Marketers

As a content marketer, I always struggle with building backlinks. You see, when it comes to deriving traffic on your websites, the content is your recipe and the number of quality backlinks on your website is the secret ingredient.

The more quality backlinks you garner, the more relevance your site will have over the search engines. Link-able can help you achieve this and make your content more noticeable. It’s easy to post content on your blog, but it’s all in vain if you can’t get good backlinks. If you want to boost traffic to your posts, you’ll need to get them ranking.

With Link-able, content marketers can sign up (they need to apply and get approved first) and start posting projects about the pages you want to create backlinks to. Here’s an example of what a project posting might be:

After your project is posted, Link-able will smartly connect your project with relevant authors who are experienced in writing about whatever niche you’re in. One of the great things about Link-able is that you’ll get authors applying to build links to your page from a wide variety of sites with vastly varying domain authority. Authors are all very talented and it eliminates any requirements to do the guest posting yourself.

How Link-able works for Content Authors

Link-able is full of talented journalists and high-profile bloggers who are looking to outreach and create backlinks for you in exchange for their fixed compensation. I think it’s a great platform for not just content marketers, but for authors too. I also tried my hand at content writing once upon a time and I was very disheartened when I couldn’t receive the recognition I desired.

That’s the thing about content writing; it was very difficult to earn well in this industry. Link-able stops this unfairness by significantly helping those earn more for quality writing. If you’re a writer who creates great quality content, then you should apply to be a Link-able Content Author. There are some great earning opportunities there for you. You can even pick out the content you want to link to and work on topics which are your forte. You can earn more than what you were getting paid earlier and get more acknowledgement for topics which are your strong suit.

Some Takeaways to Point Out

Free to use
Unlike most service providers, Link-able doesn’t charge you a fee for its services. It’s absolutely free of cost and requires zero bucks to join. Whether you are a content marketer or a content author, you get to sign up for free and get to business.

However, the catch here is that it takes a cut from whatever amount you spend hiring the Content Authors. It’s kind of like how the Upwork platform works – except they only take from the freelancer side and not the client side. In this case, they only take a cut from the Content Authors and it’s completely free for Content Marketers.

Difficult to get approved
Link-able is also extremely hard to join. They have very strict quality guidelines and most sites don’t make it. Even for Authors, they are just as strict. It also takes some time for your account to be reviewed and either approved or declined. You need to have a strong content marketing profile in order to please Link-able. Similarly, you must have a strong portfolio of your writing career if you want to entice Link-able. They manually approve both users and Content Marketers will also need to verify their website. Link-able states that this is for quality purposes and to ensure that the Content Marketer is the true owner (or authorized on the owner’s behalf) to build links.

Works with smaller websites as well

What I absolutely loved about Link-able was that it’s compatible with small websites and blogs too. My blog doesn’t have a million-dollar budget and it’s not as huge as many high-profile blogs out there. I was worried that most authors would prefer going for more popular websites, which would snatch away all the backlinks from smaller sites. I was pleased to discover that there’s no need for you to be a hot-shot brand in order to build backlinks. Link-able doesn’t discriminate between small and large websites. As long as your page contains really great content that is worth linking too, you should definitely get some applications.

Pros and Cons to Using Link-able

  • Makes your website more relevant
  • Features your content on some high-profile websites
  • Helps authors earn decent revenue
  • Enhances the quality of content with strict writing guidelines
  • White hat link building
  • Private and secure
  • Takes time to get approved
  • Hard to get approved
Final verdict

Yes, it takes some time getting accepted with Link-able, but their strict guidelines are for the betterment of both content authors and marketers. The authors don’t just create links for earning money; instead, they make your content more relevant by featuring it over very relevant sites.

Furthermore, Link-able personally approves each author that signs up with them. It’s a process to determine whether your writing fluency matches up to what it takes to create the most useful content.

Link-able can help you gain tremendous traffic to your website or blog. Thanks to the amazing outreach of their authors, you can easily get better links and grow traffic. It will surely save you time to build backlinks as well. I definitely suggest Link-able to all my readers and I think you all should give Link-able a shot.

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