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As you may be aware of the fact by now that I’m quite obsessed with trying out different web hostings for my sites and blogs. Checking them out and then reviewing the best ones has been my passion for several years now.
You want to know the secret of how I become aware of many web hosts and their offers in such a short span of time? 
Through web hosting forums, of course. Web hosting forums are my favorite place to be online these days. If I’m not working on this blog, I’m either reading news regarding the latest development in the hosting market or checking out feedbacks of users on the newest web hosts.

I may have mentioned taking help form web hosting forums every now and then, but I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed one before. Since you guys have been asking me about my favorite forum so far, I figured I should give this a shot and write a review on LetsHostTalk, the forum I’ve been liking the most as of late.

LetsHostTalk Intro

LetsHostTalk is an oasis of all information associated with Web Hosting. From the latest advancements to the newest companies offering premium services, it covers all things hosting-related. It features all types of web hosting known to mankind, from shared to dedicated and everything in the middle, even colocation.

The user can read news, articles, customer feedback, and the latest discounts going at the moment, all in one place. LetsHostTalk is more than just a review site; it’s a forum where the users discuss with one another where they would get the best value for their money.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at LetsHostTalk’s amazing set of features-

#1. Delightful offers, discounts, and much more

One of the first reasons why I first stumbled across LetsHostTalk was because it gave away so many offers that I found myself coming to this site more and more often. At first, I have to admit, it was my interest in snatching up the latest discounts but as I became familiar with LetsHostTalk, I just couldn’t stop coming here.

It’s been my go-to place to look for discounts. Whether I was interested in VPS offers or basic shared hosting offers, it was easy to find what I was looking for. Straight on the homepage, on the right side, there’s a box of offers for all kinds of hosting services available in the market.

I conveniently click on whatever package I’m looking for and get to pay lower rates than what normal users pay.

#2. Categorization system

I’ve encountered way too many web hosting forums come and go without attaining much success. The reason behind a lot of forum’s demise is more often than not, their uncategorized and untidy homepage.

Websites, no matter personal, private, organizational, or forum-based, should be sorted and straightforward. If one were to open a site’s homepage and find it scattered with posts all over the place and being unable to find what they’re looking for, they’d most likely not visit that site back again.

Hosting forums, in particular, must be engaging. They should lure users to interact with one another and find everything that they’re looking for without much of a hassle. I’m sure you’ve seen some popular web hosting forums to be simple and uncomplicated; well, LetsHostTalk is one of them.

A forum is not a petite place. It is, in fact, so deep and vast. However, when you open LetsHostTalk’s homepage, it doesn’t appear frightening at all. Instead, it is rather easy on the eyes, fun to look at and sort through.

#3. Broad interaction and general talks

The best thing about LetsHostTalk is that I have come to know of many great bloggers who are just as passionate about web hosting as myself, all thanks to LetsHostTalk. At first, all I did was observe on LetsHostTalk. I was also pleased to find that there were some well-known hosting experts active on this forum. Bit of star-struck for a while there, to be honest.

Then slowly as I found more ground, I started seeing other users asking questions about the web hosts I’ve previously tried. It was apt for me to give my honest opinion.

Then I began to engage in general talks about the newest providers or just queries in general. It gave me a great direction to get recognized more in my field of passion. It also led several fellow bloggers to engage with me and agreeing with me on several topics.

The communication is free-flowing on LetsHostTalk. The experts often try to help some rookies out every once in a while, and there’s always talks about different web hosts and their alternatives.

#4. News and announcements

If you’re in my field of work or own more than a couple of websites, then you’d know why it’s important to stay one step ahead of hosting news and announcements. You don’t want to miss a crucial offer or an update before it goes away or becomes out-dated.

The latest launches are something that I keep my eye on. Launch of a new plan or a new host keeps me aware of everything that is happening in the web hosting world.

LetsHostTalk does the job perfectly and keeps you up-to-date with the most recent advancements and news. It’s a great place to learn many new things about website hosting.

  • Free-flow communication
  • Hosting expert’s opinion 
  • Access to various discounts and coupons 
  • Categorization system
  • Recent activity portal
  • The engagement isn’t as immense as other popular forums
Final Verdict

Well there you have it; a detailed and very thorough review of my favorite web hosting forum at the moment. For a few days I’ve been putting this review on and off. Now that I’ve finally put it live, do tell me know whether you find LetsHostTalk to be as brilliant as I do.

Hosting forums are essential if you want access to the inside sources of the web hosting industry. Now you don’t wanna miss those discounts, do you? I don’t think so. 

I admired LetsHostTalk for its simplicity and tidiness. Let me know what you liked best about it.

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