KODDOS Review – Best ANTI-DDOS Hosting Service Provider

People are getting more aware about the use of the internet. There awareness towards the internet and online presence have a lot of benefits but with these people, one more thing is increasing in the same proportion that is Spam attacks and hacking attempts. According to a study, hacking attempts and spam attacks increased by 5 times as they used to be before 5-7 years ago. Hence a certain level protection is essential in order to safeguard your websites and data that represents you online. Here in this article, we have decided to review a Hosting service named as KODDOS, It also provides you protection against DDOS Attacks and other spam attacks.

Features of KODDOS Hosting Services:

You can check all the features of KODDOS Hosting services given below:

#1) Offshore Hosting:

KODDOS hosting services offer offshore hosting services. Using offshore hosting services one can host the hosting in the location of other data centres irrespective of other data centres. Offshore hosting is used for hosting content related to adult websites, gambling websites etc which are not allowed in a specific geographical region. They claim as their offshore hosting services as one of the best hosting services available in the market.

#2) DDOS Protection:

They are offering DDOS Protection to their customers in order to protect the websites and client data. DDOS Protection is a priority for hosting providers, Data Centres and the websites that are having confidential data like government websites, network service providers etc. DDOS Protection helps you in securing websites from any kind of spam traffic that can cause great loss to your business if not handle properly.

KODDOS Anti DDOS Website Hosting

#3)Affordable Price:

Their prices are affordable according to their services and features they are offering. Along with this, you can make monthly payouts which mean if you are not satisfied with their services you can discontinue their services anytime. It is one of the very attractive features that is offered by few companies only.

#4)Spam Protection:

They are providing complete spam protection to their users. You can get real-time spam protection that would help to safeguard your websites from any kind of spam attacks. With their spam protection methods and techniques, they will immediately inform you in the case of any kind of spam attack or virus attack and take necessary actions to safeguard your websites immediately.

99.99% uptime guarantee:

Their hosting services offers 99.99% uptime guarantee that is great in itself. It is maximum uptime guarantee offered by any hosting services. Uptime is essential for very reasons like improving user experience, SEO perspective etc. Along with that with 99.99% uptime, there are more chances of conversion on your websites.

24X7 Connectivity:

In the case of any trouble or problem, you face in any of their service you can contact their team 24×7 by support tickets, chat support and email. There are very few companies that provide 24×7 live chat support and it is one of the basic necessity for users.

Services of KODDOS Services:

Their offshore data centres are located in Netherlands. There are 4 plans KODDOS offering in offshore hosting services. These plans are given below:

Offshore Hosting services:

Their simple offshore web hosting services start from 8$ in a month and go till 39.95$ monthly. For more details about prices and other details, you can check the image given below or you can click here on the link

Koddos Anti DDOS Hosting

Dedicated hosting services:

Another offshore hosting they are providing is Dedicated Offshore hosting services. Their Dedicated plan starts from 270$ per month that goes up to 420$ in a month. For more details about their plans you can click here or check the image given below:

KODDOS Dedicated Hosting

VPS Hosting Services:

They are also offering VPS Hosting services,  Their VPS Hosting plans start from 10$ in a month and goes up to 60$ per month. All their VPS Hosting plan are secured from DDOS Protection. It is more than an additional benefit for you. For More details about their VPS Hosting services you can click here or you can check the image given below.

KODDOS VPS Hosting Review

Reseller hosting services:

The are also offering reseller hosting services for their users. Using their reseller plans you can use their hosting plans to sell hosting to other clients. Their reseller hosting plans start from 15.95$ monthly and go up to 99.95$ per month. For more details about reseller hosting, you can click on the link here or you can check the image given below:

KODDOS Reseller Hosting

Server Management:

They are also providing server management services.  According to your requirements of traffic and security, they can manage your complete servers comprising of any hardware or software capacity. They have 2 packages of Server management starting from 19.99$ and goes up to 59.99$.  The best part of their server management that they offer 24×7 uptime monitoring with all their packages. To get more information about server management programmes, Click here or you can check the images given below

KODDOS Server Management Service

SSL Certifications:

SSL certifications is also an important factor for your web security. SSL Certificates keep all the transfer of codes in an encrypted form that makes the things for spammers and hackers. Along with this search engines like Google, Bing etc. give priority to SSL certified websites. SSL stands for secure socket layer and as clear from name SSL certificates provide an extra layer of security to the websites. There SSL Certificates cost $30 for a year. For more details about SSL Certificates, you can click here.

DDOS Protection:

There are 4 types of DDOS Protection they offer that are known as Medium Risk, High Risk, Remote Protection or Proxy Protection, Dedicated server protection from DDOS attacks. All these plans are given below:

Medium Risk DDOS Protection:

Their Medium Risk DDOS Protection plan start from $39.99 and goes up to  $389.99 for More details about their medium risk DDOS protection click here or you can check the image given below.

KODDOS Medium Risk Protection Hosting

High-Risk DDOS Protection:

Another plan they are offering is High-Risk DDOS Protection. Their plans start from $140 in a month up to $700 in a month. For more details about their plans you can click here or you can check the image given below:

KODDOS High Risk Protection

Remote Protection or Proxy Protection:

Another protection they offer is remote protection or proxy protection. Their Remote Protection plans start from $140 per month and go up to $700 per month. To get more details you can

click here or you can check the image given below:

KODDOD Review (Remote DDOS Protection)

DDOS Dedicated Server Protection:

Another service they provide is Dedicated server hosting, It starts from $450 per month and goes up to $825 per month. For more details, you can click here or you can check the image given below:


Pros of KODDOS Hosting Service:
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • DDOS Protection
  • 24X7 Live support
  • Safe and secure hosting
Cons of KODDOS Hosting Service:
  • No Shared Hosting solutions
  • Costly for small businesses
  • Single Datacentre
Final Verdict:

KODDOS Hosting service is good to use for big business who have very high confidential data. Though it is costly for small scale business. You can try their services as they are offering multiple facilities like server management, DDOS protection etc that no other companies are offering, Hope you would like this article if you have any suggestion to improve the article or any query please ask in the comment section below.

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