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The competition in the web hosting market is growing outrageously. I’m not even exaggerating one bit. Coming across a quality hosting provider, which provides excellent value for budget-friendly cost is really unheard of these days.

The majority of companies are mostly money-driven. The importance of premium hosting solution gets lost somewhere between the lines. The value of service and customer satisfaction has transformed into myths.

Now, in between all these money-minded chaos, you’re more than likely to opt a web host which isn’t even suitable for you. Like us humans, websites have their own set of requirements and only a handful of web hosts out there can meet every single one.

You must not compromise with your website’s well-being. After all, your website represents your business on a global platform.

Without further ado, I’ll get on with my point. If you’ve no or very little experience as to which web hosting to go for, this is the right place to be. I’m committed to reviewing only the best hosts the market has to offer and today’s no exception either.

In this article, I present to you a leading European web hosting company which has been in talks for several years now. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

KnowSRV Intro

KnownSRV is a European web hosting provider which is known worldwide for operating out of its data centers- located namely in the Netherlands, Romania, and Luxembourg. They’ve been in the hosting business since 2009 and despite surviving competition for only five years; they’ve stood out to the users and successfully made a name for themselves.

Considering the prices, KnownSRV is an absolute beast. In addition to that, the team is always pleased to assist you around-the-clock and is inclined towards your success.

Moreover, it offers every feature which a premium quality host does in much-extended prices and then some. There are plenty of reasons to favor KnownSRV and the features are definitely praise-worthy.
Let’s take a glimpse at why KnownSRV could be the suitable web host for your website:


KnownSRV Features

#1. The toughest in terms of security

Let me unabashedly be clear about one thing right now- KnownSRV is by far the best I’ve tried when it comes to the security. I’m not even bluffing; it’s so moderately true. Now, don’t get me wrong- there are many web hosts out there with utmost security measures. However, what differentiates them from KnownSRV is its value for good money. Most hosting providers are reluctant to offer extreme protective measures without charging an extra fee. And those hosts which include pleasing security solutions are charging way too high prices for the packages alone.

My servers were attacked a couple weeks ago and I was worried that threats may penetrate KnownSRV’s DDoS system, but luckily no such thing happened. The Firewall was quick to kick in within a couple seconds and surprisingly enough, the server faced zero downtime even so.

Cut to short- KnownSRV is exceedingly agreeable and could be trusted with utmost faith.

#2. Absolute performance

KnownSRV is known for its utmost performance ever since its establishment. Before I made a purchase with them, I asked around and gathered a survey with the help of some of my colleagues and viewers. I derived actual feedbacks from people who have used or are currently using KnownSRV.

Suffice to say- I wasn’t the least bit disappointed. I was hoping for some positive reviews along with some negative ones as well. However, there was no latter.

Afterward, after optimizing their premium services, I came to the conclusion that KnownSRV is upping the game every day.

KnownSRV tends not to oversell its servers and hardware in order to ensure stability and rapid speed. They have a RAID10 SSD storage which is by far the fastest in the market. Along with that, they have a 30GB premium bandwidth which does wonders.

#3. 99.9% premium SLA uptime

Throughout my entire time with KnownSRV, I’ve yet to face any major downtime. The colleagues I asked also gave positive feedback regarding the same and claimed there is no issue of downtime at all. Even on instances when your website is under-attack of threats and even when the company’s servers are under maintenance, KnownSRV offers tremendous uptime response.

I was thoroughly pleased with it, in all honesty. It shows how much dedication KnownSRV has put in the services and how eager they are to go the extra mile in order to give customers top-notch satisfaction.

#4. Top-notch customer support

Like I’ve said earlier, KnownSRV is operated by several teams of professionals. It’s obviously not a one-man empire. They have divided squads for pretty much everything. For instance, customer support is handled by a separate team and I didn’t fail to notice that they were surprisingly dedicated.

You usually don’t find people who love their job as much as the experts at KnownSRV seem to do. Their response time is amazingly quick; they reply back to a support ticket in mere minutes.

In addition to that, you can hit them up with any query at every waking or sleeping hour and they’d be at your standby 24/7.

#5. Money-back guarantee

Well, just because I put my entire faith in KnownSRV, doesn’t mean you should as well without any questions asked. Each website is unique and we have our own set of rules. Therefore, KnownSRV is offering a 7 days refund policy, which gives you enough time to see whether KnownSRV is the one for you or not.


Web Hosting
KnownSRV’ s website hosting starts at just $2.95/mo.

Dedicated Servers
KnownSRV’s dedicated servers are starting from $115.95/mo.

Virtual Servers
KnownSRV’s Virtual servers are starting from $19.95/mo.

KnownSRV Pricing

  • Unlimited FTP accounts, MySQL databases, and emails.
  • No overselling or networks
  • PHP and CGI compatibility
  • Responsive support ticket system and greater security
  • Affordable prices for offshore and non-offshore hosts
  • Free migration services
  • No free domains
  • Limited servers worldwide
Final Verdict

It’s hard to stumble across a web host which offers such brilliant characteristics in economic prices. So one shall always seize the opportunity before its too late. KnownSRV has everything you could ever ask for. From outstanding server speed to unwavering uptime and security, you’d have it all.

You also get added benefits such as free migration, 24/7 support, money-back guarantee and much more.

Well, to sum it all up, I’d say KnownSRV is a host worth trying.

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