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Let me get one thing straight; this is the 21st century. We are adopting newest technologies, hence it’s about time we bid adieu to those old-school softwares. However, in this world of smart solutions, there are still some people out there who are relying on old-fashioned billings and spreadsheets.

I mean, you guys really need a reality check. Since no one likes to get swallowed by all that hefty paperwork, I’ve bought an amazing tool for you that will spare you the trouble of swapping between spreadsheets for CRM, billing or reporting.

item8 Intro

item8 is a web-based CRM and billing solution for HasOffers networks. This tool handles the effective management of everything, from your customers to your documents. This is a great platform for affiliate networks.

With several years of experience, the team of item8 has successfully created more than 11,200 bills and invoices with almost 17,000,000 conversions processed.

item8 review (features)


What makes item8 the best CRM & billing for advertising industry?

#1. Storage with item8

It’s a fundamental fact that as humans, we prefer an easy and straight-forward approach. Which is why when we store our important files and documents into cloud folders, we are doomed to have difficulty finding them eventually.

Even I forget where I stored my scans sometimes. We don’t walk on water; forgetting is no big deal. Though, the process of finding the desired file could turn out to be pretty time-consuming. But with item8, you can store all of your bills, invoices, Agreements or any other document in the Advertiser/Affiliate profile allotted to you and access them anytime.

#2. Management of bills and invoices

The foremost aspect everyone looks for in any service is the management. Of course, item8 excels brilliantly when it comes to the management of your bills and invoices. After all, bills and invoices are crucial data. They should be preserved and efficiently handled.

item8 issues prepaid bills and invoices in a singular system and successfully runs your cash flow smoothly.

#3. Way fast and smarter than Spreadsheets

I agree that once upon a time, spreadsheets were the means of collecting and storing databases. It was how businesses used to function. Except now, Spreadsheets are a blast from the past. You need something more reliable and prompt.

item8 is definitely the best alternative when compared to spreadsheets. While on one hand, spreadsheets are slow and tricky, whereas item8 is rapid and purposeful. It generates leads, manages billing, and CRM. In my opinion, item8 is indeed a treasure.

item8 Integrations


item8’s pricing starts with a Starter package of $230/mo with 100,000 conversions and a Pro package of $460/mo with 200,000 conversions.

Its Enterprise package is payable at $950/mo with 500,000 conversions respectively. You could also opt for the Custom amount of conversions, billed accordingly.

item8 pricing

  • Designed specifically for advertising and affiliate networks. No need to be deeply customized to fit their business processes.
  • It’s affordable and cost-efficient.
  • Data is auto-backed up and available for export at any time.
  • It’s a CRM, Billing, Document Management and Business Analytics software in one box. You don’t need to buy theme separately. And you’re not switching between apps every day.
  • 99% Uptime guarantee.
  • I found nothing wrong with item8’s functionality, except that it’s only comfortable for small and mid-sized businesses.
Final Verdict

If you are an affiliate or advertising network and prefer ease and reliability over the headache of tedious paperwork, then item8 is for you. It’s effortlessly easy to set up with their servers where you would be granted the admin credentials. Just proceed to Setup your account, sync your data, and Voila! You’re good to go.

Try the amazing service of item8 and let me know how was your experience with them.

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