InvoiceBerry Review 2016 – Painlessly Create Invoices

Do you work with clients? Then at the end of every month (or at the start), you are asked to send invoices, aren’t you?

If you are a lazy lad like me, you will struggle to track each of the activities and include the same in the invoice (then you think, I could have logged everything on time).

But recently, I have come across an online tool that helps us seamlessly create invoices on the go. Guess what? It significantly reduced my time needed to create invoices. That’s why I am here with this review on a rescue mission for my readers to aim them at making invoices like a walk in the park.

Introducing InvoiceBerry

In short, InvoiceBerry is an online invoice generating tool. But if you dig more into it, you will find it is more than a mere invoice generator.

The company is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Apart from assisting you in creating invoices, you can track your expenses, payments and even also prepare various reports on InvoiceBerry.

According to the company itself, the software is made for small businesses and freelancers. The biggest benefit is it saves one heck of the time.

Are you ready to find out their ultimate features? Here you go!

Features of InvoiceBerry

So here you are going to read the features of one of the best invoice generating software available today.

Online Invoice Genrator

#1. Availability of Free Version

We are all obsessed with the word ‘free’. Sometimes, a freebie is necessary too. Take the case of a premium tool. If they provide a free version, we can get to know how good their service is.

That’s why InvoiceBerry has incorporated a free version into their pricing package. As we all know, free is not the same as premium. So you are limited to use all of their features. But most of the core features are provided to test their overall service.

In the free version, you can’t manage more than three clients at a time. In case you want to manage more, either you need to upgrade the plan or delete one and replace the same with the new.

#2. Simple to use Dashboard

Most probably you are a busy business man that you hardly have any time to go through the learning curve. If that is the case, InvoiceBerry fits the best for you.

With an elegant and easy- to- use interface, InvoiceBerry will not make the client management a tall hurdle. You can sign up for them within 2 minutes. And then, start adding customers (the duration depends on your number of clients).

On the dashboard screen, you are provided with the recent activities of your business including the last five invoices. The performance table gives you an insight about the payment and expense.

#3. Automation

We sometimes forget to send invoices on time. As we are humans, it can happen to anyone at any time. But for an InvoiceBerry customer, missing chances are less because the software has an automation feature.

Making use of the automation, you can set a particular time for invoice sending. So, you will not have to worry about being punctual as the software takes care of the same by itself.

#4. Customization at its Best

An elegant design pleases everyone’s eyes, so does your clients’. Sending invoices in the same design again and again to your long term clients may seem dreary.

A freelancer who makes invoices manually has to spend a lot of time for the personalization. But InvoiceBerry’s more than a dozen templates keep you updated regarding the design.

InvoiceBerry Review 2016

They also give you the ability to insert your company logo into the reports. And, you can also customize the emails your clients get every time you send them a quote or invoice.

In case you like to personalize the dashboard, InvoiceBerry allows you to do the same within the Settings panel.

#5. Easy Scalability

As I said earlier, the free plan does not hold more than three clients. So, you will feel the need to upgrade the plan as you widen your business with more clients.

InvoiceBerry will not create any issue in the upgrade process. You can upgrade to one of the premium plans anytime you want. Moreover, you can purchase the topmost plan as the customer of the first premium package as well.
What if you feel the upgrading was not needed? Well, they will allow you to downgrade as well (Something, most of the companies don’t permit).

#6. Reminders

If you don’t like to automate invoice sending, you must use the reminder. It keeps you with the flow when you forget to send an invoice, quote or any report.

First, you have to set the time and subject of the reminder to pull the trigger. Then, leave the rest to InvoiceBerry. It will not fail in the process of reminding you of the important task you should do.


InvoiceBerry has three pricing packages; free, solo and pro.

InvoiceBerry Pricing

Free: – You can’t manage more than three clients. And, very limited customization.

Solo: – For $15, you can manage 35 clients. But can’t give access to another user. Availability of 15 templates.

Pro: – You have to pay $30 per month. With all the solo features plus multiple user access.

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Reminders
  • Automation
  • Multiple language support
  • Supports about 200 currencies
  • SSL encryption& backups
  • Expense tracking
  • Being an only online tool, you can’t use it without connection (and sync it later).
Wrapping Up

Are you a freelancer? Mark my words ‘you need InvoiceBerry’.

I am indulged in client works, and I was in search of such a utility since long. With affordable pricing, easy management, best customization features and maximum security, I am sure you can’t find such a feature-rich invoice generator for less than $30 per month.

Can’t you believe? Then forget this review and sign up for a free account. I bet you will become the paid user in a month.

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