Intraboom Review – The Simplest Online Collaboration Tool

Do you have a team? You think it’s difficult to manage all the work among your team members?

Then, you need an excellent collaboration tool to help you with. I know there are a number of such platforms available. But when it comes to practicality, most of them fail to stick to seamless collaboration.

That’s why I decided to find a new collaboration tool. During my quest, I came across one called Intraboom. Here, I am going to review the tool to check whether it is worthy or not.

Intraboom Review

Intraboom started its journey about three years ago in 2013. Being in the category of Software as a Service (SaaS), you don’t have to download anything. Everything can be done from a browser tab itself. The product is headquartered in America.

Now, it’s time to take a look at Intraboom’s features.

Features of Intraboom

The following are the features of the collaboration software, Intraboom. When comparing to other similar systems, in addition to offering more features, there are a few that set Intraboom apart.

#1. All-in-One Dashboard

You can create multiple groups for different teams and projects on Intraboom. There is no limitation on who you can form groups with, so you can invite just internal people to certain groups, but external people to others. The system works as a seamless intranet/extranet. Users can only see the content of the group(s) they are a part of.

Intraboom All-in-One Dashboard

Once you sign into your account, what you see is your dashboard which gives you a complete overview of all the projects and tasks you are involved in. So you don’t have to click through different tabs to see what is going on in your different groups and projects.

The clutter-free interface lets you pick any item from the dashboard without any hassle. Each group also has a separate dashboard, so you won’t find it confusing to deal with multiple groups.
The activity feed given on the dashboard helps you get every activity notification of the groups under one roof. Apparently, it gets rid off the inconvenience.

#2. Cloud Storage for Files

Collaboration doesn’t consist of task sharing only. You also need to be able to share files with the team members. Many platforms don’t allow this and have to depend on another channel for the file sharing purpose. As a result, the process becomes complicated and inconvenient with switching between different channels.

Intraboom Cloud Storage

But Intraboom makes the collaboration easier with cloud storage capability for file uploads. All the files you share are stored in Microsoft Azure cloud though you use the Intraboom interface for the process and you don’t need a separate Azure account.

After you upload the file, it becomes available to your team members to view and download. In case it wants any modification, they can do it and re-upload the altered file.

#3. Comprehensive Messaging System

Don’t you want a messaging facility with a collaboration tool? Of course, you do.

It will be an awkward situation to use one medium to assign tasks and another one to interact with each other. If one needs to switch between different sites or apps, the scene will become clumsy and it is hard to find conversations after the fact.

Again, Intraboom comes to the rescue.

They boast a comprehensive messaging system. You don’t need any prior experience to use them as it works like most of the messaging platforms out there.

Intraboom has bulletin and discussion boards, an online chat tool, text messaging option and even private messaging facility, so you don’t need to communicate via email at all.

#4. Bulletin for Common Notifcations

Say you have a common announcement that everybody in your team should know about. An Intraboom user just accesses the bulletin and scribbles the item there. Then, the same will become viewable to all your team members.

Yeah, it’s same as the real-life bulletin board.

Intraboom Bulletin Notifications

Your team members can express their opinions under the announcement in the form of comments. Intraboom’s system makes it easy for everyone to comment about a similar topic with the help of a threaded system.

#5. Group Calendar

The group calendar increases the transparency of your project as everyone in your team can see the upcoming events. It helps them stay on top of the schedule and manage them effectively without any hindrance.

You don’t have to use a third-party tool to create and manage the group events. Intraboom group calendar is more than what you are looking for and it integrates with your personal calendar.

It aids you in planning and executing project events like a walk in the park. And, you will love it.

#6. Email Notifications That You Control

One annoying feature that we have all come across when using collaboration tools is the massive amount of emails you receive on any active project. It seems most systems trigger an email every time someone does anything on the platform. Which then leads to too many email notifications that you start ignoring.

Intraboom has solved this problem in a clever way. The system let’s you select, through your preferences, how often you want to get notified on new activity – or if you want to get notified at all.

I haven’t talk about all the features, but these are some that stand out.Now, it’s time to take a peek at the pricing.


Intraboom comes in three different pricing packages. Yes, there’s a free version with some limitations, which can be used to test the software.

The basic version costs you $59 per month whereas premium, $199. You can understand the difference between each from the image.

Intraboom Review (Pricing)

Intraboom Review

  • Common bulletin feature
  • Messaging system with online chat and SMS
  • Group calendar for scheduling
  • Cloud storage
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Simplicity: no training needed and no learning curve
  • While the system works well on mobile browser, I’d also like to see a native app somewhere down the line (perhaps the company is already developing one).
Final Verdict

What do you think? Is it worth your money?

In my opinion, Intraboom is an excellent online collaboration tool that facilitates the tasks of your team in a positive manner. It has got all the necessary features with some advanced options to ease the collaborative efforts.

In case you are still skeptical about the service, you must try their free version. As you won’t be charged anything, I don’t see any harm in doing that.

I have used many collaboration systems in my time, but Intraboom impressed me with it’s comprehensive toolset and ease of use. I highly recommend you try it out at

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