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While some people essentially call a web hosting basically a house for a website, I like to refer a hosting as luscious and healthy food for a website. After all, as humans, we need to consume food and water on a daily basis to survive and function. Similarly, a hosting is not only an oasis where a website resides, but it’s also a fuel which boost up the performance of your website.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing an adequate web host, you need to ensure you are selecting a premium web host for the sake of your website’s survival. Your website is the most important means of putting your business on the Internet World. Your visitors can access your products anytime, thus your website must always be available to your audience.

However, in order to make your website thrive with potential viewers, you need a brilliant web-hosting provider which will live up to all the standard web hosting credentials. Luckily for you, I happen to know a company which will be suitable for all your needs and conditions.

Innoview Intro

Innoview.Host is one of the most admired web-based companies, best known globally for their web hosting and SSL services. Having been in the web hosting business for the web over 8 years now, Innoview understands the importance of offering only quality services to their clients.

By putting the needs of the customers always at first priority and their own profits always at second, Innoview has successfully worked with many leading brand names and has left the impact of their remarkable services in multiple countries.

The clients of Innoview are ensured with the greatest peace of mind since the hosting services presented by them are the safest, finest, and superlative.

Let’s take a look at Innoview.Host most remarkable features-

#1. User-friendly Interface

One of the very first and chief things I liked about Innoview is that it is amazingly user-friendly. I was honestly very pleased when I came to the realization that Innoview respects the customer’s ease-of-use. When I was initially hosted with Innoview, I was bearing myself in case of future complexities.

The back-end interface can usually get a little overwhelming sometimes. However, as soon as I was hosted with Innoview, I got the hang around its functionalities, without even needing the manual. It’s so remarkably straight-forward that even a non-technical person can easily get a hang around the interface pretty quickly.

#2. Real-time reporting and management

As a customer myself, I know what is the prime aspect which provides me the utmost peace of mind; precise reports of the development of my websites. Without the accurate reports, I wouldn’t be aware of the changes taking place in the functionality of the website and could eventually lead to the decline in the performance due to lack of action on my part.

Innoview, on the other hand, provides the most accurate reporting and monitors the servers at all times. The customer holds the reigns over the management as well, thus ensuring guaranteed authority to no other party but the client only.

#3. Daily backups and recovery

As an individual or as a business, I wouldn’t compromise even a little bit when it comes to risking my precious data. The data is the most precious asset for pretty much everyone. Whether you are a blogger, businessman, or even a lousy teenager, I’m pretty certain losing your data would be your worst nightmare realized.

Although you’ve got nothing to worry, Innoview assures daily backups of your database which will assure that all of your data is placed in a safe place and in such a case of loss, you are enabled to recover it as easily as possible.

#4. The toughest security and protection

Every web hosting provider has its priorities set straight. Some web hosts will not compromise when it comes to quality, while some will not compromise when it comes to the client’s wishes. As for Innoview, the foremost priority is utmost security. I personally wouldn’t opt for a host which fails to make me feel secured about its services.
Innoview grants the strictest DDoS protection I’ve ever come across and honestly, I was pleased with other security measures they were offering as well.

#5. World-class customer support

If a web host fails to connect in a certain way with its customer, then the doom for that web host starts approaching. While most web hosts are more likely to be ignorant of providing customers assistance whenever they needed, Innoview makes sure that the customers hosted with them are always granted the services they were promised.
Suffice to say, the team at Innoview is ever on standby in case a customer requires the professional help whenever things get too complex. The team can be easily reached either through Email or support tickets.

#6. Affordable prices

As humans, we are bound to go for the products which are economically more adequate for us. Some people would go through extensive measures to score the cheapest hosting in the market, while some people would be more than willing to spend excess amounts of money to ensure premium quality.

A smart person, however, would look for a web hosting provider which guarantees brilliant qualities services, as well as maintain the fine balance of being economically tolerable.

Fortunately, Innoview scores right under serving brilliantly as well as being affordable for all sizes of businesses.

Cloud Linux Hosting

Innoview.Host’s Basic Linux hosting is starting at just €20/year, while Support Plus is starting at €120/year.
The managed WordPress hosting is starting at €14/month, and Reseller hosting is starting at €150/year.

Innoview Cloud Linux Hosting

Windows Hosting

Innoview.Host’s Basic .NET hosting is starting at €80/year, while Reseller .NET hosting is starting at €220/year.

Innoview Windows Hosting

VPS Hosting

Innoview.Host’s VPS hosting is ranging between €8.50/ month to €52/ month, without any installation cost.

Innoview VPS Hosting

Dedicated Servers

Innoview.Host’s Dedicated Servers are payable between €61/ month to €132/ month, along with €100 installation cost.

Innoview Dedicated Hosting

Email Hosting

Reliable email hosting services are starting from just €45/year added with 5GB of space with 3 email accounts each.

SSL certificates

Innoview.Host’s SSL certificates are starting from just €14/year and could be upgraded up to €242/year.

  • Powerful cPanel 68
  • Easy installation of applications and CloudFlare
  • cPanel demo available
  • Highly reliable servers
  • Premium quality hosting
  • Additional installation cost for dedicated servers.
Final Verdict

Overall, my experience with Innoview was definitely worth reviewing. It offers some great features which really live up to the expectations. When it comes to hosting, Innoview scores the hotshot place in my top 10 web hosting providers ever.

I wasn’t even the least bit dissatisfied with the hosting provided by Innoview, and I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be either. Give it a something like try its services and let me know what you think about Innoview.Host’s services.

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