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The privileges of online shopping- just thinking about it makes me want to order a pair of chinos I’d wishlisted last week. What can I say, no one can avoid the appeal of online shopping and I’m only human. Speaking of, I also happen to run an eCommerce website which wasn’t performing well until recently.

When I first made that website, I didn’t know jack about eCommerce business and its norms. All I cared about was making my business thrive and brining in as many sales as I possibly could. Slowly and gradually I started learning that fetching sales wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

There were things to learn and several steps to take before I could see those dollar signs turning up. Earlier on, I didn’t even know if I was receiving any visitors on my site or not. Even if I was, I wasn’t sure what was getting in the way of them making the purchase.

To optimize my eCommerce to the max, I needed to know how the visitors interacted on my site, what they viewed and what was stopping them from buying the products. Now, all of this sensitive data wouldn’t just automatically pop up in my inbox one day. I had to find an all-in-one analytics solution which could efficiently help me convert visitors into potential buyers.

I still thank my lucky stars that one fine day, I just happen to stumble across some information I read on a review site about HumCommerce, a conversion rate optimization tool which I tried out of sheer luck and haven’t stopped using ever since.

HumCommerce Intro

HumCommerce is a sales conversion rate optimization tool, which in simple terms, enables the user to view the visitor’s movements on their website and how it’s performing in front of the visitor. It provides you insights and data regarding the areas of your website that are popular with the viewers and how the customers tend to optimize your store.

Along with boosting conversion of your sales, HumCommerce also records the visits of your customers from scratch and creates eCommerce Funnels in a few simple clicks.

Information regarding how the visitors browse your store, what they like best, which areas they spend most time on, where they feel reluctant to continue, and also where they are likely to exit your site are provided to you. It allows grasping the likes and dislikes of the audience and acting accordingly in order to convert mere visitors into actual sales.

There are many enchanting features of HumCommerce that we should discuss-

#1. Ecommerce Funnels

The most amazing feature HumCommerce offers, according to me, are the Funnels. I was amazed at how convenient it was to create an eCommerce Funnel. It allowed me to optimize the funnel at every step of the way, so I could smartly boost my conversion rates.

HumCommerce e-commerce sales funnel

What a Funnel does is gather information about when exactly the visitor abandons the site. When I found the catch in one of my forms, I encountered that users found it too lengthy to fill. After I changed the form, users were far less likely to drop out.

#2. Heatmaps to trace the visitor’s activities

I’m sure you already know how difficult it is to view activities of the audience. What’s even trickier is to recognize which pages are preferred by your customers and which aren’t. Heatmap is a feature which shows the insights of the user’s movements on your website. Prior to using HumCommerce, I was always in a haze trying to figure out where I went wrong.

HumCommerce Heatmaps

Heatmaps gives me information about which pages garnered the most clicks and which performed poorly in terms of engagement. I thus set out to give special attention to the most popular areas of my website so it could bring in more conversion than before.

#3. A/B testing

Do you know the whole façade of the layouts and designs play a huge role in an eCommerce store? Aspects such as color combinations, buttons, landing page schemes can be active factors to drive away potential buyers. There are people who browse through websites only if they like the layout of it.

I was always keen to try multiple choices of the layout and compare two different choices at the same time. HumCommerce enabled me to do that. Thankfully, due to A/B testing, I was able to settle upon the combination which converted more sales for me.

#4. Remarkable analytics for Keywords

HumCommerce is great at recognizing the keywords that perform best for your website. It helps you find the most appropriate and convenient keywords from Google and Bing to help rank your eCommerce store more effectively.

HumCommerce has a powerful dashboard through which you can easily make your website rank on the first few pages of Google and Bing search.

#5. Custom reports for insights

Every tool will provide you reports of the performance. There are very few tools which offer you custom reports of the data you want to see. HumCommerce is one of those tools. For instance, one of my customers made a huge purchase a few months back and I wanted to show that log to my colleagues. Instead of showing them a complete analysis of sales dating back to that period, I made a custom report of that particular insight and gathered the customer’s activities, engagement, order summary and more.

HumCommerce e-commerce activity


Apart from the free plan and paid plans, HumCommerce is offering a lifetime deal for a limited period. The deal gives you lifetime access to HumCommerce for just $49. It’s pretty awesome for the kind of features the tool offers.

HumCommerce currently has three packages available. The Beginner plan is payable at $9.00/mo, the Pro at $49.00/mo, and the Business one at $99.00/mo.

HumCommerce Pricing

for more details about pricing, click here.

  • Easy to implement/install.
  • Tracks e-commerce data in depth.
  • Determines user interaction across all e-commerce platforms.
  • Has a wide range of features such as deep e-commerce integration, visitor session recordings, heatmaps, A/B testing, form analytics, etc.
  • Lacks the survey feature, but apparently, it’s coming in the next update.
Final Verdict

Well, there you have it; a detailed feedback of HumCommerce. When I read about it, I initially thought it would be like any other conversion tool in the market- predictable and unreliable.

I was desperate enough to boost the conversion rates on my website so I gave HumCommerce a shot. Much to my surprise, I was instantly awed. Not going to lie, I foresaw a few conversions coming monthly and nothing more. Initially I felt there was no point of raising the bar too high.

However, in just a week, I started seeing the results. The A/B testing helped me make my website look a whole lot better and the heatmaps enables me to view the movements of my viewers. I gathered which page performed best and which didn’t. Also, the funnels helped conversion rate a whole lot better.

With all of this information, it was pretty simple for me to raise my sales efficiently and convert the visitors into actual buyers. I’d say if you wish to boost your sales conversion rate, there ain’t no better option than HumCommerce.

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