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The pursuit of website hosting can feel like a cattle race these days. However, I’m sure that we all can agree on one notion; the world of the Internet has a lot to offer. Maybe too much sometimes! I don’t think you will go out today and find a single educated person who isn’t using the Internet for one purpose or another.

Likewise, millions of websites are visited every day and night. Online sales are such a popular source of income for businesses, and it’s easy to see why – people prefer to research & shop online because of the simplicity and efficiency. So it’s no wonder why internet sales numbers grow at a rate which no other market could ever fathom over the decades.

It’s quite a simple strategy; people are more willing to spend more time online looking for a product or service and thus websites are a critical source for attracting and engaging potential customers. The better your site performs, the better the outcome for your business.

To tap into this growing market of online sales you, of course, need a web hosting company to partner with. However, constant competition in this market space can confuse. The number of website hosting companies is continuously evolving. Therefore it can end up being pretty challenging to find a satisfying web host that lives up to your expectations for hosting such a crucial asset of your business.

I live to make things easier for my readers. Today I’ll be doing a thorough review of Hugoton Hosting, a trusted company excelling in the web hosting business for well over a decade.

Hugoton Hosting Intro

Hugoton Hosting has been in the hosting industry for well over a decade, offering their services since 2005. For over 13 years, Hugoton Hosting has evolved as a provider and is now one of the most trusted web hosts in the market.

Their hosting is robust and performs far better than any other alternative in their price range. Hugoton Hosting has only one objective – being there for their clients and satisfying their needs.

Hugoton Hosting delivers outstanding performance and remarkable uptime metrics. There are only a handful of candidates which can match up to the reliability level of Hugoton Hosting.

Why Choose Hugoton Hosting

Let’s take a look at the brilliant features that Hugoton Hosting is offering:

#1. Excellent performance & reliability

When it comes to reliability, as I already said, Hugoton Hosting remains unmatched. You’ll have difficulty finding a better web hosting provider than Hugoton Hosting, thanks to the mind-blowing performance they deliver. Every single hosting package is created in such a way that it’s hard to believe sometimes that they are offering those very same products at such competitive prices!

Once you begin hosting your website with them, you are guaranteed to be impressed with the levels of functionality and speed.

It’s rude to keep your visitors waiting, and it’s awful for business when your website refuses to load correctly in front of your customers. With Hugoton Hosting, you shall never have these issues.

Regarding compatibility, it doesn’t matter which side of the world you’re from or which product you lean towards. Believe me, Hugoton Hosting is unbiased. You simply pick the hosting package you desire, and they will provide you the product according to your selection instantly, whether that’s a simple WordPress hosting package hosted from Ireland in Europe or an advanced e-commerce hosting package hosted from Northern Virginia in the USA. Once ordered your package is delivered in seconds so you can get to work on setup.

#2. Amazing uptime

I’ve already said this once, but I will say it a million times more. It doesn’t look good when your visitors open your website but end up being disappointed and closing the window since your site lags and doesn’t render fully. It’s a blunder all website owners should always avoid. You need to keep your site online and accessible to your visitors at all times of the day and night. For Hugoton Hosting, the term downtime doesn’t exist, thankfully.

If you wish to have best in breed uptime, Hugoton Hosting is the host I would recommend as they never once failed to amaze me with their uptime reassurance.

#3. Free SSL certificates for all packages

I think you will agree with one notion here; security is something nobody likes to compromise. The Internet is evolving day by day, along with it, threats of hacks and DDoS attacks are also increasing.

You wouldn’t want your site’s data to fall into the wrong hands. To make sure every action your visitors take and all the information they enter into your website remains private, you need the most robust encryption possible.

Fortunately, Hugoton Hosting offers completely free SSL certificates to all of their customers on all packages!

#4. Top-notch support

Unless your technical knowledge extends beyond basic skills, you are going to require hosting support every once in a while. The installation and the setup alone can leave people a little confused. Not that Hugoton Hosting is complicated; it’s just as humans, we are not immune to minor complexities.

You deserve to partner with a team which is always on standby to assist you in times of need and luckily, Hugoton Hosting providers that exact team for you 24×7, they can be easily reached by e-mail and live chat. For customers taking premium packages, Hugoton Hosting also includes superior phone support.


Hugoton Hosting Pricing

Website Hosting
Hugoton Hosting’s web hosting plans are starting at just €0.99/mo.

Hugoton Shared Hosting

Reseller Hosting
Hugoton Hosting’s Reseller hosting plans are starting at just €4.49/mo.

Hugoton Reseller Hosting

WordPress Hosting
Hugoton Hosting’s WordPress hosting plans are starting at just €0.99/mo.

Hugoton WordPress Hosting

Linux VPS Hosting
Hugoton Hosting’s Linux Virtual Private Servers are starting at just €4.99/mo.

Hugoton Linux VPS Hosting

Windows VPS Hosting
Hugoton Hosting’s Windows Virtual Private Servers are starting at just €3.99/mo.

Hugoton Windows VPS Hosting

All of Hugoton Hosting’s packages come with an annual discount, which I recommend taking advantage of if you can.

  • Powerful functionality and steadfast performance
  • Easy-to-manage interface
  • Secure hosting with free SSL
  • Superfast nodes in the USA and Europe
  • Install over 290 website applications with a single click including WordPress
  • Remarkable quality at low prices
  • I couldn’t find a fault in a company which has over 13 years of experience. Their product offerings coupled with their competitive pricing and superior stability makes them an ideal web host in my opinion.
Final verdict

Well, there you have it. With so many features, I don’t think there is a chance of disappointment. Considering Hugoton Hosting specializes in web hosting and excels at it, I don’t think you should give it a second thought.

They offer remarkable uptime, around the clock top-notch support and free SSL certificates along with a satisfaction guarantee.

When it comes to Hugoton Hosting, there is no room for fault. Let your doubts dissolve and purchase their premium hosting services now! You will not regret it.

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