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I’ve had my fair share of web hosting providers over the last few years. I’ve been acquainted with web hosts from lots of countries such as Canada, US, England, Australia, Sweden, India, and many more. Being an Indian, I obviously trust my native companies more than foreign ones.

However, there’s a plus and a minus side of hosting your website with an Indian web host. As Indians are known for their bargaining ways, providers tend to offer their services at rather cheap prices in order to lure in more customers.

The catch here is that when a web host focuses solely on making it’s hosting cheap, the quality, more likely than not is compromised. About a month ago I was convinced that you could either have cheap hosting or an excellent one; never both.

That was until I stumbled across HostNamaste and was intrigued enough to try their web hosting services. In just one month I came to a conclusion; it is by far the cheapest and most endowed host I’ve ever had the pleasure to review.

HostNamaste Intro

HostNamaste is a very renowned Indian web hosting company which has been in the business for several long years now. Since 2016, HostNamaste keeps on making a name in the hosting market and has proven to be highly reliable both in terms of quality and support. More than 1, 00,000 websites have successfully been hosted and well over 5000 servers have been deployed thanks to HostNamaste and its capability to never disappoint. The servers can be deployed in 5 locations all around the world, namely Los Angeles, Dallas, Jacksonville, Mumbai, and Roubaix.

HostNamaste is flexible and strong at the same time. It is powered by the LiteSpeed Web Server which is faster than any other server out there. Speaking of speed; HostNamaste prefers to opt for SSD hosting packages as opposed to HDD ones as they are effectively faster and efficient.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at every HostNamaste has got to offer and more-

Why Choose HostNamaste

#1. Instant activation

When it comes to the setup, I’m afraid I have to admit I have some bad experiences to reminisce. I’m a simple man and I prefer simple services. There’s no way I’m going to find complicated and lengthy installations attractive or appealing by any means.

I’m a tad sloppy when it comes to the activation. It’s really a bummer when you pay for a service and the provider doesn’t even bother to grant you immediate access to it. HostNamaste didn’t disappoint me in that aspect.
As soon as I purchased their Momentum Shared Hosting, the reigns were handed completely over to me and I immediately migrated my database over to HostNamaste’s servers in no time.

#2. 100% uptime guarantee

100% uptime guarantee is something not a lot of web hosts can successfully achieve. If HostNamaste is claiming utmost uptime response, then I dare say it’s a humongous responsibility on their part.

At first, I was under the assumption that HostNamaste was merely sugarcoating their features. There was no way I would have thought that a web host would do justice to its words, especially in such considerable price range. Suffice to say I was in awe.

Very few web hosts have rendered me pleased. With my prior hosts, there was always an inconvenience on the servers and my website was compelled to go down for some time.

HostNamaste never let that happen. The servers are so blatantly powerful and they use top-notch hardware to maximize their server uptime and stability. Speaking of hardware; they optimize the most recent Intel Xeon processors with RAID configurations which further ensures that HostNamaste isn’t just throwing words around; they mean it.

#3. Free Migration

Many web hosting companies have the audacity to charge you extra to have your site migrated on their servers. First, you pay for your hosting then you pay for your data to be switched from your prior hosting provider? Absolutely dire, if you ask me.

I was the least bit happy with my prior host as I was facing some resolute downtime issues over their servers and was looking to switch for quite some time. It was lucky that I found HostNamaste when I did.

I wouldn’t blame HostNamaste if it charged extra for Migration considering it’s already cheap as it is. To all of our utter surprise, the migration is absolutely free of cost. Believe me, I had some huge files which needed to be migrated and HostNamaste did it with much precision and ease.

#4. Free SSL certification

Another one of HostNamaste’s perks is that along with migration, the customer is also entitled to free unlimited SSL certificates. SSL certification has become a necessity. As per Google guidelines, your website automatically tends to hold more relevance if it is SSL certified.

So it’s a must to ask your web host to provide SSL certificates. Fortunately for me, I didn’t have to pay a penny for my SSL certificate. I really came across a gem when I purchased HostNamaste.


SSD Shared Hosting
HostNamaste’s shared hosting plans are ranging between $1.95/mo to $7.95/mo.

HostNamaste Shared Hosting

Reseller Hosting
HostNamaste’s WHM reseller hosting plans are ranging between $7.95/mo to $24.95/mo.

HostNamaste Reseller Hosting

VPS Hosting
HostNamaste offers easy-to-use SolusVM VPS control panel along with the support of over 50 operating systems. They optimize on powerful Intel Xeon processors which perform remarkably. The user gets 1 IPv4 address and entire root control along with KVM virtualization.

HostNamaste’s OpenVZ VPS, KVM VPS, and Resource Pool is starting from $0.83/mo, $3.99/mo, and $9.95/mo respectively.

HostNamaste OpenVZ VPS

HostNamaste KVM VPS

HostNamaste VPS Pool Resource

Dedicated Servers
The user gets full access to root control and rapid server startup. The server could be chosen from multiple server locations and each server grants utmost 99.9% uptime response without hassle.

HostNamaste’s Budget and Hybrid servers are starting at just $29.99/mo. The ADM, Intel Core, and Intel Xeon dedicated servers are starting from $59.99/mo at 2.7 GHz and 2.66 GHz respectively.

HostNamaste Low Cost Dedicated Servers

The servers are deployment within 24 hours and are RAID secured. For more details click here.


  • 1. Around-the-clock technical support
  • 2. Tier III and Tier IV data center services
  • 3. cPanel and WHM access
  • 4. Powered by LinxCloudOS and LiteSpeed
  • 5. State-of-the-art hardware
  • 6. 30 days money back guarantee


  • None that I could find

Final Verdict

There aren’t many web hosts about whom I can say and mean it that I was satisfied. Usually, after using a service for a few weeks, I tend to notice catches in their performance. Either the uptime quivers, the speed starts lagging, or the support doesn’t respond.

None of the above things happened throughout my time with HostNamaste. I’m still hosted with them and whenever I have a query, they make sure to reply back through support tickets within mere minutes.

All in all, the performance served by HostNamaste was top-notch and honestly, I was sated with the hosting I received at such economical prices. I’d suggest HostNamaste to all my readers. I think it’s one of the best Indian hosts in the market.

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