HostiServer Review : Managed Dedicated Servers and VPS in USA & NL

A website is a way of expressing oneself, be it either a blog or a business site. As a consequence, it has to be remarkable in all aspects, most of all in its hosting. See, a website either breaks or makes your online presence in the market, and I’m sure you’d rather prefer the latter choice.

I’ll make things easier for you, my friends. I have just the right hosting solutions for you, which is affordable, reliable and serves ultimate quality as well.

HostiServer Intro

HostiServer is a leading web hosting company, which qualifies in serving the customers top-quality services in all aspects. Having a long road of years and years of experience, it has garnered positive reviews from the jury, including several major enterprises from the industry.

Its services are optimized in a way, that when a site is hosted by them, the customer wouldn’t possess any need for a technical expert at their leisure. Thanks to its simplistic and one-dimensional hosting, you can always rely on the positive outcomes granted by HostiServer.


HostiServer Review (Features)

#1. Fully Managed Hosting

I think we can all agree on the fact that not a lot of us are blessed with much technical knowledge. While some can develop a whole website from scratch, some wouldn’t even know the difference between developing and designing. There’s nothing to be embarrassed though. We all have our specific area of expertise.

For those of you, who don’t want any mess of management on your hands, I would claim HostiServer is for you. They are offering fully managed hosting services which will take the entire burden off your shoulders and save your precious time as well.

#2. Reliability and Supreme Performance

Let me just say it; HostiServer doesn’t just live up to the customer’s expectation, but instead, it exceeds it. I was thoroughly happy with the performance it supplied. When I first hosted with HostiServer, I expected a few interruptions in the performance but found none. My sites didn’t lag and were available 100% of the time.

Their uptime is wonderful and once you’ve been hosted with HostiServer, your site’s engagement and traffic will be massively boosted, thus gathering further revenue for you.

#3. 24/7 Technical Support

HostiServer operates in a way that a user wouldn’t find any complexity in their hosting. It’s effortlessly uncomplicated and amazingly user-friendly. HostiServer support is available for everyone and usually respond back sooner than you would expect to. You can reach them via chat, email, or tickets.

#4. All-time advanced Monitoring

All of your servers are guaranteed to be protected at all times. Every operation, every function, and every database is monitored very strictly. There are absolutely no interruptions and no possibility of any bump in the road. All of the data is analyzed thoroughly to ensure smooth outflow of work.

#5. Backup and Recovery

I can proudly claim that I was majorly satisfied with HostiServer backup. Like most people, my data is one of my most important assets. HostiServer team configures and schedule the backups of my data according to my own needs and requirements.

Of all the backup servers are amazingly reliable and flexible. HostiServer gives you reasonable storage at affordable prices. Thanks to them, I was given the solution to backup whatever and whenever I desired.

#6. Assisted Migration Services

Are you already hosted with some other web host and not even in the least bit happy with their services? We’ve all been there. I can relate when you pay huge amounts of money on web hosts which don’t even bother to serve their customers quality hosting. Don’t worry, you’ve got nothing to fret about since HostiServer is offering free assisted migration of your website.

Get set up with HostiServer now and treat yourself with their remarkable features and functionality in no time.

Managed VPS Hosting

HostiServer VPS services are just extraordinary. I mean, its speed rocks, its data security is ultimate, its support is impressive and with managed services on the top of it easily beats several major web hosts from the market.

HostiServer VPS Hosting

The VPS Hosting pricing plans are ranging from $19.95/mo to $75.95/mo.

Dedicated Servers

HostiServer Dedicated Servers guarantee an exceptional uptime speed and performance, easy configuration, effortless migration, along with amazingly affordable pricing.

HostiServer Dedicated Hosting

The Dedicated Serves pricing plans are ranging from $130.00/mo to $357/mo.

Content Delivery Network

HostiServer CDN services are completely simple to set-up, and its functionality is definitely consistent in terms of both steady speed and smooth performance.

HostiServer CDN

The CDN service is starting from just $1.2/1MBPS + 50GB of free storage.

Online Backup

With HostiServer’s backup services, you can store, upload, and download data out of storage.
From 250GB to 20TB, decide which backup plan you wish to opt for, starting from just $10.00/mo.

HostiServer Review (Backup)

  • 100% Uptime guarantee
  • Managed Hosting Services
  • Top-quality hardware optimized
  • Affordable prices
  • Data-centers in North-America and Europe
  • Does not support Windows/ASP.NET
Final Verdict

In a nutshell, HostiServer is one of the best web hosting providers in the market which maintains the fine balance between supplying quality worth services and at the same time upholding pocket-friendly costs.

What are you still waiting for? Go get hosted with HostiServer now and let me know what you think about it!

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